Secrets of Mahi and Domu


[10:07] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had been wandering out of the Inn, after a good sleep.. or so to speak.. if her so called fake companion, was not plucking on her constantly, she really asked herself if this was all a good idea.. time would probably tell, her mind full of thoughts, of what she could do.. or what needed to be done, while she walked she whistled quietly into herself, and stopped near the fountain, where she had been before, her head nodded to the woman standing there, and a smile behind her veil, she did not noticed it was sarynna ” Tal Lady” she greeted her, Mahi was trying not to use the alar greeting.. that way it was more least she hoped that..

[10:09] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) smiles as she glances up and notices the woman. Instantly repremanding herself for the familiar expression. Dropping her eyes to the water again “Tal um… Lady.” She shifted a little, adjusting her veils, after all who could one trust in the city? “How are you today?”

[10:11] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) smiled quietly behind her veil, as she looked to the woman, and noticed the dropping of the woman’s eyes, she did not thought anything about it really at this moment, though.. when the woman spoke, the voice was familiar to her, but Mahi was not certain about it ” I am perfectly fine Lady, and yourself? Seem to be a bit lost standing around? Or am I mistaking in such?” she asked her friendly.
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[10:13] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) chuckles softly and gives a small shrug “No work for the day, and the fountains have always brought me peace when it need it Lady. All is just… fine.” She kept her eyes down, really the only thing beyond her voice.

[10:15] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked over her robes ” Ah, one of the green Caste eh?” she said to her, while she stepped a bit closer to the woman, Mahi still thought she knew the voice, and pondered about it ” I agree with the fountain lady, it gives indeed a calming feeling” she smiled to her friendly, at the moment she stepped closer to her ” Pardon me, but.. you seem to be familair to me lady?”

[10:17] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) winced, turning her face aside a moment and adjusting the veils and head scarves. When she glanced back her eyes almost begged the woman “It can’t be known… it can’t be known I’m the same woman who wore a collar… I’ve only been released a day, barely twenty ahn, and if the men knew… if they knew I was branded, if they knew I had pierced ears… I’d never be able to work, I’d be sent back into a collar, an empty one no less… Mahi I beg you, this needs to remain unknown…”

[10:22] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had to blinked a few times, as she then finally recognized Sarynna, she suddenly felt sorry for the woman, she had seen her in a collar and now free again, she stepped closer to her ” What happened?” knowing well enough how it felt from a collar to being free again, she sighed, and gave her another friendly smile ” Do not worry, I will not tell anyone, no one.. you do not need to beg me for such” she said quietly to her, her hand reached out to her, and placed onto her arm” This is a dangerous situation for you, but you know that yourself as well” she paused a moment ” Anything I can do for you? Can you not get the brand of your leg? I know it is not common, but I have done it in the past when I was still healer” she felt so bad for her..that Mahi wanted to help her.

[10:25] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) sighs and shakes her head “I used to perform such things myself, but the risks and damages are not worth the cost of the brand in the end. Part of the worst… is I realized my place is on my knees and in a collar, but fear of it… fear of being thrown away…” She shakes her head. Thankful at least for the touch “I’m wearing the headscarf to keep my ears covered, that isn’t new to me. They where pierced many years ago, when I was a prisioner as a sign I’d never escape. But… Well Snow convinced me to submit to him… and them time constraints, and he put every priority on anyone and everything but me… I couldn’t take the neglect anymore. Calling him on it, begging for anything only to be called needy until he simply said enough was enough… and he removed the collar with hardly a word to me yesterday. I was a fool…”

[10:31] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) listened quietly to her story, Mahi took a deep breath once more about this all, she knew Saynna could use a shoulder, or ears that would listen to her, she slowly nodded ” I understand that, but if you really wish, I could get our brand off, but I understand, it is not worth the cost” she said quietly,meanwhile she looked around herself a bit, if no one would listen in.. walls could have ears of course ” You know, it is not bad to know that you belong on your knees and in a collar, but do becarefull to whom you submit to, if.. you do such again” she looked down to the ground and sighed again” Sadly I hear that alot, that girls are being neglected by their Owner, as if they have no time.. but I do not understand, why someone would let submit a woman, and then tossed away like she is nothing” she grunted a bit about it, her hand still on her arm, quietly petting her ” You know, it is better now, then many years later, then there might be nothing of you left…now you can build up your Caste again..
[10:31] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): and do your work in it, and your good at it Sarynna” she smiled, trying to give the woman some courage ” And inthe end, all we women have, is each other”

[10:34] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) smiles weakly and nods “I did miss my work. I had to reapply to the caste but friends in hgh places got me fully reinstated thankfully. I’ve never understood it either, and I thought I had made the right decision, but apparently not. What only adds insult to injury is that Snow’s apprentice, Tanner, tried to get me to leave these walls. Offering his protection for me to search out a new home. Saying I didn’t need to be here. I have Brisies, and her Master Aurelian to thank for my stay, Aurelian offered me his Guardianship, and a place to live. Coin enough to get my feet under me until I pay him back. A start to life again.”

[10:39] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly, and felt happy for her” It is good that you are back into the Caste, that way, they might leave you alone, and I do hope that for your sake” she said, Mahi looked once more around herself and then back at her” Sometimes, we follow the heart, and the heart is not always right with making decisions, only time can tell such, so please do not see yourself as a fail, or a fool, you did what you thought was best at that time” she said ” I do not know the names you are speaking off, but I am truly happy, that they picked you up, and given you protection and coins in this place” she said and pondered a moment ” Who is this tanner? and why he wanted you out of the city? Because of that snow is around here too?”

