Wise words of an Old Lady? or just…gibberish

The Old Lady
[11:30] Temper (mindy.burger) suddenly she has the feeling they arent alone,, she slowly turn arround to let her eyes roaming the area ,, and notice the man who stand there ,, she haven’t met that one and she has also no idea if he is one of the people who lives here ,, but she stay polite and said with a bit louder voice then useall “Tal SIr” i hope you are wel?

[11:30] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had been listening to her Sister, as she had talked about coming from the docks, Mahi wondered for a moment where she had been though, a smile curled around her lips ” And where have you been? I have not seen you much in the City?” she asked her, as her green orbs just glancing to Anarch when he passes by, she inclined her head to him ” Ah Sir!, That have been a while, that I have seen you too” she paused a moment ” Did your girl, gave you the information about a man called Kyo?” Mahi was truly wondering if she did that, since she had seen the man walking around the place before..
[11:32] Temper (mindy.burger) hear her sister asking where she was come from,, “Ohh just was travel a bit to find that herbelist woman ,, sadly i didnt found her anymore for the herbs she had make for the salve ,,then she turn her head back to the man when her sister was asking him something and quietly she was wait for his replay ,

[11:32] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) was just about to walk past the two women, who seemed to be enjoying the somewhat soft weather. He turned his gaze at the redhead when she spoke to him, then to the blonde. First of all he smiled lightly as he approached them: “She probably did but I must not have cared to … remember what she said for long, was it something important?” – He asked as he straightened his cloak and stared between the women. The man always had this deep intense gaze when he stared at women, at their form, as if he enjoyed them shamelessly. “Remind me then, Lady?”

[11:35] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked over to her sister and grinned to her ” ah the herblist again? Did you got some good herbs this time? The last were a bit.. well… not that good, except for the salve she made you, that helped you perfectly” she then turned her attention to Anarch and smiled softly behind her Veil to the man ”’It was about a stripping of a Free woman in the Inn Sir, do you recal such?” she asked him, she truly wondered if Akasha had made work from it.She did noticed the deep intense stare, and Mahi just looked a bit away, she felt slightly uncomfortable with such gazes.

[11:38] Temper (mindy.burger) when the man approche a bit she felt his gaze uppon her and how he looks to her sister , she on her turn glazes behind her eyelashes back from his face whats marked with some scarf and a fabric arround his eye to his toes ,, she curls her lips in a smile and she almost want to step closer for a better look then she raise her hand and rub her eyes ,, nah she dont see that he has some polish on his toenails thats ,, she shakes her head and looks the other side ,, she must have seen that wrong,,

[11:40] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) arched his brow at Mahi’s report: “I guess the man had just cause to do such then? I always warn everyone, old and new, they need to make sure they have their own protection with them. Until I get told differently by the high council only merchant law applies here… lest we might scare off some of the traders and merchants of questionable background.” – He took a few steps closer: “There’s many people of different home-stones here after all. Take me… I’m of Tarnwald myself. If it wasn’t for my civility and me serving your port… Our interactions most likely would’ve been much different.” – He smirked lightly as he let his gaze slowly roam back over Mahi again: “Do you think the man was out of line to punish the woman? Did he enslave her or only strip her?”

[11:46] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) rose her hand up to her neck, and layed her fingers lightly in her neck, as if she was slightly nervous there, ” I did heard that, indeed the Merchant law applies here” she said quietly thinking about what happened that day in the Inn, she smiled lightly behind her veil, still slightly avoiding his look towards her there ” It is also not something I know, and I am from the Alar wagons, rules where there truly differently, so I do need to adjust to the merchant law around here, since I am not very known with it” she admited that, and it was true, what did she knew about the merchant law..her left shoulder lifted a bit up in a shrug and lowered down again. Seeng him taking another step closer, she did not move herself, though she swallowed a bit when his eyes had slowly roamed once more over her. ” In all honest, I do think the man, was some kind of mercenary” she explained to him ” If it was not for me, that I walked down, then the woman might have been enslaved, he though” she paused a moment ”
[11:46] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): Told me that she had stolen, and the woman went against it.. So, what to believe right?”

