A lunch!


[09:34] Hσod spotted the she-urt again and gave her a brisk smile, waving her hand in greeting. “Val, how nice to see you again, I assumed you’d left the port by now. How goes it?”

[09:35] Valenu: smiles brightly “hay , good to see you too”

[09:35] Hσod looked the girl over and tipped her head to the side “Any thoughts on what I said to you last time?”

[09:36] Valenu: “no” im still here, this looks like a good place so far ”

[09:36] Valenu: “about a collar , mmmmm I dont like the idea ” she laughs

[09:37] Hσod smirks in return and shrugged. “Alright, suit yourself. Have you eaten today?”

[09:38] Valenu: “if it happens so be it but I wont look for it ”

[09:38] Valenu: “yes got a larma for finding halesropesfaster some creates”

[09:40] Hσod gaffawed and shook her head “Larma does not count as a meal. Not at all. You need meat and bread. Come on, I’ll get you some real food. We’ll put some meat on your bones. You’re all scrawny. no offense…” Hood turned and waved her hand for Val to follow “Come on…”

[09:42] Valenu: “oooo this smells good ” , she looks at hood, “ut wont you get into trouble?”

[09:44] Hσod peered into a cauldron of what looked to be tarsk stew. Grabbing a ladle she stirred is slowly and smirked to Val “Not if no one knows. Besides, it’ll just go to waste if no one eats it.” She cast the she-urt a quick smile and wink. Hood grabbed a bowl and spooned a good portion into it. She also tore off a hunk of bread and held them out for Val. “Here. Eat. You need a good meal.”

[09:46] Valenu: wipes her hands on the back of her skirt and takes the bowl, she can hardly speak for the dribble” thank you hood” , she tucks in, and takes a bite of the bread she had dipped in the stew, “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

[09:47] Hσod smirked and watched the girl. She tore some bread for herself and sat down across from the girl. “Whens the last time you had a good meal?” Hood nibbled at the bread, taking small bites and chewing slowly.

[09:47] Valenu: “oh this is devine” she says between mouth fulls …

[09:48] Valenu: thinks for a bit then smiles with a mouth full still chewing ” never”

[09:50] Hσod continued to watch the she-urt. She might later get in trouble for offering food to the girl but Hood did have a gentle heart. “I’m glad you like it.” Hood took a deep breathe and sighed before she asked. “How can you not want a life like the one that could be offered to you? My Master takes really good care of me. Being a slave isn’t so bad…”

[09:54] Valenu: “no doubt, but , its what I know and I … I feel comfortable with it”, she pauses ” you understand it all Iv known and it was a big change for me to leave Port Kar”

[09:55] Hσod nodded slowly and cleared her throat. “Yeah…but sometimes the new is good, even if its unknown.” Hood finished off her hunk of bread and reached for another. She sighed. “What was Port Kar like? I’ve never been there…”

[09:57] Valenu: “man scare me … a lot, and port Kar .. vary much like this only canals”

[09:59] Hσod smirked “Men scare everyone. Its how they work. But my Master, he’s gentle with me. And kind, very kind. I’m surprised to find him so giving. He’s patient with me. When you become a man’s property the world changes. He has to protect you, guard you, keep you safe. If he’s a bad master than you have to take care of yourself.” Hood smirked “I’ve never seen a canal. But I know what they are.”

[10:02] Valenu: “the canals are full for urt’s some are quite big and can catch a girl, Urt hunters use slave girls as bait to lure the big ones out then spear them with a trident before they can take the girl, also if a girl is not pleasing she can be bound and thrown in the canal fr the urt’s to kill”

[10:03] Hσod nearly dropped her bread hearing the gruesome ways of Port Kar and the idea of girls being thrown in for urt food. “Y-you’re being serious? They actually do that? How barbaric! I’m glad our city isn’t like that!” Hood shook her head “Nothing like that would ever happen here.”

[10:05] Valenu: she laughs “Iv never seen a girl killed like that, thou iv seen urt hunters using there slaves to bait urts … it is also vary rare that a girl is hurt, masters dont like there property damaged”

[10:06] Valenu: “I think its just to scare the girls actually ”

[10:07] Hσod nodded and shuddered slightly. “I can’t even imagine my Master doing that to me. I don’t think he would ever do something so reckless.” Hood thought on it for a moment and nodded “I bet you’re right. Probably just to scare them…”

[10:11] Valenu: gets up and lies on the skin, she looks at hood for a while ” thank you very much for the food”

[10:13] Hσod smirked and turned to watch the girl “No problem. I would say anytime but I don’t know how long I can get away with feeding you. I don’t want to get in trouble. But I can probably sneak you some food from time to time. But if I get caught my Master will not be pleased with me…but until he finds out…” Hood gave a smirk and shrugged. “Did you get enough? Theres a whole pot of stew. Tarsk isn’t my favorite but it might help plump you up some.”