[10:42] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) sighs ‘Tanner is Snow’s apprentice, working to wear black just like him. They live in the city, although I’ve never actually -seen- Snow here. You know Kaleki, Snow’s Daughter, submitted? Just a few days ago to Tanner. They were companions before, but when Tanner went into training they where secret lovers, and she didn’t want to be a secret. So now she is collared as well.” She smiles some “They are happy, and for that I am. Kaleki is dear to me even if her owner is the hind end of a bosk.” She chuckles some “Hmm, would you care to come with me? I need to check on the Slaver’s girl, he’s horribly abusive you know… I saw him beating her yesterday and want to ensure nothing is broken if he’ll let me but I don’t want to face him alone.”

[10:46] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) swallowed as she heard Sarynna, telling the story about Kaleki and Tanner, her face paled ad closed her eyes, she had trusted her to tell her about her own story, should Mahi do this too? she looked away pondering a moment ” What is it with men, and trying to wear black!” she hissed into herself, thinking about her own companion at this moment, wich was training, she bit her bottom lip beneath her veil ” It is good that they are happy, and I do hope all things go well between the two, even though that tanner is a Bosk” she grunted, maybe it was not the time now to tell her about her own thing and slowly nodded ” I would love to, it have been a while for me Sarynna, that I even helped in the Caste” she said quietly, apprently flabbergasted of what she heard, and hoped that her color had returned back into her face..

[10:48] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) watches her reaction curiously but she didn’t pry into it. Giving the woman a soft and friendly smile “Thank you, it would be a large help… He is a brute I tell you.” She tossed her head, turning to walk a few steps and glanced back to ensure Mahi came with her

[10:51] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) followed Sarynna quietly, and truly trying to sort of fan herself, maybe that way she could get her color back on her cheeks, she smiled ” Of course, I will try what I can,to help you” she whispered and wondered a moment about the brute man she just told her about ” Do you take in apprentices, if I may ask?” Mahi was curious about it, while they walked to where Sarynna would lead her.

[10:53] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) clasped her hands in front of herself, under the layer of her cloak and frowns as she sees the Slaver and his girl in the street. Looking over the girl more then anything with concern, appraising her physicial state for a long moment before she lifted her voice. “Tal Sir, When should I be expecting some of your stock in the infirmary? You know I hold some level of interest in checking over your own girl after what she’d been through.” Still biting her words sure, but they probably weren’t as clipped as they should be all considered. Probably because she was drawing strength off her friends presence. She tipped her head looking back at Mahi “Like… apprentice under me? For Physician? Sure.”

[10:55] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) smiled. He would never expect a physician to ask to do their job. It just never happened before in his life, you always had to go and search for them and they were never there. “I will send her right after I am done painting her” he said and tried to picture the scene, lighting and everything, again fully taken by his creative crazyness

[10:58] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) yelled.. “Magnificent. well now Lav, you can go with the physician. Ill prep my tools while you are there”

[10:58] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) stayed behind Sarynna in this case, while she watched the girl on the chair, Mahi too was rather concern, of what she saw, even though she was just a slave girl.. they were human beings of flesh and blood, she listened quietly to Sarynna, when she talked to the man, and lightly smiled, and dipped her head towards him, while she observed him, she then looked to Sarynna and slowly nodded ” Yes, under you..” she chuckled ” It have been too long ago for me that I was of the green Caste, So I thought, maybe it is good to step back into it, and get a fresh up, what do you think?”

[11:00] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) scowled as she looked back to the man. He confused her more and more. Finally saying fairlly chill “Perhaps you aught to take such tasks to a more beautiful setting like the garden, then be blocking traffic?” She tossed her head at it all and looked back to Mahi “Of course, of course, lets go into the infirmary then and discuss details. You have the children right? If I understood correctly?” Her eyes abck to the girl as she heard him finish and looks to him again “Those best not be tools for what you did yesterday to the poor beast. They are only animals you brute.”

[11:01] Desdimonea Pizzaro had forgotten a crate of wine in her shop as she headed back she was cut short in the middle of the road not sure how to take what she was seeing. She rolled her eyes at the slaver just displaying the slave out in the open like that. Though her attention was driven to the two women their conversation lost on her bur a smile was fixed under the darkly clad womans veil once she spoke out to them. “Ladies, if I may interrupt you two for just a moment…I am sure a distraction from such a disgusting display could be warranted?” she asked referring to the slaver of course.

[11:04] Lavinia Ocello: Looks to the women,and lower her head,moving closer to her owner,she wouldnt dare to challenge him for now,she tries to hide a little under his cloak,the gag not allowing her to speak was in a good time now once she wouldnt know what to say probably,she just tries to holds the pain all over her body for now and stays quiet near him now after makeing a gentle sign with her head greetings the frees as she could

[11:04] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had to wrinkle her nose under her veil, watching the slave, and then towards the man, Mahi’s head shook from it ” A brute it is, it seems” she barely knew the man, but if the girl belonged to him, she was looking terribly, she then looked to sarynna and smiled ” Yes, I got two sons, and two daughters, so that is not a problem anymore, even grand childeren, count that too?” she laughed a bit, though relieved when she heard another woman and Mahi turned towards her, happy to take her eyes from the scene before her, she smiled friendly beneath her veil ” Tal Lady, and of course” wondering what the woman wanted to talk about..