[11:50] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) sighed lightly as she explained the situation further: “It’s a merchant port, Ladies. There are many pirates and other types here that are tolerated as long as they bring money. The only protection she would have would depend on the men that share a home-stone with her, and even then.” – He paused briefly before his gaze went to the redhead: “Was she attractive?” – as if that was the most important thing of all that went through the man’s mind, as if he nearly regretted having missed it. “I can always lend you some of my younger recruits, they aren’t experienced yet, but they know how to hold a sword… if you need more protection in the streets, it’ll cost though.”

[11:53] Temper (mindy.burger) has listen with some interest about the protection part ,, she sadly lost her protector when her old home was gone to dust ,, he never return from a travel and she dont think he will return also ,, for that she really needs to find a good protector for herself and her sister ,, It seems that here some strange things happend with single womans who are try to do there work here ,, ,, ‘If I may ask Sir ,, what will it cost when we hire a good guard to protect uss to them”

[11:56] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly and smiled once more ” Yes, that I do know Sir, and I have met a pirate, he gave some sort of Golden necklace, without asking me anything for in return, I found that quite odd if I am honest” she pulled out the necklace, wich was gold and long, with a sort of strange golden coin on it, and showed to Him” I do not believe she was back them from this home- stone Sir, but she is now, for all I know, since she is going to open a teahouse around here” she then looked to her sister and then to Anarch once more ” If you find skinny and a blown up hair cup, with a dark skin attractive, then she might have been yes, but in my eyes.. No” she snorted a bit, remembering the woman had a afro hair, and Mahi just blurted out a curse, when she had seen that, she smiled to her sister when she asked Anarch about the protection” That is kind of you Sir, one of your younger men, have saved me not that long ago from a man that was trying ” she coughed ” to rape me” she lowered her gaze, she was truly
[11:56] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): lucky with that, since the man had heard her call for help ” And what would that cost?” she asked him

[12:01] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) heared both women asking for what it costed, but first he would comment on the necklace: “Do you know know then Lady that accepting a necklace is like submitting? Wearing it would probably mean the man would try to argue, before a court if he had to, that you took his collar … even if it but looks like a necklace. Gifts from men … usually don’t come cheap.” – he explained with an arched brow: “Normally the merchants here offer me goods or favours when I help them, but coin will do as well… whatever you’re willing to pay really, we can negotiate the exact cost later, it’s not as if I’ll try to entrap you in slavery for it.” – he smiled lightly: “As I said, I’m from Tarnwald, placed here on the high council to benefit the relationships between Lydius and Tarnwald. In Tarnwald I am of the highest ranks of their Warriors and one of their oldest… I brought with me some captains and young recruits, who are to fulfill their training into becoming a Warrior and into manhood while we’re stationed here.
[12:01] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere): The ones that misbehave get given punishment and tasks, such as, escorting and protecting some of this port. You can even tell them to do chores while they’re with you. They’re not men yet after all, they still need to learn to draw blood from men and virgins.” – he explained.
[12:02] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere): (( Do you not* know
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[12:07] Temper (mindy.burger) raise her eyebrows when she has hear what her sister said when she was get a presend of a man in form of a necklage she shakes slowly her head when she was listening ,, And hopes for sure she dont gonna wear that but that she will sell that fast to get rid of that one,, ,,then she turn her head to the man ,, “If we wanna hire one of yours ,, I hope we dont need to go to Tarnwald for that ,, and that we can hire one here to be with uss well not all the time but when we need one for our travel or when there are to much strangers come in the port ,, “,, she dont know how this was working proper ,, she was from the north and when she has lived there the most men there were her protectors while she was inside to work in her bakery ,

