The Red Caste gone bad Part 1


Synopsis: Quite some things going on in the Port, one of that is about the Lady Akasha, whom was stripped in the Inn, by a man called Kyo. Apprently Akasha made a complaint against him, and there might come a court, though Kyo also have threathened Mahi to back him up, instead of Akasha. Mahi made a complaint against Kyo, to Perseo.

[07:25:45] Minky Mousehold looked over at the couple carrying weapons. She was unsure whether they are mercenaries or pirates at this point. Surely a red caste would not allow her lady to carry such weapons, even so the strength needed to carry such large ones? She paused in her steps, simply saying ” Tal .”

[07:27:40] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac continued to follow perseo and she frowned lightly “I don’t see why you can’t carry these as well and all this about backs being the strongest part of the body, well I don’t know about that ….I am pregnant, incase you have forgotton and sometimes I think you forget I am a woman” she said with a flippent tone before coming to a pause, her eyes upon the two beautiful women, she smiled softly “Tal Ladies, don’t mind us, Perseo is lacking his slave of late”

[07:28:40] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: he was talking with his wife about if she got the appointment with the green when he got interrupted by the voice of a stranger. He slowly turns his face to watch the two ladies not to far from them. He never seen them before at least that what he was able to tell from the small part of their faces he was able to see. nods and raises up one hand “tal there ladies, do I know you?”

[07:29:42] ℳahi wandered with Anastacia towards the warriors hall, or at least that direction they went in, and sort of stumbled against the pair that was standing there, Mahi just inclined her head to them, and observed them quietly, her hands slipping behind her back and finally a greeted came from her lips behind her itchy veil ” Tal there” not entirely certain if she had seen them before, but she stayed polite, she then heard the woman talking about pregnancy ” Oh! Congrats in that Case!” she eyed the man then and then looking at the woman again ” You should not carry heavy things Lady, you might loose the child there” she paused and then looked to the man once more ” No, you do not know me or this Lady, I am Mahi one of the Healers around here” even though she was not clothed in green nor worn the armband ” And you might be?”

[07:32:58] Minky Mousehold raised an eyebrow, she looked to the male with distaste wondering whom in the right mind would ask a lady to carry such items of heaviness. She raised a hand to her veil , shifting her weight about her feet ” No, you do not know us. I am Lady Anastasia of Ashira Trading. If you will excuse us, we are on our way to the warrior’s hall to seek out the reds. ” she said, half hoping this man wasnt hostile at least.

[07:34:01] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac smiled bright “ah another healer, fantastic news…..I am also a healer lady, if you can find the time at all, an observation would be much appreciated, my companion here, seems to think I am made of steel” she said as she tilted herself to allow his heavy shield to fall from her back “they already looked polished Perseo” she sighed as she straighted herself up right and rubbed her bump “forgive us ladies, we have been on travels and just returned to Lydius, how has your day faired so far?” she said with a soft smile in then hearing she grinned “oh well , perseo here is your man” she chuckled as she continued to rub the base of her spine “ohh the aches” she sighed

[07:35:02] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: “In that case Nice to meet you” he stated when the woman said that they never met before this time. “I am Perseo and till today, till when i will feel like to cover this task and i will not feel like to retire, i am the high general of the Reds of this city.” he inspected them both and yeah he decided that she never met them before today. “and you two are here for?” he asked cause was quiet strange for him to see a couple of women, that were not citizens of Lydius that was hanging here without not even a warrior as escort. The other one then added that they were about to their hall so he asks “so far i did not sign any kind of invite to the main hall of the reds. What are you looking for there?”

[07:39:37] ℳahi clasped her hand together and smiled to the woman, behind her veil ” Ah, that is indeed wonderful news Lady! And of course I can give you an check up, if everything is alright with you and your child” her eyes were standing friendly there, and mahi was happy to know there was another healer around Lydius ” Some men do think that Lady” she gave the woman a wink, her hand waved a bit up ” Do not worry, we all need to travel at times” she said and then looked to the man, her eyes blinked for a moment ” Then, in that Case, it is you we need Sir, I have a complaint about one of the Reds” she paused and looked to anastacia for a moment ” Quite a serious one in all honest, at least in my eyes that is” she said, she rolled her shoulders lightly ” I would never step inside of a warrior hall, I probably would just have called out for one” she chuckled, Mahi could be at least like a fish woman screaming on the market trying to sell her wares.