[11:08] Lavinia Ocello: Hears his master´s words and moves slowly closer to the physician and waits for her command to go to the infirmary,she looks to the other girl that wouild be probbaly apprentice and tries to find a way more comforbatle for her knees in that stone path

[11:09] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) looked over hearing the other woman. Offering a polite nod to her. She was clearly tense still from the however brief exchange with the Slaver and glancing to the Infirmary and back. “What can I do for you Lady?” She gives a smile to Mahi and nods to hear of the children “Oh good, so that won’t slow you down then. Just a matter of review.”

[11:10] Desdimonea Pizzaro could only assume the women were from this port with how they carried themselves and talked to the slaver. She had been awfully terrible on not getting to know people and even if this would be brief it would be a start. “Wonderful, I will not keep you two long as I am sure you are both quite busy.” she started off as they both acknowledged her and she moved a tad closer. “I am Lady Desdimonea of Victoria, yet I have set up shop in this fine port of Lydius.” she’d introduce herself properly so she wasn’t coming off as some random thing. The slave she paid no mind too, it could die right there for all the woman seemed to care. “Well I deal in very fine exported wines and cheeses to match them. I was trying to see if I set up a wine and cheese tasting if it is something that would interest some of the ladies?” she asked.

[11:14] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched the woman, though her eyes draw back to the slave onto the stones, on her knees, mahi just barely sighed about it, with that she looked back to the woman in black, and smiled once more behind her veil when she introduced herself ” Well met Lady Desdimonea, I am Mahi of the Alar wagons” she introduced herself to her, she pondered and felt her belly rumble instantly hearing about cheese and wines! ” I would certainly be interested Lady, though more in the cheese then in the wine, wine.. gets too fast to my head, you know” she chuckled, she then looked to Sarynna and smiled to her ” Indeed, that will not slow me down at all”

[11:15] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) tipped her head slightly “Cheese perhaps, but I’d avoid the wines myself. All to an improper weakness for me.” She glared at the Slaver a moment to ensure she hadn’t over spoken “I don’t know ot many of the women, so I can’t say much for them in all truth Lady.” She lifted her chin, about the rattle off the half truth that used to be so easy to say “I am the Lady Sarynna Aldrin of Olni, Surgeon here in Lydius, Daughter to the Late Slaver of the North Shane Aldrin and currently Ward to Aurelian. A pleasure ot meet you Lady.” She glanced down to the girl concerned and looked her over again. Saying to Mahi “No better start then the poor girl here. You’ll lead on this while I watch and help you.”

[11:20] Desdimonea Pizzaro canted her head at the blond as she herself was not sure if she ever met an Alar before…her gaze ticked over the woman but she spoke with a smile to her tone. “How interesting, I will admit I have never met an Alar woman before.” Des really needed to get out more it would appear. “There would be cheese, fruit and treats it would be grand I assure you Lady Mahi.” she did try t to sigh as both the women were declining the wine, “If you dabble in the wine it would really just be in amounts to touch the tip of your tongue. I’d never allow to see fine free women go overboard.” she assured, course she could be lying which she probably was but that was here nor there. She blinked rapidly as the other woman went off on her…well..”A pleasure indeed Lady Sarynna. I thank you both for your input…perhaps make it a cheese tasting and wine sniffing party.” she chuckled and bowed her head to them both as if humble. “I do not wish to keep you both any longer, if you are ever interested my shop is unfortunately
[11:20] Desdimonea Pizzaro: placed across from the slavers. I bid you both well and again a dear pleasure.”

[11:21] Lavinia Ocello: Breaths deeply,her wounds were really hurting now and her knees seem to be setted on fire,she was ordered to be in that position and she knew if she changed that she would be punished,she waits for the physician and listens to the other woman and noticing the way she looked at her,she surely woudl surprise her if she could tell her true story,but at that point all she wanted was to leave the stone path and at least crawling over some smoothed ground

[11:23] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) nodded graciously to her and smiles softly behind her veils “I’m sure I will be there soon enough Lady. Although I may not drink I may need to find something to give to my Guardian in appreciation for his generocity recently.” She glanced to Mahi and then down to the girl “Lets get you inside poor thing, and up on the exam bed. Come, come then.” LEading the way intot he infirmary, simply expecting all to follow. Oh my how old habits returned fast!

[11:24] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) canted her head to sarynna and then down to the girl, poor girl! It had been a while that Mahi even had helped slaves or free with wounds, and the girl might be screaming later of more pain in the infirmery, Mahi shook it from her off ” I will certainly try to Lady” she then answered Sarynna, another look over the girl and truly wondered what had happened to her, before looking to the woman in black, she softly chuckled into herself ” Now you have met one, that is almost civilized!” she chuckled softly and then nodded ” It will be a pleasure to taste some of your cheeses Lady, and sniffing at your wines” she said, while she watched sarynna walking forward she called after her ” May the blessings of the sky be upon you!” and she scooted after the green and the girl to the infirmery..

[11:25] Lavinia Ocello: Follows the women to the infirmary and happy listening the word bed,seemed a full age that she had layed down to sleep and her body was far tired right now,but still she knew she had to be careful about any questions they may ask her,she knew how things could be worse

[11:26] Desdimonea Pizzaro gave a faint nod to Sarynna as she spoke and would keep that in mind on what wine she could get the woman to buy for said guardian. She chuckled at Mahi’s words and turned to head off. “Be well.” she said once more on her way back to her shop, by passing the slaver like a plague.

