Mahi’s account of the Scarlet’s actions

Red Caste

[23:24] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) canted her head to Lilu and watched her quietly, Mahi could not see if she had troubles, since her facewas quiten hidden ” I am happy to hear that Lady, sometimes things get overloaded in the mind, and then we do not know which side we need to walk upon” she said, she loved the mountains, it was something she was missing most of the times, in her time on the wagon camp, she looked back to her ” Always do, as like water, mountains making me calm.. what about you?” she then blionked seeing Dermie there ” Ho Derm” she said in the Alar greeting to him..

[23:27] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would nod to the women whom stood upon the walls as his arms crossed upon his chest “Lady Mahi, I would have words with you when you find the time for such” he would say to her before nodding to Lilu

[23:31] Lilu Galtier would turn to greet too who Mahi greeted, even if that very generous and polite one-eye warrior. “Tal Sir.” she offered to him “I am glad too see you too”

[23:33] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) canted her head to Dermie ” Need to talk t me” she mused into herself, of course some cursings words rolling from her lips quite understandable, she looked to Lilu and sighed ” Please excuse me Lady? I better get this done now, before I get hunted or something” she shrugged, but she had no idea why Dermie wanted to talk with her” Where do you wish to talk Derm?”

[23:36] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would look between the two women before he spoke once more “Somewhere private.” he would say “As this is a matter of law, I have been tasked by the magistrate to question you on something” he says to her

[23:37] Lilu Galtier sighed lightly as seemed she was going to lose her company. “Can’t it wait?” she asked softly but there was not much she could do and, thus, she returned her gaze to the mountain view.. “Oh well… Be well…

[23:38] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would look to lady Lilu as he spoke “I do not think it will take her long to tell me what I need to know” he would say to her.

[23:39] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) wrinkled her nose under her veil hearing Dermie ” Goodness grieff” she muttered, she wasn’t all too happy about this, but it was better to get this over with, she looked to lilu ” I will be back soon Lady.. At least I hope” mahi already started to doom think around this place, and then looked to Dermie again ” Lead the way?”

[23:43] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would look at Mahi as he spoke “I was told you have info about the accusations against the Scarlet known as Kyo” he would say to her “Tell me what you know…” he says to her

[23:45] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) folded her arms over her chest, while she had followed him to the otherside of the wall, she looked for a moment thoughtfully, and took a deep breath ” Lady Akasha talked with you? At least I assume that eh?” she asked him, her shoulders rolled a bit ” What do you want to know about it?” Mahi had the day prior talked with Kyo and they had settled things together.. but this came a bit unexpected for her

[23:48] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would cross his arms “I need to know everything you saw, heard or have known about the accusations” he says to his old friend.

[23:50] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) took a deep breath and looked at him” What I have seen was- The woman was already naked before I came down in the Inn Derm, I did stepped in that day for her” she paused forming her words ” But.. when I start to think about such, the woman could have stripped herself before the man? Since I have not seen him doing that” and that was the truth, she had not seen Kyo stripping the woman ” Next to that, the woman was or is also no Citzen of Lydius, did you thought about that?”

[23:56] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would nod to Mahi “Aye I am aware at the time of the incident the woman was not a citizen of Lydius.” he would say “I was also told she was intoxicated and possibly a huntress from the Northern Woods.” he scratches his beard a moment “So she was naked when you set eyes upon her? Did you hear her protest anything about being naked before she made visual contact with you?”

[00:01] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to him, and frowned for a moment ‘A huntress? I do not believe such Derm, if she was, she would have been capable to loose the man.. at least in my eyes” she explained, she looked over the edge of the walls, thinking before looking back” It have been quite a while ago already Derm, and yes she was already Naked when I came down, even her hair was shown, and her face” she remembered that she had been standing on the stairs or a moment, but saw that the woman had pulled her headscarf off , her head shook a bit ” Not that I can recall Derm, I only know that Kyo accused her from stealing.. and I told him to back off” she paused ad rose her finger to her lip to tap against it ” And that the woman took down her head scarf too..but I can not remember if he asked her to do such.. or that she did that on her own”

[00:07] Dermot ‘One-Eye’ McMillan (dermot.mcmillan) would nod to Mahi “I think I have heard all I need to hear, IF she was asked remove her scarf she could have refused…if she did so willingly then….well her fate is upto the new magistrate.” he nods to Mahi “You can go about your way if you like old friend” he says to her

[00:08] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to him ” I have not seen him touching her Derm, and yes, IF he asked her to pull down her head scarf, then she could have refused, just like the other stripping it self, since Kyo was sitting in a chair, and not holding her ” she explained to him and smiled ” Good to have you here Derm, it is good to see some old friend among the City”


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