[07:42:20] Minky Mousehold nodded in agreement when Mahi mentioned that this man was the one they needed. She folded her arms across and asked in a high pitched voice ” Is this how the port protects their citizens? By dishonoring the Free women staying in the port? I have moved my business here expecting more, after all I do pay taxes.” She ended with a dismayed and angry look, much of it covered by the veil on her face.

[07:43:52] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac raised an eyebrow as she listened “oh dear” she said softly as she tilted her head towards Perseo, Andromeda knew how Perseo was with his men, firm, strict but also like a father to an errant child, he often could see no wrong in his men , Andromeda nodded at Mahi and smiled with reference to the pregnancy exam but she stayed silent as she allowed the idea that one of Perseo’s men was not so perfect sink into his mind

[07:50:12] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: “If you pay taxes i dont know and so far is not even my business unless the councill will write a complain about it through the scribe, and then i guess i will have to come and check out your business, but i have no reasions to think that you lack about it…” he said quiet annoyed cause they were about to complain about the reds. But Perseo anyway knew that much probably they would tell the truth cause many of his men were really naughty men expecially when they were filled of wine once they accomplished their duties. “Oh well you did not even explain me what happend and who is supposed to be the naughty red, and you are whining already woman?” and yes Perseo was quiet rude, anytime and every day also with his woman, so now he was maybe even more cause he was pissed as he always had to deal with troubles. “Tell me then who is the man and what happend and i will decide if and when i ll have to talk with that man. Of course we protect our citizens. So far no one ever complained” he lied but they couldnt

[07:53:17] Minky Mousehold looked to Mahi then to the male , her lips pursed. This was not the time to argue with the commander, especially when they needed their help. She took a deep breath and answered in her most acted calmness ” Well Lady Mahi here will tell you about it, she is a witness to it all. The victim has been in the teahouse and not dared to step out much since. ” She would force a smile saying ” If you please, help us. ” She then took a step back just behind Mahi to let her speak, and let the focus be on her.

[07:54:55] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac chewed on her lower lip and rolled her eyes lightly, she knew Perseo would be in a foul mood all day now and he would probably complain his dinner wasn’t seasoned enough and complain his sword had a grease smudge, not to mention that the house was dusty and the slave was worthless. Andromeda knew well what kind of day she would be in for now. she looked on at the women as she continued to listen, she was a nosey woman by nature and of course she wanted to know what it was that would lead to her having a night walking on egg shells. she listened eagerly to the conversation around her but at this point….give the frustration and air of anger that seeped from her companion, Andromeda decided it was best to stay quiet, she observed the manner in which Minky spoke to Perseo and she smiled lightly as if to congratulate her for playing this card, for she knew well that Perseo had little patience for angry and frustrated women, however, he was a sucker for soft words and a timid heart

[07:57:10] ℳahi seen the smile and nod from Andromeda, and Mahi understood it was for the exam, she probably would seek her out later to do the exam, but she needed to lift this first from her chest, it was worrying her quite much. Her orbs looking at Anastacia as she heard the high Pitched voice of the woman, and Mahi had to chuckle somewhere about it, since she had heard it before from her, she gazed back to Perseo and raised an eyebrow ” That is what I am about to tell you, ain’t I Sir” she snorted to the man, her hands wrapping around her waist now, and looked around if she did not saw the man in question around the place ” This is about a man called Kyo, He came to me yesterday, first he was trying to take me in custody for stealing, which I have not” she paused a moment ” That you can ask the man Guillione, he works in the Blackmith, he was there at that moment that Kyo came, and tried to arrest me” she then took another deep breath ” And second I am not a whiner Sir” she hissed, her gaze darkened a bit ”
[07:57:10] ℳahi: Anyway, The smithie left and Kyo suddenly started to talk about a court that will come against him, since he had stripped a woman in the Inn” she took a deep breath there ” I have seen that.. Not all, that I admit.. But I did saw the woman was not quite happy with this, and I tried to help there back then, apprently the Lady have filled out a complaint about the man, otherwise there would not come a court” she said, tapping now against the lower of her lips ” Kyo have thus threathened me yesterday, if I do not back him up in Court, that he will drag me to the slaver, and that the slaver will collar me” she pondered what had been said more ” Oh yes, He said that he had people keeping an eye on me” probably the whole story was just a mess together, but she tried to explain it as good as possible.