[11:27] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) hurried inside, letting out a breath to be away from the brute of a man and removed her silk gloves to wash her hands. Quickly replaced by clinic gloves and she motions to the basin for Mahi as well “Clinic gloves on are better then bare hands, they get washed regularly. Now, from first look at the girl, what do you suggest be done?” She glanced tot he girl, motioning her to the bed “Climb up there kajira, we’ll get you feeling better.”
[11:29] Lavinia Ocello: Moves up to the bed carefully trying to not screams from the pain she was feeling all over,she looks at the woman with some gratitude for at least had taken her out from those stones for a while even,she swallos hard and lays down waiting

[11:34] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) wandered inside of the infirmery, and walked instintively towards the basin, Mahi washed her hands.. that she rememered this! was maybe something hopefull for her? she carefully took a couple of clinic gloves and put them on and walked to Sarynna and the girl, she smiled beneath her veil towards her ” You look terrible” she said quietly to her, as she looked her over from top till bottom ” I would suggest to clean the wounds first?” she looked a bit insecure to Sarynna, it had been many many many moons that she had worked as green

[11:36] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) smiles and nods “ABsolutely, you need to see the full extent of the damage done in the open wounds. In doing so you are closer with the patient, and can see if there is any sign of infection begining. Or if there is any concerning bruising or hematoma. Basically if there is any more damage that might not be so easily seen. I saw some of her abuse, but not all. And given my yesterday… I was in no shape to stand up for the poor girl. Now I would also suggest in this case, ungag her. Hear what she has to say about what hurts as well.”

[11:43] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) listened intently to Sarynna, and smiled towards her” Infections, are to be seen when redden or going to fester right?” gosh it was really too long ago, she stepped closer to the girl, and carefully she started to untie the gag from her mouth, Mahi was gentle, since the gag might been hurtfull as well to the girl on the bed, her hand slipped behind the girls head, gently holding it up, as she pulled of the ag, and placed the gag next to her on the bed ” What was her abuse? if I may ask? or what you have seen?” she asked Sarynna

[11:49] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) sighs some at the talk and looks to the girl “I saw her slammed against the well a few times, into the tree, whipped severely with a snake whip… He actually took her by the hair and slammed her face into the well beams… I couldn’t believe it.” She shakes her head ‘it’s a miracelt the girl doesn’t need face reconstruction and lived. She was so dazed… Do double check her for concussion as it may still be there. And … yes, infection will be reddening, seeping, perhaps even yellow tinting.”

[11:50] Lavinia Ocello: Looks to both women and gives them a short smile…She is concrebned about being careful with her words to them,she knew what cvould bring if she said something that was not to be said…Thank you mistress…May I ask for a little mug with some fresh water please?She says after feeling her dry mouth without gag now

[11:54] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked over her shoulder towards Sarynna and just blinked ” Thundering Bosks!.. he really did such? That is truly brutal if you ask me, and I rarely have seen such to be honest, even though the Alars are brutes too, they never did this to slaves” she muttered ” It is a wonder, that she is still alive” she said and then looked towards the girl and nodded to her ” Of course” Mahi wandered to the basin and picked up a cup, and filled it with water for her and brought it back, placing it carefully against the girls lips ” Drink” she said softly, and then looked to Sarynna again ;; Concussion, is checking the eyes right? With your finger infront and see how she reacts?” she asked her.. there came the insecure Mahi again!

[11:57] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) smiles to the girl behind her veils and nods. She smiles reassuringly to MAhi “But she did live, and we can thankt he kings for that and get her back into shape. I just feel guilty that we have to send her back…” She shakes her head “Now with the cuncussion we are checking the eyes for PEARL. That means, Pupils Equal, and reactive to Light. So you want to make sure they are the same size. Cover one and let it go, watch how it reacts to the light, then do the other to make sure they are the same.”

[12:05] Lavinia Ocello: Takes the mug and brings to her mouth raising her torso a while to drink if,she hadnt being eating or drinking since some 2 or 3 days moreless…She kears the woman´s sentence about sending her back,she sighs knowing that was better not even think about challenge her master,she thinks fast and lies a little to maybe make the women buy it and try to not risk themselves….I made My Master really angry and I deserved the punishment…Dont worry,mistress…she lays again giving the mug back to Mai and hoping they will believe in her for now when she had not even a small idea why she had being beated that way

[12:09] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked to sarynna and nodded to her ” that is a good thing, though the pain.. is something.. she will feel for a while” she uttered quietly, while Mahi helped the girl with resting her hand just under her back, while she drunk from the cup, she smiled softly to her ” Becarefull now, we do not wish you to choke” Mahi placed the mugg back onto one of the Table and returned her attention back to the girl on the bed ” I see, though I think it is rather cruel what he have done, but that is my opinion” she said to her, mahi rose her hands up and brushed the strand of her hair out of her face, then she placed one hand onto one of her eyes, and quickly letted it go.. the pupil reacted normal, and she did it with the other the same ” It seems her eyes reacting normal to me” she answered to Sarynna

[12:12] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) shook her head “there is no excuse for what he did, it is outright abuse and I intend to reort him to the Warriors. As I said yesterday, the man was either born a Barabarian, or needs an extensive mental evaluation. What he did is not right, or healthy to his state of mind.” She nods to Mahi “Alright on the shelves is the cleanser. Wash her wounds with water and a cloth first, then use the cleanser on them to get rid of anything bacterial on them. Be sure to ask what else may be wrong and hurting. I would love to give her something extensive for pain… but if we do he’ll probably abuse that and put her near death so it’s best to be avoided beyond as comfortable as she can be in here.”