[10:14] Valenu: “that was a lot, I could probably go for 3 or 4 days without eating again ”

[10:15] Hσod gave a small laugh and fussed with her hair for a while. “Still think a slaves life is weird? I get to eat everyday if I want. And my Master always gives me verr milk when we come to the tavern together.”

[10:18] Valenu: she bows her head “Iv been lucky so far but most she urts end up in a collar sooner or later” she giggles and smiles at hood ” I will hold out for later ”

[10:19] Hσod gave a small nod. “We’ll see. I can just see you in white silks and a nice collar. Not too heavy but maybe gilded. With a fine Master. There are a lot of good men here. Many are slave-less.” Hood grinned and shrugged again. “I wonder how long you’ll last. Maybe a fortnight. Maybe less.”

[10:20] Valenu: laughs “I have a smart mouth , maybe less”

[10:21] Hσod gave a small laugh “Yeah, I’ve gotten in trouble for that, but you learn.”

[10:21] Valenu: “I havent stolen anything, mainly case there is just one of me and if something goes missing guess where they will look first ”

[10:23] Hσod nodded “That’s good. Don’t steal of the Scarlets will be after you. I’ll put a good name out there for you. I know two of the scarlets…well kinda, I don’t know their names. There’s one with an eye patch, he used to be an Alar Outridder, he’s gruff and grumpy but I trust him, I think he’s a good man.”

[10:26] Valenu: nods “don’t encourage them too much ” she lies flat on the fur her arms spread out to get as much of the softness to touch her, “did you see your master the outher night?”

[10:27] Hσod watched and gave a small laugh. “You’re a funny she-urt, you know that?” Hood frowned slightly and shook her head “No, he was too busy. I think he’s working on something for the city, being the carpenter and all. He’s got his hands full…”

[10:31] Valenu: looks at hood and smiles “funny ? in what way? ” she thinks that perhaps her behavior would seem strange but her tummy was full of warm food the fur was soft , she rubs her face on the fur her eyes close “mmm ”

[10:33] Hσod canted her head to the side and she continued “You’re sleepy…I’ll leave you alone for a bit. I doubt anyone will bother you in here, theres no one around really…” Hood shifted and got to her feet, dusting her legs off before she stepped to the side. “Rest and enjoy the fire…”

[10:34] Valenu: she jumps up suddenly her eyes wide ! “oh oh oh .. it would not do for someone to come in and find me sprawled on the fur!”

[10:35] Hσod raised her hands and made a calming gesture. “No no, don’t worry. I’ll sit by the door and keep an eye out…If anyone comes in I’ll speak loudly and wake you up…”

[10:37] Valenu: “have you seen my nest ? ” she says shaking her head “its down by the docks ” her heart was suddenly beating vary fast, what if a man came in and saw her sleeping on the fur

[10:38] Hσod shook her head, “No I stay away from the docks. I don’t like all the commotion.” Hood watched and let her brow furrow. “What’s wrong? You can sleep here for now, I don’t mind. We’re friends.” Hood tipped her head to the side and gave a scoff “What is it?”

[10:38] Valenu: “I would not want you to get into trouble” she says smiling and taking a deep breath ” come ill show you if you like ”

[10:40] Hσod sighed and fussed with her hair. “Alright…but if we see any Free, I’ll have to stop and greet them.”

[10:40] Valenu: she smiles “thats ok I understand”

[10:40] Hσod gestured “Lead the way…”

[10:41] Valenu: she walks to ward the door

[10:43] Valenu: she stops in front of the tent “this is it, its myn its the best place iv ever stayed in ” she giggles

[10:43] Hσod had followed the she-urt and found herself out by the docks. She smiled softly when her feet reached the warm sands. “Oh nice…” she murmured. Hearing Val she nodded and gave a small smile “Looks cozy…”

[10:45] Valenu: “it is nice, I like it, out of the way and protected, the well close by , its good ” she smiles brightly ” oh do you know who owns the vineyard ? there is a sign by the doors saying help wanted ”

[10:46] Valenu: “I was hoping that I might get work there ”

[10:47] Hσod nodded, the tent like structure was nothing she would live in anymore, but she’d once called a place like it home. “Yeah, next to the docks. You could sail away at a moments notice.” Hood buried her toes in the sand and glanced around. “And a well too. Good deal, you’ll need the fresh water close by…” Hood shook her head to the question. “I haven’t gotten to meet many of the townspeople yet. But I will soon.”

[10:49] Valenu: “I have met the butcher lady and I think a scribe lady bab something “, “oh yes and the owner of the ship thats docked there”

[10:50] Hσod smirked “You know more people than me. I guess I need to get out more.” Hood laughed and shuffled her feet around in the sand enjoying the feel. “So you’re doing okay here?”

[10:52] Valenu: “yes yes .. much better that where I was in port kar,” she smiles at hood “you like the beach ”

[10:52] Valenu: “besides there is no competition ” she laughs

[10:54] Hσod nodded “I do…I’ve never really been in a sandy place. I’m from the North where the snow is all that we see…sometimes in the middle of fall.” Hood tipped her head “Competition? Like between she-urts? I thought you were all sisters?”