[08:07:15] Giηevra dє’ Mєdici Blєac turned the corner and moved towards her parents and seeing the ladies she smiled as she waved “tal Ladies”

[08:07:30] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: “i guess that is the most plausible end of this whole thing…” he said with an evil grin onto his face “do you really think that there would be any member of the court that would trust this complain without proof and evidences?” he then moved a couple of steps more toward them as they were far still and he was feeling like being at the fish ‘s market where everyone would yell and shout “You should know that Reds are trustable men, they have a rank and they have a code. Why would a Red arrest you if he had no reasion? The question in that case would be what did you do to deserve a visit to the prison. But i want make you a favour and I wont look into it if you just stop to go around trying to get in trouble one of my men for no reasions woman” of course Perseo would defend his soldiers from the words of the women that he was sure they would build stories and gossips when the hot men of his troup would give them no attentions “I guess there have been a missunderstanding and if you just will assure me that you
[08:07:30] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: will let it go i will not look more into it.. Do we have an agreement?”

[08:10:22] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac gasped a little as she watched Perseo edge forward with a bitter and angered tone and Andromeda grabbed the hand of her daughter and pulled her closer “shh your father is in one of them moods….no playing your lute tonight” she looked over to the two women and watched for their reaction whilst Andromeda herself stood silent, clutching her daughter a little closer

[08:11:13] Giηevra dє’ Mєdici Blєac looked at her mother and whispered “what happened?” but then she nodded “ok mother, I won’t play my lute tonight” she then turned and watched her father as he moved closer to the two ladies and she tugged on her lower lip nervously

[08:16:30] Minky Mousehold slid her hand to Mahi’s and grabbed her wrists if she would let her. It was her natural response to who she deemed as hostile. If she had Mahi’s wrist, she would fall back a few steps as the commander came nearer , she was feeling the tension in the air. When she did retreat to what she deemed to be a safe distance, she stood her ground ” We have witnesses Sir, this agreement is out of the question. This is not protecting us at all, are you saying we the ladies should accept the fate of being stripped in public or being threatened for no good reason at all? ” She took a deep breath, taking yet another step back ” The taxes we pay, made up your salary Sir. If my business and us are garuanteed, I will see to a bonus to the city’s coffers if that is what will safeguard our interests.” Coins, was really the only way she knew how to settle a problem. Unsure how this might end, she bit her lips and looked back at the commander without flinching though her heart was racing, ready to run if she could even outrun
[08:16:30] Minky Mousehold: this one

[08:18:59] ℳahi would look at the woman that came around the corner, Mahi inclined her head to her ” Tal Lady” she said to her, though her gaze went to Persio, there came a frown of disblieve on her face, did he really just said that to her? her eyes looked then at Andromeda, seeing that she was pulling the other woman closer to her, she took a deep breath and tried to keep her temper in control here, one that could boil like a vulcano there- stay calm mahi, stay calm- went through her mind there ” I do believe that you are wrong there Sir, otherwise I would never ever come and look for the head of the Caste, right?” she smirked under her breath, and then pulled up her nose ” Right, I do not trust any of the Reds now I believe, at least not the one that threathened, which is not normal, he is corrupted to the bone” seeing Perseo coming closer towards them, Mahi didn’t move she stood on her place, like she had shot some roots into the ground, and of course the proud wagon woman she could be. ” He had no reason at
[08:18:59] ℳahi: all Sir, and I will explain you why” she paused a moment and took another breath and then felt the hand of Anastacia grapping her wrist, which made her move backwards, she then rolled her shoulder lightly ” You know never mind Sir, it was a mistake there” she nodded, but her orbs spit fire of temper there, of course Mahi would try find another way to get Kyo for this ” The Lady here is right” she said, trying to stay calm there.