[12:18] Lavinia Ocello: Looks to the woman and her eyes open wide as she says she will take that to the warrior´s.She was surely not joking but the fact was that she was just a slave and doubtfully someone would risk something for just a beast and then many thoughs run into her mind,if someone really comes for her master where she woudl be or if someone would care for her or she would be without a roof again or even she could go back to hre previous life once no one knew who she was and her real story,but that was something she count tell right now,she sighs and speaks softly also feeling Mai´s gentle hand at her hair…Mistress,I guess my body is all hurting and the parts where my flesh is cutted seems like burning,maybe if something could help me relive that…She says an fast shuts up scared remembering that a beast cant speaks when is not allowed

[12:23] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) released the girl’s head, with a brush of her hand over her hair, a soft smile, and even her eyes were friendly towards her, Mahi was still wondering why someone would do such to a slave, even though she was just a beast, she looked over her shoulder to Sarynna and nodded ” If you wish, I can come with you, with two we are standing stronger then alone” she moved back to the shelve and picked up the cleansert from there and a couple of rep clothes, and brought them back to the bed , while listening to what the girl said about her wounds ” Is it a deep burning feeling? or just at the cut?” she asked her and watched her seeing her shutting up ” You are free to speak here” she said softly to her, Mahi picked up a rep cloth, and then reminded that she was forgotten the water, fast she turned to the basin and filled a bolw of water and brought it to the bed, she dipped the cloth into the water, and started to clean up the wounds at her breasts first, just carefully, so it would not be hurting too much
[12:23] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): for her, meanwhile looking if she saw something of reddeing skin, or any other strange things which could be a sign of infection.

[12:26] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) say the fear and mixed emotions cross the girls face “So frightened. You needn’t be. Absolutely we can do soemthing for your pain as you are now.” Shw watched Mahi work to clean the wounds, nodding. Finally turning back to the shelves and took down a small jar, going to the bedside as she opened it “Open your mouth girl, I’ll put some of this paste on the roof of your mouth. DOn’t lick at it, let it soak in and be swallowed. It will help for a day.” She dipped two gloved fingers, scooping some out and ready to apply it.

[12:30] Kaleki (alexandria.trevellion) was wandering through the city when she noticed voices coming from the infirmary. She stops just outside the door and curiously listens for a moment. Hearing the voices inside peaks her interest and she casually steps through the door and looks around. A bit of remorse shows on her face as part of her did miss working there, before she lowers to her knees and softly speaks “Tal… Mistress. Can I be of any help?”

[12:33] Lavinia Ocello: Looks at both and hears their words,she nods some and then watches the paste Sary got,she was still dizzy and answers to Mai´s question…The sensation is burning deep,mistress but I know for the way of the wounds that this woudl happens,she carefully slides her fingers under her eyes to try to clean it,she feels like her body is all strecthing for the dry blood all over,and closes her eyes tighen when Mai starts to clean it,she listens to the explanation of Sary and nods again and opens her mouth as she was saying something but closing it fast again when she hears some other voice

[12:38] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) would dip the rep cloth again into the water, and washing out the old blood of the wound, she moved carefully to her ribs, and started to clean up the wound there, she looked at the girl ” what is your name ggirl?” she asked her quietly , maybe trying to comfort her?, while she watched also what sarynna did with the paste, and which jar it came from, Mahi memorized it into her mind, before she looked back to the girl ” Aye, that is true, do you feel other pains, except for the cuts in your skin?” she asked her while she moved to the cuts onto her legs, and started to clean up the dried blood there ” It looks good, I do not see any inefections at this moment” she told sarynna, she then looked up when she heard a girl greeting, she would ignore her for now, since she was busy with the wounds

[12:40] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) smiles to see Kaleki come in and nods to her. “Absolutely you can, can you start with cleaning off the patient with Mahito help her? She probably needs the water changed and fresh rags.” She smiles as the slave opens her mouth, quickly applying it to the roof of her mouth and wiping the fingers off. THe jar sealed she moved away to put it back. Modding in approval again as Mahi worked

[12:47] Kaleki (alexandria.trevellion) quickly nods her head and jumps up to her feet. “Yes, Mistress” she mutters before she moves further into the infirmary to find another basin for water. Once she orients herself with the new infirmary, she has a basin in her hand and is pouring hot water from the fire into it. She carefully balance it in her arms as she picks up a stack of rep clothes with her other hand and carefully makes her way to the other side of the curtain. Without saying anything, she switches out the basin with fresh water for the one that now had dirty water in it and adds the new stack of rep cloths to the clean ones. And then she is quickly out of the way again, moving around the infirmary like she was use to these things.

[12:58] Lavinia Ocello: Looks to the girl moving closer and sighs watching her beauty without any marks or hurtings wishing to also not have those,she turns her head feeling a little tired and holdiong herself to not faint again she closes her eyes for a while,the sensation of the rep clothes with the warm water at her woudns were in the end comfortable and relaxing,she hadnt being in a smooth place layed for some days now,she looks to both women and closes her eyes again trying to relxa for a short while ,while her master doesnt comes after her and then she knew her peace would ends.She moans a little from some pain but tries to relax and let it goes for now

[12:59] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) heard sarynna talking to the newly arrivede girl, and watched her replacing the bolw of water and a new stack of reps, Mahi tossed the rep cloth, she had in her hand into one of the buckets, to be cleaned for her later, and picked up another rep and dipped into the water, she started to clean out the last wounds on the skin ” Thank you girl” she said to her, and looked back towards the girl on the bed once more. The then tossed that last rep cloth away, and picked up the cleanser, she poured some onto a rep cloth” This will sting a bit” she gently started to cleans the wounds with the cleanser, so they would be as clean as possible, and watched the girl closing her eyes, Mahi smiled, and with her other hand she brushed over her hair once more.. that it was alright..