[12:11] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) blinked and looked to the necklace, she just suddenly dropped it out of her hands, her eyes widens a bit ” I did try to give it back to him, but he said he would be offended, So I really do not know what he is looking for, and that worries me the most” she paused and was trying to think back of what the man had said to her ” Oh wait!.. He was calling me constantly beautiful woman.. and he wanted to get to know me” she wrinkled her nose behind her veil, while the necklace fell down onto the stones before her feet ” I told him, I had no interest in such, or will ever have interest in such” It was true, Mahi truly was not looking for something like a companion, nor a collar! she pondered then a moment ” I am just a simple Healer around here, and have some good fabrics coming so now and then to the Docks, so all I can offer you is really, those fabrcis, but I doubt you have any interest in that?” she asked with a arched brown there. She smiled ” Yes, I remember tarnwald, I have visited a few times
[12:11] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): there, and it was a Civilized place, from what I have seen” she looked to her sister again and smiled to her ” It is good though that the relationship between Tarnwald and Lydius are good, and those men.. well what you said are not men of yet, but in time they will certainly will” she muses softly, her eyes twinkled a bit when he said, that she could give the men tasks ” He can then clean up my house?” she chuckled softly, in a teasing way she ment that of course. ” But I think I can use such man, and my Sister here too” she said ” Oh, you have not met her of yet, Her name is temper, she arrived not that long ago around here”’not even looking back down to the necklace… she would just leave it there.. or otherwise pick it up later and sell it maybe.

[12:16] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) smiled lightly as he stared at Temper: “I’ve the young recruits with mere here in Tarnwald, in a dozen hands some of them will go on their first… hunt as a tarnsman and if they can bring back a woman they earn their title as Warrior in the caste and their place as citizen of Tarnwald, many will die in this final test and not return…” – He explained calmly the way Warriors were trained. His single eyed-gaze returned to Mahi when she spoke: “You’d be well to be suspicious of men, Lady… I’m amused sometimes what these low caste men do to try and get their hands on a woman. I can have a look at your fabrics at a later point, the exact payment isn’t really important to me, don’t worry.” – And then he nodded at her other questions: “They must do as they are instructed by those they are escorting and protecting… If you tell them to jump they’d better ask how high or when they return to the barracks and I hear they were being undisciplined again I’ll have them whipped and chained out in the rain.” – He
[12:16] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere): turned his gaze once more to Temper when she was introduced: “Well met, my name is Anarch of Tarnwald, Censor of Tarnwald and Lydius Port.” – He himself instead walked over to the necklace and crouched down to pick it up: “You should have a blacksmith melt it into a piece or a coin even…” – he suggested.

[12:22] Temper (mindy.burger) nods her head to the man who introduce himself,, “Nice to meet you to Sir Anarch ,”,, and she dont turn her eyes of him while she was speaking with him,, then she sees he picks up the necklace ,, and hear what he said about the blacksmith ,, “THats a very good Idea sis she said to mahi,, to let it melted for some good coins,, a nice way to refill the poutch she said to her, ”