[08:22:23] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac whispered to her daughter “you know your father and his men, he won’t hear bad words about them” she then turned to Perseo “my love…..perhaps….as just a suggestion, you could speak to Kyo and the witnesses to see what you should find out, now I do understand that your men live by the codes but you know well, there is always possiblities of one rotton apple falling from the tree” she tilted her head “do you think so my love?” she softly as her eyes tilted back to Mahi and Minky momentarily

[08:24:56] Giηevra dє’ Mєdici Blєac sighed softly as she turned to leave “well I shall not rush home tonight mother, I cannot face his anger today, I am rested and relaxed and he nerves me, I have my music exam to think about and I don’t need this” she said as she kissed her mothers cheek “I will buy some dinner from the bakery so I’ll be fine, no need to save me a plate, I shall leave before he see’s me” she whispered as Ginevra turned to leave

[08:25:43] Asp walks back across the square with a vulo wrapped in a cloth and tucked under her arm. The animal’s broken neck seems to have slipped out of the small package and dangles at a strange angle while the girl’s steps begin to carry her in a slowing arc around the gathered free, her ears perked to the conversation.

[08:28:07] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: they both fell backward probably they did fear the high general but he did not come closer to harm them, he was grumpy but he was not violent, not with whom wasnt harm for his family or his city. “where you going. You two looks scared, and to me is a clear sign that you are hiding me something. This Kyro man had his reasions i belive to arrest you two?” he keep going on this channel to see if they would fall and drop the complain. The last woman then said it was all a mistake so he feel encouraged to continue “oh oh see … nevermind?… was a mistake?… so was this complain just a missunderstanding and a trouble that has been make bigger than what really was is belive? Allright as long as you two are new enough i want make a favour to you. I ll just forget all this is you will not talk about it with anyone else from now? And of course cause i am a man that cares the citizens i will talk with kyro and i will tell him to do not harm you two just in case..” Perseo wanted the issue to drop and stop here and
[08:28:07] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: that was the offer he could do to the two to do not let them feel totally ignored.” and once he said it heard Andromeda talk to him so he just turns to listen. “well as i said at them, i ll talk to kyro and i will tell him later in front of a good fresh mead, to leave them alone, although i am sure he did nothing and this is a huge missunderstanding. So far i did not see anything kind of evidence not even to start to investigate.” then again he rotates his head and watch the two that went far from him “and hey do not make me shout here being that far i do not want the whole plaza to hear our businesses”

[08:31:57] Minky Mousehold stood from where she was, refusing to move front. She said ” Yes it is a mistake, to even believe in the reds and come to you. We know our mistake now, do not worry, we shall not bother you any longer. ” she shook her head angrily in disbelief saying ” That more then one witness and victims, you would not lift a finger to investigate.” She begins to turn a leave seeing this will lead to nothing, she will never approach the reds for help again seeing most of them are either corrupt or worse then the criminals they are dealing with.

[08:34:04] Anđromeđa dє’ Mєdici Blєac moved towards her companion a little and watched as minky turned, Andromeda sighed softly, she had listened to the womens complaints and she wondered what perseo would say if it were her complaining, no doubt he would accuse her of doing something to intigate it, Perseo believed that women were their own worst enemies at times and this grated on Andromeda …she moved closer to him to listen further