[13:00] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) smiles to Kaleki and moves about, taking down the cleanser and another jar, speaking to Mahi “So once clean we use the cleanser to get out impurities. Then we want to use a bsae salve on the girl, to seal out impurities and assist the wound so it won’t scar. There are a few levels of Salve of course, but we only use the base on the slaves.” She smiles again to the girl on the bed, Letting her relax and ejoy the peace of the time and says to her softly “You know… if you ever need it, just come here. The fire is warm and there will be basic food on.” Glancing to Mahi and Kaleki once more “Mahi… this is Kaleki whom I spoke of earlier.”

[13:06] Kaleki (alexandria.trevellion) disapeared out of the room again with the basin filled with dirty water in her hands. She promptly dumps the water and washes the dish completely before putting it back where she found the other one. She returns to the curtained off area once more, standing back and out of the way as she watches the two women work on the slave. She keeps a bit of a curious look on her face as she wonders what happened but still doesnt say anything for now.

[13:10] Lavinia Ocello: Squirms a bit when the cleanser starts to be used but breaths and controls herself now,she tries to fill her mind with some other thoughs,remembering her time at Treve and even at Temus when was not even close to be a slave ,she tries to relax once again knowing that would be her only chance for now while her master doesnt comes after her.She keeps the name of the girl at her mind,she hadnt time really to walk around alone and know more people,she was always chained and most of the time also gagged,with her master around,but for the first time now she was relaxed really and enjoying some good time despite of the pain and the wounds,she imagined how her face would be looking right now and sighs turning her head to the other side and trying to take a fast nap while they still work at her wounds

[13:12] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to Sarynna, as she applied the cleanswer onto the wounds of the girl, ust carefully, to hey out he impurities, though Mahi stopped for a moment, when she heard the name of Kaleki, and once more Mahi paled visibly, knowing the girl had submitted to her Companion that was training as killer now. Mahi was in that same position, a secret woman to a man, that was her companion and now training as killer, she coughed and tried to pull herself together there ” Well met.. Kaleki” she stuttered a bit out.. Mahi could herself not seeing submitting to the man, that was her secret companion…her hands were shaking a bit as she tried to cleans out the wounds with the cleanser, she looked to Sarynna ” I.. need some air..” she said to her, her face still pale as a white ghost at this moment.. ” I will be back in.. a few ihns” she stuttered.. she suddenly became a bit nervouse.. she could not help it..and handed over the cleanswer to Sarynna..

[13:13] Domu (domuta.yootz) had spent the morning looking for her Aunt, and getting to know the locals but still she hadnt found the woman. She had no idea where she was but perhaps someone had seen her. She saw a man, with a black cloak on and her initial reaction was to avoid him and not dare ask him if He had seen her, Domu hadnt noticed he wore the blue armband of the Slavers. instead she turned and her eyes caught sight of a man in white, kneeling in a garden. perhaps she could ask him, surely the Initiates were still a friendly bunch and helpful. At least that was how she remembered them way back when she used to live in the Port. She walked over to the archway and cleared her throat loudly. “Tal, and greetings.. erm Sir, I am looking for someone, my Aunt, she has blonde hair with red tips and answers to the name of Mahi, “would you by any chance have seen her?”. She paused wondering if he was in a state of deep thought.

[13:14] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) glanced again to Kaleki. Smiling “Scrub in, it’s a slave so you can assist. She has a lot of marks that need the cleanser so assist Mahi in using the cleanser and salve. Be sure to put some of the clinic gloves on alright?” She frowns looking to Mahi and nods “Take the time you need… You sure your alright? Take a drink of water too.” she took the cleanser, moving closer to Lavinia to take Mahi’s place on gently rubbing it over each of the wounds”

[13:17] Kaleki (alexandria.trevellion) raises an eyebrow as she notices the woman she had just met become obviously uncomfortable. She looks at her very curiously but doenst say anything, it wasnt really her business now anyway. She nods her head to Sary and moves to the sink to scrub her hands, scrubbing over every inch of her flesh until it turns a light pink before she slips on a pair of the gloves and moves closer to the table.

[13:24] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked thankfull to sarynna, and turned slowly around ” I.. I will be fine” she stuttered out to Sarynna, Mahi did notice the raised eyebrow of Kaleki, but she moved fast towards the basin, and poured herself some water into a cup and stepped outside of the infirmery, taking a deep breath The idea of her submitting to her FC, would make her nutters, she would rather kill herself , if she would not be killed already, when his trainer would find out about her.. ‘she took a sip from the water, while she walked out.. and taking a deep breath of air into her lungs

[13:27] Domu (domuta.yootz) guessed the Initiate was deep in thought so she slipped away from his personal area, it was then she walked towards the man in black and spied her Aunt. “oh! there you are Aunt!”, she grinned and quickly moved over to her side. She glanced up at the infirmary signe and then looked to the woman curiously, ‘are you hurt? whats happened”, she said slightly alarmed and checking to see if the woman was okay. She caught sight of that man in black again and wrinkled her nose. Ugh, there was too many Killers in this place for her liking, so many that it made Domu even more uncomfortable. She only assumed the man was a Killer because of his black clothing, she hadnt noticed he wore the blue armband of the Slavers.

