The red caste gone bad 3


[11:13]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had wandered towards the well, where that pouch was laying deep in it waters, she had no idea how she could get it out of there, and it worried her, though.. maybe she should leave it there for the time being, while she was in thoughts, of all the things she had heard and seen, it just worried her more, though suddenly she looked up seeing Frank there, Mahi’s face almost could not be happier at this moment, though.. the man could go against her.. time would tell ” Tal Sir!.. You are the one I am looking for” she said quietly while looking around the place, if she would see no one around, Mahi was cautius.. and very careful.

[11:15]  Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) was in quite a hurry as he met Mahi on the path ahead, he glanced up and nodded to the woman as he was passing then came to a halt as she spoke. He turned and asked, “Me?” That type of greeting only seemed to be trouble. He sighed, and said, “What is it?”

[11:17]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had chuckled softly behind her Veil, the man always seem to be in a hurry, though she stepped a bit closer to him, and she had no idea where to begin! That was the worse thing about this all, she took a deep breath and pondered how she could bring this ” Quite a lot Sir” she paused forming her words ” First I want to ask you, who the Head of the Red Caste is? Since I am quite lost here” she said, her eyes were even more worried ” One said, he was the High general, and I heard from someone else that no one had this position at this moment” she was rather vague about this and she knew.

[11:21]  Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) seemed irritated with the question. The side of his face slid against his palm as he said, “That would be Simons. Any city guard could tell you that. He has been gone on travels and raiding expeditions for some time though. Why, what does this have to do with me?” He could sense the distraught in her voice, enough that he didn’t continue to hurry off in the middle of her sentence.

[11:27]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to him, as she watched him quietly , seeing his hand slid against his face, she had apprently talked with the right Man ” There were some talks around here, that he was killed, but he was not, I have spoken to him” she said, her hand rose up and tapped onto her bottom lip under her Veil ” And, the laws? still under Merchant laws? or do we have some civil laws here?” she asked, she pondered a moment longer, if she would tell the whole story ” What I said, there is something going on, and it is quite a long story, and I have talked with the man called Simons too about this, though he back up his men, at least.. that way it looked to me” she told him ” Anyway, a Scarlet have been accused for stripping a woman in the Inn, I was at that moment up in one of the rooms, and went down when I heard commotion down, I only have seen the woman naked, and this man.. that scarlet.. said to me she had stolen, but the woman told me she had not” she said ” There is more…” she paused and would
[11:27]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): let the words sink in for a moment

[11:34]  Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) was diligent and attentive while she spoke, and then he said to her, “I was nto aware of such rumors of his death. I hope that man you spoke to was indeed Simons.” He would go on to describe the man by the style of his hair, his neatly trimmed brows, jewelery, attention to detail in his outfits, and then tried to imitate his voice. he then said, “Our laws are not clear right now. There has been a lot of turmoil amongst the different castes and hosues of Lydius, and we are even without a Magistrate. Face-stripping and theft sound like matters for the Censor I would think though.” Frank had done far worse things in his times in the north. He had learned the southern customs but he was still not a strong believer in them. The gold is what had brought him there, and the rest was all just part of his scheme. “What more,” he asked, stopping himself as he considering hurrying off again.

[11:42]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) rolled one of her shoulders lightly and listened to him ” He was, I am certain Sir, he introduced himself like that and as High general” she smiled and recognized everything he had been describing and nodded once more to him, her hand lowered from her lip to her side once more and sighed deeply ” I understamd so the rules are still not clear” she would leave at that for the moment and then canted her head there ” The Censor? I did talked with him about this? What I just told you, but he said because of the laws we have right now, he could not do much” she paused and a frown would came up on her face, she too was not really known with Laws, castes, since she came from the wagons, and it made her dizzy to be honest ;; I have not told him what happened after that;; she looked once more wary around herself, seeing if the Scarlet whom she was talking about, was not near ” That Scarlet, a man called Kyo, came to find me yesterday” her eyes drove off to the Smithie and then to the Slavers house, before
[11:42]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): turning back to him again ” At first he tried to arrest me, for stealing… which I have not.. and the Smithie was with us at that moment though” she paused and coughed a bit ” AFter the Smithie left, Kyo started to treathen me, apprently the woman that he have stripped made a complaint, and he told me about a court that would come” she took a deep gulp, she looked like a babbler right now, and she wasn’t really ” Anyway, he threathened me, if I would not back him up in Court, he would go to the Slaver, and drag me along with him, and I should face a collar, after that.. he gave me a pouch wit h coins.. and told me to shut up towards everyone…” she looked down to the cobblestones then ”He also said the words, you are one of us now, I have no idea what he is talking about, and that pouch with coins.. I tossed it back at his feet ” she then rose up her finger and pointed to the well ” It ended up there… he grabbed and tossed it into the well, while threathening me again with the slaver”