[08:37:21] ℳahi narrowed her eyes to Perseo, and a deep grunt came from her lungs, as anastacia had not pulled her backwards, Mahi probably would had been standing near the man, she pulled up a sweet little smile behind her veil, almost like a snake, Oh she wanted to get on this, but knew she had to becarefull, she did not knew the man at all, and understood he would back up his men there ” Why would I be scared for you Sir, you tried your best in this case” her voice was like a slithering ale at this moment ” I certainly have made a mistake by telling you this Sir, and my deepest apologies that I have disrupted you with this, or even layed it onto your shoulders” Mahi was far from happy there, she looked to the woman, and was happy she had jumped in for them, but also understood that it was her man, she then eyed Asp there, she had seen her yesterday when she was so shocked about this all, and also with the pouch of dirty money, that Kyo had given to her, though she had tossed it back at his feet ” It is all Good
[08:37:21] ℳahi: Sir, you will not other complainst from us ever again” she smiled ever so sweetly to him, but her orbs were like cold sliths, she looked over her shoulder to Anastacia, and saw her walking away from the place, Mahi too would never again trust a red again…
[08:38:15] ℳahi: Hear*

[08:44:34] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: “notices that the woman in front of him was angry now and her tone was louder that kinda softned him a bit and he started to think that maybe should at least give them the chance to prove their accuse. his hand raises up and reaches the chim feeling that this morning he did not shave his face. He also takes a long breath now and then speaks again “allright i see you really hear this issue and i want give you a chance to prove what you have said. I am not an unfair man, i just hear so many fake complains about the Reds. Every time we arrest someone they complain and they pretend to be all innocents so i do not see why should i belive you two without evidences of the facts. In the end who are you two, and you just gave me words. No evidences now proofs no witnesses. Nothing at all just words. BUt i am kind and patient with you two. You have a couple of days to gather your proofs and witnesses and you will bring them to me. And then if what you are saying is real, then i ll bring your case up to the council and
[08:44:34] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: i will cage this Kyro. But so far i wont do nothing against him without proofs.” then he raises up his forefinger to the woman closer by him, the one that was drssing purple: “and so far, you just accused Kyro being a man that is corrupted to the bone, but you did not even said what he did beside he tried to arrest you wich is his job and i see nothing wrong in it if he had reasions, and he might have had. So what did he do just to know before i start count the 48 hours you have to bring me back evidence of the facts?”

[08:49:28] Minky Mousehold paused in her steps as she caught the man’s words. Perhaps there is one red that might not be corrupted after all, then again it could be just a stalling tactic. Who knows what might the men plot when the evidence are brought up? She turned on her heels, walked up a few steps nearer and said in confident and cold tone ” You will have that evidence Sir. ” She would thank him , but not now. He might even avoid them the next time he spots the ladies from afar. She simply nodded to him ” Where should we seek you out then, the warrior’s hall?”
[08:50:17] bobby Lysette is offline.

[08:57:06] ℳahi heard anastacia coming closer towards her again, and listened to the words of Perseo, Mahi blinked for a moment there and thought her jaw would drop, when she heard this, was he really going to listened to this? was he really giving them the 2 days as he said? she somewhere did not trusted the man, when he rose his ffinger up she moved closer to him, she looked him straight in the eyes there ” What I said before, If it was not true, I would never seek you out for this complain, but thank you that you will give us that time, to gather that proove together” she paused a moment there ” I do understand, you can not Cage Kyo for this matter right away” hert voice was softer now and somewhat calmer there ” This man threathened me, if I would not back him up in Court, that he would drag me to the slavers house, to slap a collar around my neck, you do understand that I am not waiting for such” she said still looking at him ” He had no reason, he wanted to caught me with something there, and saw me with a
[08:57:06] ℳahi: Golden necklace that I wanted to melt for Golden coins, I even showed it to the Censor Anarch the day before, and he said that to me, to melt it into coins for my pouch” she sighed deeply ” That necklace I have gotten from a man here, I wanted to give it back to him, but he would feel offended if I did” she told him, and it was the truth.. there were no lies in her words now, even though she could lie, she pondered then ” One of the evidences are laying in the well near the smithie, Kyo gave me a pouch with Dirty money to shut up my mouth and back him up, I returned it to him and he tossed it into the well” she explained.