[12:26] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) raised an eyebrow as Anarch, when he explained about the men ” I never had any idea that the men were trained like this Sir. Do they need to do more of such tasks?” she asked quietly to him, Mahi had never heard of that herself, and was truly interested in it, it was surprising to her ” How could they die? When they need to bring back a woman? Probably the men that protects them?” she was trying to understand him there. She then chuckled softly ” I am very wary of men Sir, I would have probably not live so many Centuries, nor being enslaved” she said, her green orbs sparkling still of the live she had in her. Her head then nodded quietly once more to him ” I get a new batch coming in soon, with some exspensiver Fabrics, that might be nice for your slave, or Companion, if you have one” she said kindly to him, and then she laughed softly ” Good, then I know exactly what I can do with them” Of course her eyes sparkled even more, she loved to molt and to push men at times, especially when the
[12:26] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): chance was given to her, otherwise she would keep herself low there. Then watched Anarch crouching down before her to pick up the Necklace ” That sounds a fair thing to me, that way it is something worth, especially in a port like this, with all those merchants” she smiled once more behind her itchy Veil, and then looked to Temper ” Indeed, a heavy pouch is always a good pouch”
[12:27] Old Hilde (lola.dojoji): |A click, click, click accompanies the old woman’s weathered steps along the port’s cobblestoned roads, her stick both supporting her and feeling out her path as she can no longer rely on her blind eyes. Hearing the deep voice of a man, her measured steps slow before starting again, this time turned towards the three in the middle of the square. She coughs, lifting a hand to cover her mouth to keep any spittle from sailing their way, but then suddenly the entirety of her goes rigid, her head slowly beginning to shake once she hears Mahi’s words.
“Who groans beneath a woman’s curse,
And revels in the strings of purse,
Before she mends, must sicken worse…” she croaks out, lifting one hand to point to Mahi.|

[12:32] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) could only laugh when he heard Mahi’s questions: “You women are kept so … safe and soft. Within walls and towers usually. Our recruits must first get past the defenses of the city walls, those who do not foolishly die in traps of tarnwire, might get killed by guards. Those who do not get slain by gate- and wall-guards will get chased down by more experienced tarnsmen of the city. Those who survive the tarnsmen, or sneak past them, must then face often the family, father or brothers of the women they care to steal. If they manage to slaughter all those and survive and don’t die from the poisoned needles in the woman’s dresses or their daggers… then they must manage to get out of the city again on tarnsback. But when they finally do… they’ll have their own first slave-girl, and after using her they’ll be considered finally men and Warriors.” – he said, as he reached for Mahi’s hand and placed the necklace back in it, his fingers only briefly stroking along the skin of her hand. He did after all,
[12:32] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere): deeply enjoy women, even the slightest parts of them. He arched his brow as he saw another woman approach: “I’ll let you Ladies be… but I’ll send two of my recruits over to find you if you tell me where you live, Ladies.”

[12:38] Temper (mindy.burger) Hears some strange voice approcing and then she notice the old lady , who talk in strange words to her sister ,, she raise her eyebrows a bit when she listen to the word of that lady ,, “Are you cursing my sister now or are this some wise words from a old lady “she asked with a friendly voice not to give the impress to insult the old lady ,, then she turn her head to Anarch ,, “Thats very kind of you Sir ,, I will thank you for that i will look forwarth to that to meet your men to see what we can espect from them , And i wishe you a safe Paths may Odin bless you on your travels sir ”

[12:39] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) raised an eyebrow looking at Anarch ” I do believe you are mistaken, that I have been kept soft and safe, I have lived among the Kassar plains, and the Laager, I barely was safe there, it helped me with keeping myself safe and do what I need to do, it have harden me” she paused ” And within walls, I never enjoyed it.. but that’s the wagon blood in me” she explained to him, as she stood there she heard some clicks behind her, and Mahi slightly turned her gaze to the woman, with a frown upon her face, barely seeing the woman’s face there, but she was old, that.. she could see ” What?” she snorted out to her ” Why are you pointing your finger to me? And what did you ment with those words?” she asked the woman, at that moment she turned back to look to Anarch ” I am happy to hear the men get good training Sir, that way you know at least that they are worth of being in the Caste” she then felt the stroking along her hand, Mahi wrinkled her nose, and pulled as fast as she could her hand away from his,
[12:39] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): with the necklace there, and held into her hand, looking at it a moment, and then up to him again, her face had turned slightly bitter there, she then pointed to the arch to her left, with the hand where the necklace was dangling in ” Behind that Arch you can find my house” she explained and then inclined her head ” may the blessings of the sky be upon you Sir”

