Hood the slave meets She Urt Val


[2013/10/29 14:06] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me settled herself on the cool stone floor before she glanced to the side and cleared her throat. “Those seats are for the free girl…” Hood gave the female a subtle look and nodded towards the floor.

[2013/10/29 14:07] Valenu: “I am free” she said with a bit of a sneer “I may be just a she-urt but I am free”

[2013/10/29 14:08] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me returned the sneer and shrugged “And yet you dress like a slut ‘Mistress’,” Hood grated the word out. “Where are your clothes, your veil, your shoes? To remain free in this city you need such things…”

[2013/10/29 14:11] Valenu: she laughs “not all free persons have the money to dress like that, beside what I have on my body is all that I own”

[2013/10/29 14:12] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me turns her gaze away and frowns “She-urt…no family, no homestone, no nothing…why not find a free companion that would offer you such things? There are many men who would seek a loyal woman in this city…Mistress…” Hood added again finding the word hard to spit out when paired with such a sight.

[2013/10/29 14:15] Valenu: she again laughs heartely ” what free man would take ma as a companion ? I have nothing Im not even pretty like you, how much did your master pay for you ?”

[2013/10/29 14:17] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me tipped her head to the side and gave a blank expression “All women of Gor are made beautiful, you have qualities that could mire you a companion…what are you good at Mistress?” Hood frowned slightly and shrugged “My Master paid nothing for me, I am worthless.”

[2013/10/29 14:21] Valenu: she lowers her head and speaks softly “I have lived my whole life on the docks of Port Kar, from time to time they round us up nd make slaves of us, to be sold as pot or kettle girls, or to work in the kitchens” she looks up quickly “my skills begging and steeling and not skill that a free man looks for in a companion”

[2013/10/29 14:22] Valenu: “the last time they nearly caught me, so, I came here”

[2013/10/29 14:23] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me listened quietly and nodded softly, she knew of the life of she-urts and how they often were mistreated. “Why not take a collar Mistress? It is a life of ease to serve those above you, you would not be alone anymore…” Hood wondered if she should even be talking to the likes of such a woman but she cleared her throat “This is not the kindest city…if a Scarlet catches you, you’ll be forced into irons…find a good man, take his collar Mistress…save yourself…” Hood implored the woman quietly, her eyes darting about to watch out for others that might pass by.

[2013/10/29 14:26] Valenu: she looks around to see what the girl would look at “im here waiting for the tavern keeper, maybe I will find work here” she pauses a bit “I have thought about that but I am untrained and dirty and im not pretty ” she laughs

[2013/10/29 14:28] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me frowned more at the female. “You’ll be waiting a long time. The tavern is mostly run by the slaves here that serve the city. I’ve never seen a tavernkeeper here. If you cleaned yourself up Mistress…” Hood shrugged more and shifted where she sat. “Stop saying you are not pretty. You are a beautiful woman of Gor, the Priest Kings have made it so.”

[2013/10/29 14:29] Valenu: “have you ever been to Port Kar ?” she sked the girl

[2013/10/29 14:30] Hσod Iιιithчiα Dαrkwαţch (hoodwink.enimo): /me shook her head in answer “No I have not Mistress. I have no reason to venture from these walls.”

[2013/10/29 14:33] Valenu: “there are many slaves there, the high captain of port Kar is himself a slaver, and compared to them I am not worth a copper tarsk on the block” she regards the girl ” so the slaves run the tavern ? it is owned by the city then?”

[2013/10/29 14:36] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me listened and took the information in. Hood frowned hearing the price that the female had placed on her. “Then you must teach yourself to be more worthy. To be better priced if you so wish. Learn to cook, clean, dance, sing…whatever skills you already have amplify them. Its hard to do but I have faith in you Mistress…”

[2013/10/29 14:37] Valenu: ” and who would teach a she urt such things ?” she said a bit taken aback

[2013/10/29 14:39] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me tipped her head again to the other side. She licked her lips and took a deep breathe. “I could only teach you if my Master allowed me. I have many duties to him and the work he does but…maybe I…could teach you…?” Hood hesitated for a moment unsure if she truly wanted to get herself tangled up with the female.

[2013/10/29 14:40] Valenu: she smiles ” who is your master ? ” she then giggled ” I have learned to pick locks ”

[2013/10/29 14:43] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me tsked slightly before she smiled “Rayleigh Delinard the Carpenter of Lydius. Picking locks is a terrible habit. I too have mastered them but if you get caught you can lose a finger…or your whole hand in this city, I would suggest not doing it.”

[2013/10/29 14:44] Valenu: “thats why I seek honest work, also I have not seen any of my sisters here, normaly, all port city’s have a nest or two of my kind”

[2013/10/29 14:45] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me licked her lips again “What are your strengths?”

[2013/10/29 14:48] Valenu: she laughs “you are funny, but I am great full that you speak to me, I think I am cleaver sometimes more cleaver than is good for me ” she laughs again ” but then cleaver in a she urt means you will survive longer than most”

[2013/10/29 14:50] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me smirked as well but shrugged “I could teach you how to be worth something, but what I could teach you in basic things. I could teach you how to be a slave, or to be a lady. But it would be hard work. I have some allowance saved for a rainy day, or sweets, but we could get you some clothes…maybe a veil. But you would owe me and owing a slave is never a good thing…”

[2013/10/29 14:52] Valenu: she looked at the girl ” don’t wast what you have on me I have lived all my life as far back as I can remember, among my sisters of the dock, I do thank you for you kindness”

[2013/10/29 14:54] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me shrugged “As you wish Mistress…Some say that she-urts are just thieves and liars…I have a hard time believing that though. Would you like to learn?”

