Pregnant Andromeda!


[15:32] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) walks into the infirmary and cups her hands over her mouth “Diannnneee…..are you homeeee?”
[15:33] Ði (diane.lacombe): ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[15:33] Ði (diane.lacombe): yeahhhhhh i am hereeeee come

[15:33] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) grins as she moves up the stairs with a bright smile for her old friend

[15:34] Ði (diane.lacombe) jumps on her arms and kisses her chicks * you’re always so beautiful!*

[15:35] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) stood at the top of the stairs and chuckled lightly as she patted her large bump “he went and did it again, didn’t he?” she laughed as she embraced her and kissed her left then her right cheek “my dear friend and you, ever beautiful, how have you been?” she asked softly with a bright smile

[15:36] Ði (diane.lacombe) looks down to her belly….. * ohh you’re pregnant?* ….then smiles thinking she never saw before her friend so happy

[15:37] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) laughed a little and nodded “Baby number four, you remember delivering our twins? well…..we had another son and now this one…I am certain that this time it is a girl, I do not crave meat as much but more fruit and chocolate, Simons of course won’t hear it and believes that he can only make boys” she laughs

[15:37] Ði (diane.lacombe): ahhahahahhahah
[15:37] Ði (diane.lacombe): this is amazing…i am so happy for you and for Simon…

[15:39] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) laughed along with her old friend and tilted her head as she rubbed her bump “the thing is…..I haven’t seen a green this time, me being a green myself, seemed rather pointless to be honest, I have no odemea, my blood pressure is fine and my morning sickness is all but gone but well. I am full term now and this morning, I noticed a show, so I believe that I may begin my contractions in a day or two and I wanted to check that you were not due to travel so that you could perhaps deliver Simons first born little princess daughter” she grinned at the idea and she was set firm on having a female child

[15:41] Ði (diane.lacombe): of course… will be a honor for me.. delivery this little princess, i have a nice birth room here… but if you prefer we can stay at home..

[15:51] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) chuckled lightly and laughed “Imagine simons if I were to deliver in our bed” she snickered “oh I think the birthing room here would be wonderful” she smiled as she added “do you will be around in a day or too dear Diane?”

[15:52] Ði (diane.lacombe): yeah….sure… for a couple of days …i will be here… , so… just send me someone a slave with a message in a scroll, to tell me when contractions will starting*

[15:53] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) smiled and nodded “I will do my dear friend, that I will….I do so hope it is a daughter, after three big strong son’s, I long for a daughter” she laughed

[15:55] Ði (diane.lacombe): well… my dear beautiful mom…. in case should be a boy again… will be necessary think to have another one faster* laughed
[15:56] Ði (diane.lacombe) turn over the stairs…seeing Perseo arriving on the room…and smiles over him* welcome Simon and congratulation , you have a big family uh uh..*

[15:56] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) chuckled lightly as she rubbed her bump “oh dear sweet Diane, I thank odin for this number four, Simons said no more after the twins” she laughed as she heard heavy footsteps behind her and she turned, with a look of surprise she smiled “tal My love”

[15:56] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac (simons.bleac): knocks the door and even before the green allows him walks inside toward the voices. “hey there!” he just said at the two woman. A bigger smile was for his companion and mother of his child Andromeda but then also a good smile for Diane, long time friend “Tal my love what are you doing here at the green, not feeling well?”

[16:03] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) smiled softly and leaned forward to kiss him “no my love, I am well but I think our baby will arive soon as I have had slight pains and aching” she smiled as she hugged his arm

[16:04] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac (simons.bleac): “oh well another little boy to train and raise like his brothers!” exclaims cause Perseo did not even consider the fact that she might be a girl. He was sure he only was able to create little men. “ohh i cant wait to throw him in the air and raise him and teach him the art of the blade”

[16:06] Ði (diane.lacombe) looks Perseo with a soft smile * dont worry all is in perfect time, we did just planned where delivery the baby* diane talk with a soft tone wishing to give him a quiet answer then chuckle earing his words about to be a boy or a girl..* whaterver should be , will be borned from love , this is important

