The Red Caste gone bad 2



9:21]  Minky Mousehold ‘s lips curled up into a smile as she heard Lady Baha’s words. She tilted her head to her, whispering ” Yes we can, let’s talk in the teahouse” she had walked towards the teahouse in just as they finished their words. Leading the way, she opened the door to the teahouse and ushered the ladies in . ”

[09:25]  Lilu Galtier closed the door behind her back, as she entered last. From the little she had observed or heard for that matter, she could tell that Mahi was facing trouble beyond what she would imagine.. ” I suppose, the Warrior the Lady Maji was conversing with is the leader of the Scarlets? ” she asked Anastasia as she made herself comfortable on the couch

[09:27]  Minky Mousehold had taken a seat on her usual spot. She nodded solemnly, angered by it all ” Yes he is indeed, the commander.” Resting her chin on a hand, she half smiled adding ” And greetings Lady Baha, how are you?” she’d ask that at least, being a good host

[09:32]  Lilu Galtier: “I am alright.. ” she answered expressionlessly ” I trust you are well too? ” her gaze though was darting over her shoulder where Mahi had disappeared .. “The Commander you say.. ” she carried on with her thoughts “.. strange. It was only yesterday that I asked that one-eye warrior… what is his name…. Dermot? I think so… who the Commander of the Scarlets here is, and his respoonse was that, since the death of the previous one, the position had not been assigned. There were still discussions within the caste, regarding it. ” she looked to Anastasia ” it seems that upon need , procedures can run fast ” she chuckled

[09:37]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) came out of her so called day dream and went to sit with the Ladies, she ryubbed her eyes, this was really going to be so messy, that it proably was better to drop all those charges, though shen she heard Lilu and blinked for a moment ” Dermot? So.. that position have not been taken to another? Why was this man coming forth then as one?” she wrinkled her nose about and took a sit onto the couch ” Even in the Red Caste it is a messj, just like the rest of this place” she muttered

[09:37]  Minky Mousehold raised an eyebrow, she had known there was a head of caste for some time now. She said ” Yes I am fine, just angered. ” She paused for a second as if lost in thoughts before she added ” I had known there was a commander before, at least I met his daughter out near the bakers. I did not know any deaths. Unless, the man we were speaking to was lying about his position.” her expression was one of concern

[09:41]  Lilu Galtier: Her eyebrows lifted in slight surprise “well, either that or Dermot is not aware.. ” she smirked at that “ way or another, I think that he has to be informed. It can;t be that a warrior of the Port has no clue, who his Commander is. ” she glanced between the two “Are you certain, the man claimed to be the Commander?”

[09:43]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) rolled her shoulders a bit about as she took a sit and relaxed on the couch, her hands lifting to her face and rested lightly with her elbows on her knees ” I am not certain Lady, since I never had the man before, but he did said, he wasthe leader of his men, of the red Caste” she sighed and looked at the door ” This.. is really awkward, that I know..”

[09:46]  Minky Mousehold nodded ” Yes he did, he said his name was Perseo, high general of the port. I had come to of him through his daughter when I first settled into the city. ” she smiled, then looked over at Lilu ” Now Lady Baha, you wished me to start on that shipment you had ordered from me? ” She did not go details, assuming Lilu knew what she was talking about. Meanwhile, she waved to the kettle slave waiting nearby and instructed her to brew a pot of bazi tea for the ladies while they chit chat.
[09:47]  LonggShaddow has entered the sim.

[09:55]  Lilu Galtier listened to both, nodding her head in thought. She responded to Anastasia first ” That is my intention, if we can reach to a rational agreement Lady. ” her tone was soft as always when not in withdrawal symptoms, but confident as ever “Your fee is too much, and my expenses are quite high .. and will increase dramatically, as you can understand… “. She left it at that and turned to Mahi ” It is awkward indeed, especially if the man has claimed to be the Commander, as the Lady Anastasia suggested. I suppose that you approached him for that sensitive matter, am I right? ” she asked vaguely, like Anastasia had done earlier, allowing Mahi to reveal as much as she wanted. “If I may ask, what was his reaction?