[12:43] Old Hilde (lola.dojoji): “Quiet, girl.” she snaps when Temper addresses her. “YOU!” she then suddenly exclaims, her voice rising in pitch as an accusing finger points at Anarch, agitated when it seems like he is starting to walk off. She couldn’t very well chase him, but the woman’s steps begin to shift again as if she intended to do just that, even at a pathetic pace. “You, you who talk like a tall man. You had one fateful purpose in this port of strife…” she starts, then falls silent, her finger shaking in the cool air while it remains very clearly directed at him. “You gave coin for the sword that will save your proud life… But to live, Mighty Warrior, be a sheath, not a knife…” she says, her shoulders shifting as if she were trying to swallow back her own spit and somehow, her throat was too weathered to carry out even such a simple action. “But a price…” she starts agai. “A price will be paid for her sweet-smelling lies!” she exclaims with renewed, cackling vigour. “Her living mouth shall breed and spit flies, and
[12:43] Old Hilde (lola.dojoji): maggots will creep about her blue eyes….” the old woman sneers, lifting her head just enough to show her blind eyes. Her head then, as if she said all she had to say to the Warrior, turns to Mahi while her crooked finger extends to point to Tamper. “No man shall mark the day that she dies…” she croaks out.

[12:47] Temper (mindy.burger) Hears the old lady calling her a “Girl”? ,, she open her mouth to say something ,, then she close it for once she is out of words of this old hag,, and she then notice she walks to the man Anarch and called him a lier? ,, Ohh dear she shakes confused her head she has no idea whats going on on this point she just watch this and is very curieus about the repons of anarch ,, she also notice that Lady asha is arrived she raise her hand a bit for a greeting ,, but she cant say a word from this

[12:47] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) simply had grown quite used to subtly teasing Free Women, and even more used to the fact that they’d react coldly back, well… some at least. He stared curiously at the aged woman on which the serums must’ve failed or worn off, eager to get away from her. He didn’t care to stay near the, in his mind, old, feeble and weak. He stared over at the direction Mahi pointed out before he nodded and confirmed that: “They’ll find you soon then… Don’t go soft on them then either, woman of the Laager and wagons…” – he smirked. When she started adressing -him- instead of the women, all he cared to do was lift his chin and take it as the usual bitter nonsense Free Women spilled from their mouths when they were upset with men, but this time from one who seemed sickly and aged and perhaps insane: “No man will care to be your sheath, sickly woman.” – he remarked to her before he would straighten his cloak and tried to walk off.

[12:52] Tiye Ngeno (mayuumi.kimagawa) blinks, the woman almost running into a one-eyed figure as she rounds the bend in the road, her steps guiding her towards what she considered to be the town square. “Ah, pardon me Sir,” she says politely, only glancing at him briefly before she veers around him. Akasha could see a stout figure that was probably the physician Lady Mahi given the blond hair that Akasha had never seen covered. “Tal, Lady Mahi,” the woman says in greeting, unaware of the situation going on though after speaking dark eyes do widen when the stooped figure of the old woman is seen. It was rare to see someone so aged when the serums where in much use now, perhaps the woman was afflicted with dar-kosis? Wary now Akasha takes a hesitant step backwards, wanting to increase the distance between the two.
[12:53] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had blinked with her eyes when the woman had called her a girl, she grithed her teeth there anbd bit her tongue clearly, not to jump in for her sister, but the old woman was right, in her eyes- blind eyes- Temper and her were probably the girls around here, she inclined her head to Anarch ” Please Do Sir, and I certainly will do!’ she called after him when he started to walk off, and let the old woman just say her words, she slowly turned and looked to her, in a quite curious way ” I do hope your not talking about me Lady” she said politely to her ” Since I believe you are the one with a mouth full of flies” she snorted to her, meanwhile she stuffed away the necklace back from where she had taken iit ” And lies? What do you know about such? I guess you are assuming that Lady” she said to her and shrugged with both of her shoulders ” Or are you here to spread lies? If yes, please do tell me, that I make that old life of yours quite sour” she mused, in an ever sweet voice. With that she stepped a
[12:53] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): bit away from the woman, and turned towards Akasha and nodded to her ” Ah Tal Lady Akasha”