[13:29] Lavinia Ocello: Looks around seen all mixed and seemed her eyes couldnt ne kept opene really she finally lets herself goes and sleeps for a while

[13:32] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had not seen Domu of yet, but Mahi leaned against the wall, drinking her water quietly and let her thoughts run for a moment, too many things were going on at this point for her, Her real companion, her fake companion.. killers! It was a wonder that Mahi was not crazy of yet, she sighed deeply as she suddenly heard her nice calling out ” Yes.. Yes I am here” her face still pale as ever, she really needed to toss it from her shoulders, her head shaking to Domu ” I am fine.. Dee” she said quietly to her, her hands shaking everytime when she took a sip from the water ” I asked the Psychician, if she could fresh me up a bit, in the green Caste, I was a green a very long time ago, so I thought it is nice to pick it up again” she smiled to her, happy enough to talk about something else, so her mind went blanc.. or so she hoped, she looked at Domu and bit her bottom lip, she needed to tell Domu what was going on.. Maybe it was now the right time.. but not here on the streets..

[13:34] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) let out a breath over it all, working down the cleansers until she could close that ar with kaleki’s help on them. Then she opened the salve jar to use it on the open wounds, signally Kaleki to help with it as well, gently rubbing it in

[13:36] Domu (domuta.yootz) looked to her Aunt and then glanced around, ‘wheres your man?”, she whispered softly. Domu had been introducing herself as Dee that travelled with her Aunt and Aunts companion, but it was quite awkward she had no idea of the mans name! “and what is his name”, she hissed so only Mahi would hear, “i am quite up the river without a paddle should someone ask me”, she grinned and glanced into the Infirmary. “oh i met a Physician last night, quite a lovely woman”, she said and noticed the look in Mahi’s eye. Was there something the woman hadnt told her? Something she needed to know about. “what?”, she asked and hooked her arm in Mahi’s, “shall we walk and talk, ive heard theres a lovely garden around the City somewhere”.

[13:41] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) listened to the on going work in the infirmery, before she turned her attyention back to Domu, she smiled a bit to her and raised an eyebrow ” Honestly do not know Dee, I have not seen him today” she said ” He might turn up later around here, maybe he is still sleeping.. after..” she paused and swallowed her words ” His name.. Ne.. I mean.. Kam”’Gosh all those lies together, how she was going to keep that up, Mahi really didn’t knew, she took a deep breath and smiled ” Oh then you might have met Lady Sarynna, she helps me with freshen up my green status” while she nodded to her ” Yes.. we do need to talk Dee, and a garden? I would love to see that” she turned to look over her shoulder to the infirmery ” Sarynna, I will be back later, my niece is here” she called out, and tapped a hand onto Domu’s arm ” lead the way”

[13:48] Domu (domuta.yootz) as they walked Domu nodded at Mahi and smiled, “ok so Kam, not N-Kam?”, she smirked letting her know she had noticed that small hiccup. She nodded, “yes Sarynna, thatwas the woman I met”, then finally they came to the garden area. “oh this must be it”, she grinned and walked over to the fountain to look about the place. “quite pretty”, before turning and looking at Mahi seriously. “what is it? I can see theres a lot on your mind?”. She too still wanted to tell Mahi of her past but was scared as hell to risk the womans life, but at least if Domu went missing Mahi might know why.

[13:52] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) wandered up with Domu, her eyes glanced towards the compound there, she was there before, and knew very well whom lived there, she wrinkled her nose and looked over to the fountain, not knowing where to begin in the first place ” Let us sit down Domu” she whispered to her, while she looked around ” It is quite pretty around here” Both having secrets and scared to tell each other! she slowly nodded to her ” Too much on my mind Domu” she said quietly and plopped down onto the bench, Mahi too was scared that she might got missing ” Nerone.. Is the name of my tre companion” she suddenly said, and would wait with explaining, to see how Domu reacted on her

[13:56] Domu (domuta.yootz) had also noticed the compoud before it was too late, but she pretended to ignore it and just focus on the garden. She sat down at the chair, plopping her ass on the cushion and turned to look curiously at Mahi. “so you have two companions?” she asked, “oh thats right the fake one will be the protector correct? he is a warrior or merc or something”, she smiled and placed her hand gently on mahi’s arm. “i dont judge Mahi, and I promise anything you say will never be repeated”, she said to reasure the woman. Oh how she wanted to tell her of her past also. maybe this was a good time to now.