[09:59]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) listened quietly to them, and that Anastacia and lilu had some business to too, she smiled lightly to them, it was not her business to interfear in such, or even to know, she slowly nodded to Lilu ” Yes, it was about that matter lady, and he reacted.. at first quiet bad, he would stand up for his men, at least that way it looked to me” she said quietly ” Though..he turned around, when I got mad and have me 2 days toi gather information, and witnesses, but I do not trust it at all” she muttered quietly

[10:03]  Minky Mousehold smiled, she picked out a small piece of scrap paper and a quill, doodling on the note twenty gold with a question mark, she slipped the paper to Lilu and scoffed “Yes two days! and two witnesses of value to the port. WHat does That mean? He is not giving us a choice at all by threatening a collar if we lose the case!”

[10:11]  Lilu Galtier: “Lady you are in deep… eehh….. how can I put politely…. “she had a brief look at the paper that Anastasia had slipped in her hand, but drawn to the talk with Mahi, she would not realize immediately the amount “… Well, let’s put it this way.,,” she had a second glance on the amount “.. The Scarlets take matters of honor way too seriously. You have to find a solution immediately or in 2 days time, you will be accused by the, so called Commander as well.. Unless he is not…. ” a third peek at the paper and finally hit her. Her eyes snapped wide open and stared at it, choking.. “No no.. ” she shook her head negatively and held it out to Anastasia ” I would not afford more than one fifth of this.

[10:14]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) shook her head a bit and sighed lightly when she heard lilu ” In deep shit? Yeah.. about right” she grunted, Mahi was quite blunt in her words at times, and this time she was just that ” I have no solution Lady, that is my problem! No one was near me when Kyo threathened me, I guess, I do not have anything to stand on!” she hissed a bit, and lowered her head almost slamming against her knees there ” Maybe I should just drop those complaints? Maybe for the better? I only have that pouch of money, which is laying in the well, there was a certain sign drawn up, I do not know what that means though” she paused ” Kyo said, you are one of us now.. What on gor does that mean?”

[10:17]  Minky Mousehold caught glimpse of Lilu’s peek and expression, she wanted to chuckle but held it in. It was amusing to say the least. She coughed and simply written in another scroll ” two golds and a garuanteed deal with your connection.” then passed it back to her. She finally chuckled at Mahi’s blurt of deep shit. Biting her lips, she said ” We need to hire guards, for one. I think we cannot go with the case with the council, it is simply not beneficial for us. There is, always other ways…” she hinted but let it go at that

[10:25]  Lilu Galtier: “Alright” she sat up straight, feeling the sense of order that naturally govern her thinking and all she was doing, disturbed. For Lilu, it was a matter of aesthetics in her job. “Lady, ” she said to Mahi ” I am willing to help you with advice, and I will do that for free… ” she glared at Anastasia at that “… but you will have to let me know, exactly what has happened, when, and how.. Who did you talk to, and what is this with the pouch and the sign. ” She already knew quite some but now it was time to place events in some sequence “and how did that man reach you? Did he come to you? Did you seek him? Through whom? ” the questions slipped out randomly as Lilu was brainstorming “.. And in any case, someone must know if there is civil law in this Port. The matter is a civil one even if a scarlet is involved. ” . She stopped and looked at the scribbling, the looked up to Anastasia and asked ” I agree. But there is a detail I would like us to discuss regarding those connections.
[10:27]  Lilu Galtier: and said* not asked

[10:29]  Minky Mousehold nodded, she stood up seeing the ladies probably had matters to speak of. She did feel Mahi ‘s matter was more important as she made her way to the door. By now the slave would have made back to the table with hot bazi tea and some cakes to serve the ladies with. She smiled saying ” Be well ladies, I shall leave you to your discussion. The tea and cakes come with the monthly member’s fee, enjoy yourself.” she then walked out an closed the door behind her