[12:59] Old Hilde (lola.dojoji) cackles at the man’s response. “Every step brings him closer to his fate…” she mutters as if to herself, but loud enough for everyone to hear. When Mahi starts to speak, the woman’s weathered face begins to twist into an ugly scowl. “No, not you, not you…” she drawls, then points a finger to where Anarch was a moment before. She didn’t -always- get her bearings right. “THAT GIRL! FILTHY MOUTH! DIRT!” she dissolves into some kind of a fit, angered by whatever it was that was in her head while she bangs the walking stick against the cobble stones. She suddenly stops and lifts her head like a dog that has smelled something new, but instead of spitting out another verse, she falls silent.

[13:02] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) too had grown quite used to ignoring the words of Free Women, and not to cause a fuss over them, knowing they were powerless in the end, most of the time. He simply walked off as if the aged woman wasn’t there and continued on with his patrol. He didn’t even realize she was talking about him at this point anymore, only hearing her talk about a girl, assuming one of the women. “Be well.” – he said as he walked off.

[13:02] Fenner Millet: Caress the skin ot the nig and old bosk remembering the days traveling with one like this village after vilage selling meat. Takes a look on his back seeing the incredible image of a Gor warrior that seems be red caste being teased by a women group.

[13:07] Tiye Ngeno (mayuumi.kimagawa) brows furrow in shock, the woman quite cautious of the distance between herself and the stopped figure. Yet, listening to the aged voice Akasha begins to wonder if the woman was simply an afflicted one or if she were indeed something more. Though Akasha considered herself a refined woman her roots were deep within Anango, a place that was not unknown to have a few sage women or old crowns. Cautious still, yet needing to unravel this mystery, Akasha once more lifts her hand in greeting though this time she ignores any that could possibly see, her focus on the old woman. “Tal, Lady,” she says with polite question, curious to see if the blind woman would be able to discern such from just a brief greeting.

[13:08] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had not seen the man behind her in all honest, maybe a slight movement in the corner of her eye, the woman had been stirring here and there it seems, when she started to give her an ugly scowl Mahi frowned a moment to her ” Right” she hissed to her ” Are you alright Lady?” she asked her trying to not to be all haughty she could be at times, then mahi just blinked as she started to yell another woman, as it seems it was Akasha, she looked at her and made a face like – I have no fucking clue what she is talking about- and then looked to the older woman next to her again ” I you have quite the mouth for an old Lady, I guess, you are quite sour with your life?” she asked her, and then looked to Temper again ” or did you mean my Sister? Are you yelling to her?” Mahi just stepped a bit more away from her and shook her head clearly of what she said..

[13:11] Temper (mindy.burger) start to laughs , so hard she cant stop when she just listen to this ,, its,, itss so hilarish , and hold her belly while she is laughing tears jumps in her eyes of this ,, she raise her hand up to wipe her eyes ,, Oh dear ,, when she hears her sister hissing then she notice the man who stand there ,, “Tal Sir “, and focus her eyes back on the old lady who for sure seems to lost her mind in her age
[13:13] Fenner Millet: Pass his hand over his hai s till wondering the warrior just left go after being talked this way. Looks around asking for himself wich kind of place bring him this way the ship. Lift his eyes and anwser “Tal lady”

[13:13] Old Hilde (lola.dojoji): “Mmmm…” she purrs as if she caught a sniff of something truly delicious the moment Akasha offers a greeting, but then Mahi’s questions cause her to frown again. “Your sister will fall alone, and it will take you a hand to find her…” she hisses out, frowning before her head slowly turns to Akasha. “Proud, haughty woman with the heart of a lark…” she starts. “Cling to your coin, but keep your eyes on a mark for you will write a book… and though no longer here, a thousand years on, your voice will speak clear…” she says and for once, her voice sounds pleasant. “Pleasure to meet you, my lady.” Oh yeah, she definitely seems to like Akasha.