[11:49]  Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) coudl see now the matter was rather complicated. “I see,” he said before going on to contemplate the potential repercussions of another trial involving the slaver, and the fact that no one had seen the last woman to make an accusation about it since. He asked her, “You spoke of thi with the Red Caste General, Simons? You are sure it was him? He should be responsible for the actoins of his men.” Frank was clearly hesitant to get involved. He said, “We ought to appoint a Magistrate to rule on these sorts of matters. But if you are going to bring these kinds of allegations, you need to be able to speak of them at a trial and have evidence or others to back up your story. Lydius cannot afford to have another trial get out of hand.” If need be, one fo the Scarlet would have to take the blame before anything further would be uncovered. He said to her before completely formulating his opinion, “Was there anything else?”

[11:57]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) sulked up more breath, as if she was getting sort of hyperventilation, but it was just of the many babbling she had done. And yes it was rather complicated, and she had no trust in the Scarlet caste anymore, but she kept that before her for the time being, she nodded ” Yes I am certain that it was him Sir, though what I said he backs up his men. He was trying to provoke me in this in all honest. He said his scarlets would never do such things like this, though I went mad at him, and it seemed he turned around a bit, and listened to my full story, and told me I have 2 days to gather witness and evidence” she sighed quietly, and bit her bottom lip beneath her veil once more ” I certainly will try this of course, though.. there is my problem.. That pouch with coins is my only evidence.. and I have no witnesses, that can confirm this, what have happened” her eyes were full with worries there, she truly had no idea what to do there ” So..” she paused a moment ” I feel like being cornered at this moment,
[11:57]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker):  and in big shit” she suddenly blurted out ” Since I have no Idea what to do.. I have no idea about the Castes myself, most are just like a labyrinth for me, where I can not get out off”

[12:05]  Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) had little sympathy for Mahi or the other woman she spoke of. He said, “This sounds unfortunate, but I can’t put the General on trial and risk dividing the city and leaving it more vulnerable than it already is right now. just based on what you have to say. If that were the case, I would send a woman to every city in our reach to bring down their Commanders with accusations before we showed up at their gate.” The situation would be an opportunity though. If there were a Magistrate appointed, it could potentially take the responsibility off him while creating quite a distraction. he said to her, “I wil see to it that the matter is investigated, but cannot promise anything would come on it. I will push to have a Magistrate appointed to oversee the matter, and in the meantime, keep in informed of anything you are told or discover. But be careful,” he told her, “We still do not know what happened to that woman who made allegations before, um, what was her name? Sary?”

[12:11]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) sighed deeply and nodded quietly in understand to him” I fully understand that Sir, and I am not here to bring down the Commander of this City, I have little interest in such myself, nor getting into much trouble there, but it seemed it found me, and I am just stuck ” Mahi pondered and let her mind wander there, Maybe she could bribe some people, but then again.. Frank would know the truth.. which was not good in her eyes, she could almost slam her face against the nearby tree, but just smiled behind her Veil, she silently nodded to him ” Please do, in the meantime I will try to get more things together against it, and will inform you about it, and I do hope you can find a magistrate soon there Sir, and careful is the right word for me I guess” she then canted her head, and her eyes blinked ” Sary.. I have no idea what happened either, all I know she was gone one day and never returned” and it was true.. Mahi had truly no idea what had happened with her friend there.. ” Thank you for your time,
[12:11]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): and listening to me about this”

[12:14]  Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) nodded to her once more and said, “Alright then, be well,” and knew he would have a lot more to do that day once he finished his usual rounds.

[12:14]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded to him and turned around on her heels ” May the blessings of the sky be upon you Sir” with that she started to walk off


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