[09:03:36] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: “The warrior hall is forbidden at women unless there is a case to discuss, and i really hope there will be nothing to discuss and that is just a huge missunderstanding… Anyway no, you will find me around in the city or at my office under my house near the green’ s house. ” he simply told them once Minky promised him the evidence of what happend, wich he was sure wouldnt lead anywhere good, or for Kyro or for the women. Coughs a couple of times, the air was starting to be more fresh lately and then adds something more “but you have to know this in case you decide to go ahead with this complain about my men. If i will find your proofs good enough to fill a report, yes i will have to cage my man but then i will not decide about him myself, i ll bring the case to the council, you will have to come and witness, you and your witnesses, and in case you will lose i guess i have to warn you, you might end in the slaver ‘s house as punishment for the lies.. but that is not my decision anyway.” he simply had to say
[09:03:36] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: cause they were risking alot going along with this complain abour a warrior of the city. The other woman then spoke about threatens and about the dirty money and he did listen at all she had to say “oh but if they money have been returned to Kyro, i guess this is no more a proof. You should have kept them” but probably if she did then Perseo would accuse her anyway but this is just what he was thinking now but did not say “and about the threatens if you do not gather at least two witness, no court would ever blame a man like Kyro, a Red of Lydius… And they better be good witnesses, not just some random wastrels, but people that are valued in the city and that will want to witness agains a Red”
[09:11:18] Minky Mousehold made a face, not that anyone can see really. She was doubtful the low castes would dare step out against the red caste, two witnesses valued in the city was as good as telling them not to make the case. She eyed the man, without adding much else she said ” I see. Thank you for the warning, Lady Mahi, shall we head off then?” She glanced over at the man adding ” Be well Sir and be well Ladies.” having caught sight of another approaching bobbing dress

[09:14:49] Lilu Galtier: “Tal Free” greeted quietly the gathering and walked by the greedy Merchant, unwilling to seem indiscreet. She would, however glance at the Warrior and the Lady by his side as they were conversing with the Healer.. “Tal Lady” she addressed Anastasia in person. in a rather low voice “I hope everything is alright. Perhaps when you have time, we could reconsider that .. business suggestion.

[09:18:23] ℳahi listened quietly to the man infront of her, her hands clenching together, this was going to be so hard to get evidents together or even proove or witnesses, since no one had seen or heard that Kyo threathened her, she licked her lips under her veil, maybe Mahi could bribe some people to stand up for her as witness and show the evidence of proove? Her mind was working as madness now, this was going to be messy… that she knew” I will try to find evidence and the witness for this Sir, you can count on that” she then looked over to the woman in blue, and thought it was lilu there, but was not certain at this moment, she took a deeper gulp of air into her lungs and nodded ” The Slavers house, is the last thing where I wish to end Sir, if that happens, my life would be ending there” Mahi was one of the few woman, that never would want to fall into a collar, she would simply took the honour to choose death over a collar ” Anyway, I will try to fish that pouch out, I do not know how of yet, but I know it
[09:18:23] ℳahi: is still there, if..he did not took it out himself yet” she muttered, and then looked to Lilu and nodded to her ” Yes, we do need to talk about that Lady” she would then step and turn lightly on her heels ” Thank you for your Time Sir, and may the blessings of the sky be upon you and yours” she looked to the two women and smiled behind her veil.. ” Let us go to the tea house Ladies?” ( And I need to go afk! Dinner time for me!)

[09:19:28] Pєrşєσ dє’ Mєdici Blєac: they were about to leave it seemed this way Perseo could manage to get back to his papers and his business cause being this job kept him busy most part of the day “alright then, i guess as we agreed you two have 48 hours from now to come back to me with the evnidences of the case. If there s nothing else i can do, i leave you at your stuff and i go back at mine as i am running late now.” he said and then holds the wrists of his companion and wishpers in the ear “lets go now i have stuff to do” then he greets the new woman with a nod as he was about to leave going back to his own businesses. “Be well all till when i ll meet you again if you can get together what u must gather together” and then he waves them with the arm and walks away with Andromeda


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