[13:17] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) would slightly as she had heard her sister greeting a man, she inclined her head to him ” Tal Sir” though suddenly she frowned hearing the old woman speak again, then a look to her sister, and then back again to the old woman ” In that Case, it is good that we saught to find a guard for her then, that way she won’t be lost” she smirked to the woman, she looked then to Akasha and just frowned again, Mahi pondered if the old woman had lost her mind for a moment, and chuckled deeply ” Maybe she likes your Coin, Akasha!” she winked to her..
[13:20] Tiye Ngeno (mayuumi.kimagawa): “Oh, what fortune,” Akasha breaths out in shocked pleasure, her hands clasping together in pure delight. Since her stay in Jasna Akasha had begun to suspect that someone had put the evil-eye on her and indeed, the only way to become privy of such information would be if she were to return home which was most certainly not an option; her Father would never let her leave again. Yet, of all the places for Akasha to find a wise woman who’d have thought it’d be here? Though it is clear the others are skeptical Akasha is blind to it, her sole focus on the old Lady, taking to heart the words that she had spoken but…a book? Akasha was no scribe yet….perhaps her future would lead her down a path that sought out ink and quill? Or maybe it wouldn’t, a crown’s words were rarely clear, even if they seemed so. Best to simply wait for the results to unfold. “I have a teahouse right around the corner if you require my services, wise one.” It was clear Akasha was taken in by the Lady’s words, even if they were true or
[13:20] Tiye Ngeno (mayuumi.kimagawa): not the woman, in certain aspects, could be a superstitious one. “If she is in need of coin then she shall have it,” Akasha says simply, shrugging to Lady Mahi as she hears her words.

[13:24] Fenner Millet: Nods to the blonde woman after her greeting but mantain the distance fearing the old woman is dangerous in a way he ignores from now. So remains quiet and retains himself for ask them the name and the kind of place the wind just bring him.

[13:26] Old Hilde (lola.dojoji): “A tea house… You are on the correct path.” she tells Akasha, then slowly shakes her head to the invitation. “No, no, my dear… Best not, best not.” she says and slowly, her feet begin to shift again and without much in the way of a goodbye, she starts to slowly walk away. “The Thassa will claim so many lives this year…” she adds with a sigh, shaking her head sadly as she moves off.

[13:29] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked at the woman, when she started to shift again on her feet, maybe Mahi was happy that the woman would leave, she furrowed an eyebrow to Akasha then and just shook her head ” Never give coin to strangers” she said to her, as then turned herself, to walk away to her house ” May the blessings of the sky be upon you!” she called out to them…

[13:29] Tiye Ngeno (mayuumi.kimagawa): “Let they steps be guided by the Priest Kings,” Akasha says by way of parting to the old woman, her gaze turned towards the ocean as though she could see the water through the port’s high walls.

[13:30] Temper (mindy.burger) Takes a deep breath after the laughing ,, she can’t help it this was a bit odd ,, she hears that Lady Akasha has open her tearoom, ,, “Ohh thats so nice to hear lady that its finely is open ,, I hope you have settled that allwell and have you talk to the baker arround here for some good to bring in there ,, Me myself haven’t seen the baker from here yet sadly ,”, Sees her sister is leaving and the old Lady ,, May Odin bless you both Ladies

[13:32] Tiye Ngeno (mayuumi.kimagawa): “Strangers are the only people you should give coin to,”Akasha says with a small laugh, giving the Lady Mahi a conspiratory wink before Akasha’s eyes fall on the physician’s redheaded sister. “Tal, Lady. I do hope you are well. There is much I wish to speak with you about.”


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