[10:55] Valenu: “yes…between she urts, there is just so much t go around and different bands have there own territory’s”

[10:57] Hσod tipped her head the other way “Really? Sounds like Panthers…those are scary…”

[10:59] Valenu: “so iv herd, saw some in the city slave market once, they still wore there skins but never seen them in the wild so to speak”, “we are close to to forest here so maybe I will meet some one day ”

[11:00] Hσod raised her brows. “Be careful with that. If you make friends with Panthers they might try to take you in. It’d be hard for me to be your friend if you were one. My Master would not like me to be friends with those kind of women…” Hood shook her head “You should be careful.”

[11:02] Valenu: “they would probably sell me” she giggles “I am a city girl dont think id last long in the forest ”

[11:03] Hσod laughed as well “Yeah and then you’d find a terrible fat and nasty master. They sell for cheap prices.” Hood smirked. “See, I’m a northern girl in a southern city. We’re like to two peas in a pod. Totally out of our element…”

[11:05] Valenu: laughs ” yes indeed” iv seen the men of torvaldsland, they are scary scary “, she pauses ” you where a bond maid there or a free woman ?”, she adds quickly ” If I may ask”

[11:07] Hσod smirked and nodded “I was a free woman most of my life. I was a shieldmaiden. But I renounced violence and took a collar.” Hood shrugged. “My past is more checkered than you can imagine. Its a long story. The last three years have been spent in the red of blood but I’ve given it up.”

[11:08] Valenu: “whats a shield maiden? did you fight ?”

[11:09] Hσod gave a small laugh. “I fought with the men, I aided them in combat. I carried a bow, sword and shield. I raided with them. I was good at it. I almost got to be as good as my free companion, nearly bested him one night.” Hood gave a small laugh at the memory and sighed. “But that life is behind me…”

[11:11] Valenu: “that is so interesting, I have heard that there are grate beasts that walk like men that live up in the north”

[11:13] Hσod nodded and then shifted where she stood “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about it…but there are beasts in the North…great and terrible Kurii. They are monsters. I made a name for myself with fighting and being a shieldmaiden…” Hood glanced nervously towards the water. “I don’t want anyone to know about my past…you can keep a secret right?”

[11:14] Valenu: “I will not speak of it, you may trust me, I would never betray one that has been kind to me”

[11:14] Valenu: grabs the girls arm, “wait”

[11:15] Hσod flinched in the girls grip and gave her a quiet stare. “What?”

[11:15] Valenu: points the the girl on the peer

[11:16] rags hears a mumble to her right and as arrows..her eyes dart towards the pair …she was bored in this big

[11:16] Hσod glanced over her shoulder and nodded. “Just a girl…I wouldn’t worry about her…” Hood leaned in to whisper to Val. “Truth be told…I’m a killer…I’ve killed men and women and slaves in the past…My Master doesn’t know…”

[11:16] rags: place and these girls seemed to be up to something atleast…

[11:16] Valenu: waves to the girl on the peer

[11:17] Valenu: “oh!”

[11:17] Valenu: “but you gave that all up for a collar ?”

[11:18] Hσod nodded “to protect myself…If the northerners come looking for me, they will only find a slave instead of a murderer…they wont bother with me…”

[11:19] Valenu: “thats an idea, good thing you have a kind master ”

[11:19] Hσod reached out to grab Val’s arm this time “You must tell no one…swear it to the Gods…”

[11:19] rags turned her body too now to follow her head that had turned first and rested her hand on her round hip leaving the other one tangle loosely by her side”Tal there girls!” she called out

[11:20] Valenu: “oh, I just had a thought if the panther girls sell me i would more than likely end up in a paga tavern” she laughs and slaps her thigh

[11:21] Valenu: “tal girl” she calls back

[11:22] Hσod smirked slightly, then why don’t you take a collar for the city and work in our tavern?” Hood turned and lifted her hand and waved. “Tal!” She gave a small smile but shifted and settled into the sand with Val.

[11:23] Valenu: “come join us” she calls to the girl

[11:23] rags gave a smile and sudenly remembered something she had to do…rags huffed drawing fingers through her dark hair to have them off her face and turned to go back the way she came from

[11:24] Valenu: shakes her head in a comical fashion ” I dont intend to venture out into the forests”

[11:25] Hσod pleaded slightly “Oh come on, just be a slave, then we can gossip openly and be better friends. I’ll have to lie to my Master if I’m to come visit you, he wouldn’t like me hanging out with a she-urt…”

[11:28] Valenu: looks up into the sky the soft breeze from thasa on her face “It is a lovely day” , she shivers “if it happens it happens but I cant bring my self to seek it , avoiding it is, I suppose, in bread in me”

[11:29] Hσod nodded and got to her feet. “I have to go…but be sure to come to the tavern more often, I’ll usually be there…” Hood dusted some of the sand off her legs and rump and waved to Val “I’ll see you around.”


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