[10:34]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) kept quiet for a moment listening to all the Questions of lilu, she closed her eyes and tried to drum everything together ” That is very kind of you Lady” she smiled to her behind her veil, she looked down to the wooden planks of the teahouse, maybe she was counting them? ” What happened to Akasha, you should ask her.. I only have seen her naked when I came down from the Inn, and I stood up for her, while Kyo was there, that is all I can tell about that” she paused and thought a bit more ” It was already a while ago, and apperenly, Akasha have sent in a complaint against Kyo, and Kyo went searching for me, I was then in the Blacksmiths with a golden necklace, that I was trying to let melt into Golden coins, I asked this to the Smithy Guillione” she knew G would not be happy that she would pull him in ” Anyway, he have seen that Kyo wanted to arrest me on base of that Necklace, after Guillione left, Kyo.. suddenly started about a court against him, and that I should back him up, and if not… he
[10:34]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): would call in the slaver, to let me collared” she sighed about it ” Then…He gave me that pouch with coins, which had a sign upon it, it was to shut up mouth to others, Later I gave this back to him and he tossed into the Well” she said to her and took another deep breath ” And today.. Well Lady Anastacia and I, were talking about it, and we went to look for someone of the Red Caste, and Sir Perseo.. was near the place, and he said he was high General of the Caste, so I explained him what happened” she said to her ” And that is all whom I talked to about it” and then nodded to Anasatcia ” Be well lady!”

[10:37]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): m::walks arrouond quietly::

[10:38]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): Tal Y’all

[10:40]  Lilu Galtier: “That pouch .. ” she mused ” is the key. There were no witnesses when he handed it to you ” instictively, she kept her voice low ” and I suppose no witnesses when he tossed it to the well… ” sh rose slowly and looked to Mahi ” I wonder if it is still there … Do you happen to know?”

[10:43]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): I was looking for a place that needed a Physician

[10:43]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched Lilua standing up slowly from the couch, Mahi did the same, she smiled lightly to her ” Yes, I think so too, though Perseo said, that it was no evidence anything” she paused a moment ” But.. it should be still in the well, so we might need to take a look there, I have no idea how to get it, or.. how deep that well is” she explained and then shook her head ” No witnesses either there” Mahifelt that she was truly fucked up here, and then looked to the man, she inclined her head to him ” Tal Sir, welcome to Lydius Port”

[10:44]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): I may have stopped years ago onmy travels on the Thasha

[10:50]  Lilu Galtier: The man was apparently of the Green Caste and knowing Mahi was a Healer, she gathered that they would need to converse. She held her robes slightly uplifted, preparing to leave the tea house but before she does, she leaned close to Mahi and whispered ” I have no idea who is who in the Port but I know there is an Administrator. I wish I could help you in a more official manner but as you know, I am not of the Port, thus my questions may be misunderstood. I suggest that you leave a message to the Administrator, claiming that it is an emergency…” she paused briefly then said ” .. Be cautious with your words, Lady.

[10:53]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked to the man listened to his words, she smiled behind her veil ” I am one of the healers of this Port Sir, and we can always use more greens around the place” she said and then looked to liluy and sighed ” I think I will need to write a scroll to the Adminstrator then, he is my last hope in this Lady, and I will keep my words for my own” she canted her head and frowned for a moment ” You are not of this Port? I thought you were?” she asked her quietly” In any case, I will look for Frank, and see what he has to say, and” she paused ” I need to get that pouch back out of the well! Maybe a slave can crawl into it?”

[10:53]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): A pouch, M’lady?

[10:54]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): Where would the well be?

[10:55]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): ::smiles as I wait for her response::

[10:59]  Lilu Galtier: I’d say leave it there where it is for the time being … ” she’d remark through a whisper… though, it was too late.. The man had grabbed the word. She glanced at him and then to Mahi .. and decided to say nothing more on the subject ” I wish you well, Lady. I hope I see you again soon.. standing … ” with that she walked to the door, where she slowed down before she exits ” Welcome to Lydius, Sir ” she offered politely ” Be well ” and walked away

[11:00]  Adeel C. Eagor (adeel.cave): :nods quietely to the lady in blue as she walsk by:;

[11:00]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to Lilu ” I will do that Lady!” she called after her, when she walked out of the teahouse, mahi herself walked after her too, she needed some rest there, just to think think over, she looked at the man and smiled politely to him ” Nothing important Sir” she said quietly, and thankfully there were several wells in the port.


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