[2013/10/29 14:59] Valenu: “I know much about the duties of a slave and I think if I set my self to do such a thing I would be able to, also I know of the rules that the high free woman empose on themselves”she regarded the girl for a moment or two “It is true scavengers like urts, we owe not one anything, and do what we must to survive, no one will care if a sister dies of hunger, only here sisters will know that she ws once there”

[2013/10/29 15:01] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me nodded slowly. “I’ve never had a chain-sister that I liked and thankfully my Master doesn’t own more slaves than just me. What can I do to help you Mistress? Do you want to leave the life of a she-urt?”

[2013/10/29 15:05] Valenu: she smiles at the girl “It is what I know, and I am comfortable with it, if it would change I too will then change for that is how one survives like the reeds in the wind one must bend to your environment , or it will tear you apart” she looks down again “when the gards came to our nest, I did not even consider the option of being captured ….. I just ran”

[2013/10/29 15:06] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me smirked as she heard the wise words and she took them as all honesty could. “I could help you…I could change your world for you. And it would only take a short amount of time. You wouldn’t have to run from guards anymore or live in a filthy nest with other she-urts. Didn’t you have a life before living off the kindness of others? Do you remember it?”

[2013/10/29 15:10] Valenu: she shook her head slowly ” no I only remember digging in the garbage, I think , maybe I was 2 years old, I don’t remember anything before that, when the nests where raided and I was still young I would hide, the guards did not care to take me then, they never took all the girls but took only the older ones”

[2013/10/29 15:11] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me tipped her head to the side “How old are you? Have you had any shots or given any examination by a green or healer?” Hood inched away slightly fearing that maybe the female wasn’t clean or carried some illness.

[2013/10/29 15:16] Valenu: “yes ” she says ” once they hearded us together and gave us all shots … they kept us in cages and released us after the forth shot, I may have been 14 then I think , of this I am not sure , on day like a year is much the same and I did not keep track of the passing of time, so I think I may be 20 or 30 , I do not know exactly ” she smiles ” dose it matter ?”

[2013/10/29 15:17] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me sighed relieved to hear that the girl had had shots and she wasn’t to be feared for health reasons. “I was just curious. Without the shots you would age so much faster. Like those ‘urth’ girls.” Hood shifted again and moved to sit more comfortably, breaking out of her tower position. “What do you want then? You don’t seem to want my help or to be free of your lifestyle…”

[2013/10/29 15:21] Valenu: she smiled brightly at the girl and shrugged ” I just wanted to talk to someone, one that would not chase me away or beat me” she blinked a few times as tears had formed in her eyes , she bowed her head to hide her face ” I am a long wy from my home such that it was, I was lonely”

[2013/10/29 15:23] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me gave a good natured smile but then saw the tears “Don’t cry! Theres no need for tears.” Hood frowned and felt bad for saying such things to the girl before “Listen, you can stay here in the tavern while I am here, but you might have to leave if someone else comes, I won’t shoo you away.” Hood was typically a good natured person even if her past was checkered.

[2013/10/29 15:26] Valenu: she smiled again “thank you, It is nice to have some one to talk to” she pases for a moment and the continues ” I found a nice place to stay, there is a tent on the beach that has been abandoned, I live there now ”

[2013/10/29 15:26] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me nodded slowly “I haven’t seen it but maybe I can come visit you some time, unless you don’t want me to…”

[2013/10/29 15:28] Valenu: “if you are allowed , that would be nice, I would not want you to be punished on my account”
[2013/10/29 15:29] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me nodded softly again. She reached up to fuss with her hair and she smirked “My new friend the she-urt. I don’t even know your name yet…what is it?”

[2013/10/29 15:29] Valenu: “are you waiting for you master here ?”

[2013/10/29 15:30] Valenu: “you can call me Val” she smiled “and your name ? ”

[2013/10/29 15:30] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me spoke the name quietly “Val, I’m Hood, or Hoodie if it pleases you.”

[2013/10/29 15:32] Valenu: “nice to meet you Hood ” she siles and giggles

[2013/10/29 15:36] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me smirks and fusses with her hair some more. “So would you want clothes or your hair done? I have some spare clothes in my Masters home, you’re kind of lacking…”

[2013/10/29 15:39] Valenu: “If Found some discarded camisks but im scared to ware them”

[2013/10/29 15:39] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me laughs “Yeah might want to wash them first. Maybe some soap then?”

[2013/10/29 15:41] Valenu: “oh” , ” thank you a bit of soap would be vary nice”

[2013/10/29 16:04] Valenu: she resits the urge to hug the girl “It is late and I should sleep, thank you for talking with me ”

[2013/10/29 16:05] Hσod (hoodwink.enimo): /me nodded and waved to the girl, seeing the hesitation she reached out and grabbed the girl by her shoulders, embracing her quickly before she all but shoved her away. “Off with you ya silly she-urt!” Hood grinned and waved seeing the girl off.

[2013/10/29 16:06] Valenu: giggls and smiles “thank you ”

[2013/10/29 16:06] Valenu: stops at the door and waves, then she is on her way


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