[16:09] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac (simons.bleac): he smiles at Diane ‘s words and then speak again “Oh yeah the baby will be a creature born from the love, and i am sure he will be another amazing fighter like his brothers” he again refers at the new baby like he was sure he would be a boy then turns his face and smiles at Andromeda and gets closer to hold her arm with the hand “and we will have to choose his name meanwhile. You know it always takes a while to pick the right name for my little warriors”

[16:09] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) chuckled lightly “well I told you with our three son’s, I craved vulo and bosk and even verr but this time, I crave fruit and chocolate, so perhaps this time it will be a beautiful little girl” she shrugged lightly “anyway, time will tell and odni’s blessings that whichever it shall be healthy” she turned to Diane and chuckled lightly as she winked and patted her bump, Andromeda knew well that this time was different from all her other pregnancies and they had all resulted in son’s for perseo “well I hope the baby stays inside for a little longer, this shall be my last pregnancy and I want to savior it” she laughed, then turning to perseo, she kissed his cheek “hunnie, you must consider a name for a daughter….just in case”

[16:10] Ði (diane.lacombe): yeah…just in case…* diane murmurs with a smile

[16:16] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac (simons.bleac): “why would i consider the name for a daughter when i am sure will be a big boy. Look how big is your bump!” and places the palm of his hand onto her big belly “I am pretty much sure will be another strong tall and full of life boy, like his two…. erm …. three brothers that are the joy of their father and famous men of gor whom i personally taught in the art of the war. What use would i have for a girl?” then shakes his head and laughs as he continues “and you dont consider that my semen never failed so why would it fail this time?” then watches Diane as Andromeda said about her old craves and says her… “but anyway if the love of my life when we had the other boys craved vulo and bosks i will personally cook a big roasted bosk tonight for dinner this way we cant fail”

[16:18] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) turned to look at perseo with a slight frown, her lip began to quiver and rattle lightly and her eyes began to glaze with tears “are you saying that if it is that I shall bear you a daughter, that you will be so terribly disappointed and not want her?” Andromeda put her hand protectively over her bump “well you should not have this view for if we bare a daughter, then she shall need you much much more than your mighty sons” she said softly

[16:21] Ði (diane.lacombe) looks Perseo with a evil smile and raise her head a side pausing for a moment before to talk…* ……… Well Perseo.. in case should be a daughter, i am sure you will be fool for her, after three amazing boys a little princess in your arms will give you something that three boys cant….is notorious that girls love their father unconditionally and i am pretty sure that if you will have a girl, she will become the number one on your attentions and cuddles*

[16:28] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac (simons.bleac): “well i did not say that and i am not saying i would throw her in the river if that is what you are worring about. But the question is what is the use into a daughter that cant carry a sword.. i am pretty much sure that she will hold a lute all day long instead a sword, annoying our ears when we will be old and tired” then look at Diane that was not lost into the reading of her books “Maybe you are right but i still would prefer one more sword to defend our family and our properties. Anyway thank you very much for your help but i now have to take Andromeda back home and cook her a huge roasted bosk and get rid of chocolate from the house, this way she will delivery me another boy” he said and then holds her arms and helps Andromeda down along the ladder walking to their home

[16:31] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) turned to Diane and kissed her left and then her right cheeks “be well my friend, I shall see you soon” she whispered as she turned and moved with her companion as Simons gripped her arm, Andromeda didn’t have the heart to tell him that she didn’t want meat and only craved chocolate and fruit

[16:31] Ði (diane.lacombe) looks them both and nods * well be safe you both and dont hesitate to call me for each problem , have a good dinner *then turn against Andromeda and smiles * tray to have some rest… and eat also fruits , i will be here waiting for the right time*

[16:32] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac (nikk.diesel) nods and smiled at Diane as she heads off home with her companion, waving to her on the way


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