[14:00] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) placed her hand onto Domu’s hand, and smiled to her ” Kam is indeed the fake one Domu, and Nerone my true one” she whispered, clearly scared someone will hear her, she looked into the distance and sucked her bottom lip, she knew Domu had her secrets too, before she looked bck to her ” Kam, is a Merc of sort, he is an old friend of me..” her cheeks flushed too, since they also shared bed ” But there is more, Nerone.. had the crazy idea.. ” she coughed a bit almost not getting it out of her mouth ” Anyway, I have lived in a Black caste camp, before I came here Domu, I know things, heard thing, so for that reason I already need to becarefull, but” she paused a moment again ” Nerone.. went training, he wish to be an Assasin..” she lowered her gaze to the ground ” Which means, I am a secret companion, and if find out.. I will be killed..” she looked up to Domu and sighed…

[14:08] Domu (domuta.yootz) blinked at the woman as she spoke. Oh, how dangerous this had become. Mahi was in a spot almost as bad as Domu, in fact they were equally in as much trouble. The only outcome being death. She looked at Mahi sympithetically and squeezed her arm reassureingly. “oh Mahi”, she said softly and sighed looking around the garden, “I have to be honest, i am relieved you know secrets.. I have a confession to make”, she whispered and looked at the woman. “please dont hate me or think bad of me, I, too lived in a camp. My former Master, he was the MA of Ar”, she murmered and lowered her gaze. “i have searched for him for many, many moons but there has been no sign but I know he isnt dead, i know it in here-I just do not feel right to serve another, so I fled and “, she paused, “my manumission papers, they are .. non exhistant, it is why I cannot afford to ever be recognised. If I am found out to have been a slave of the Caste, they will kill me”, she whispered and a single tear flowed down her cheek. She looked back
[14:08] Domu (domuta.yootz): to Mahi and gave her a sheepish smile, ‘we are the same, you and I, kindred spirits and in trouble with the worst caste to be in trouble with”, she whispered quietly.

14:17] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had expected something else then what Domu was telling her, Mahi blinked too, and her mouth gaped open for a moment, and then closed, Mahi understood, that they were sitting in the same boat, probably ending dead… it was a horrible thing if this would happen to them both, she rose her hand and caressed domu her cheek ” I do not think bad about you Domu, I would have done the same as you, and some times you do know when someone is not dead, you feel it.. ” she paused ” Did you see, people here that you recognized?” she asked her, as she suddenly thought about what she had done ” Oh fuck” she grunted into herself.. asking a Killer to protect her was after all a bad idea! ” For your manumission papers, maybe there is something that can be arranged, maybe if we find a scribe and bribe him or her with money, then he or she can write the papers for you, or I can do as if I was your Owner?” Mahi thought about possiblities for Domu to get out of this mess ” Though, even then you can not be recognized
[14:17] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): Domu, for me.. Only Nerone, knows where I am.. or better to say.. he does not know.. since I moved out of the last City to here, so hopefully they loose track of me” she swallowed and took another deep breath ” Though there is something else, I have spoken to a killer, after I heard about the murders of the councils, I asked for protection, yet.. I have not spoken to him, and he knows me from Coltons he knows that I know things, thankfully not about Nerone..” she said ” Was a bad idea.. with us.. in such situation”

[14:24] Domu (domuta.yootz) nodded at Mahi’s idea about the manumission papers. ‘oh yes, that would be a very good idea. i had papers that were done by Raissa, but along the way they have gone missing and since they were done I was taken back to slavery by “, she paused and glanced at Mahi, “well the man that sold me to the Assassins, his name was Gwid, the head Physician in Ar at the time, when he found my Owner had gone missing he took me back, angry that I was left alone, but he had become dark and dangerous in Koroba, so then was known as the Black Physician. there was a lot of death surrounding him for someone of the Green caste, I had my suspicions that he may have been part of the Torturers but no proof”, she murmered to her friend. “so my manumission papers became null and void from then”, she whispered. She gasped hearing that Mahi had hired a Killer to protect them and her face paled as she looked at her, ‘oh oh, this is not good. What is his name?”, she asked, “Kam you say? which camp was he with”, she bit her lip
[14:24] Domu (domuta.yootz): worried that her secret would be exposed, and how would she relax around a Killer that was protecting them.

[14:30] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) listened quietly to Domu, feeling worried over her, even more now that she told her story to her, this was not good at all, she took another deep breath and pondered a moment ” I think we can find something to get those papers good again ” her eyes twinkled at the mention of raissa her name ” I took Raissa as my daughter, did you know that?” she said to her, bringing hopefully something joyfull into her life, she shuddered thinking about tortures, Mahi blinked even more, it brought memories back of Zeek’s father Myst ” What a coincidence… You know what it is with torturers, they are always wearing a mask, if they are to be recognized, it means their death.. a former mate.. was one” she said softly to her ” And yes, a lot of death is hanging around them.. more then you ever understand” she said quietly, she then shook her head ” No.. Kam, is just an old friend of me, which.. is my so called companion here” she paused ” Dahmer.. is the name of the killer that I have spoken to, two days ago”
[14:30] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): she shook her head ”’we both need to becarefull what we say Domu, otherwise it is dead end for us both”

[14:34] Domu (domuta.yootz) nodded softly at Mahi and the name, Dahmer sounded familiar but she couldnt place it. perhaps he had been in one of Xaz’s meetings. “I spent time in Xaz’s camp also, any that were of his camp may recognise me, Im unsure”, she whispered and then frowned a little, “he was the second torturer to have owned me, the one.. long ago saved me from this place but he also is the one that scarred my back. Myst”, she whispered, not knowing that he was Zeeks father. “he saved me from the crazed Ubar here, this was the lands I was first enslaved in mahi”, she said and sighed. When she realised the conversation of Raissa, she brightened and looked to the woman. “oh I did not know that! how is she? I have not seen her in so long!”, she grinned and smiled at her thoughts of her dear old friend, “we were in the wagons together long ago”, she grinned

[14:40] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked worried into the distance, and patted Domu her hand so now and then, she canted her head though of hearings Xaz his camp, she blinked a moment ” I have been there too, a couple of times, I.. helped his trainees, with learning about the Basic healing, and also in Thentis, with Vincent” she shook her head ” I wonder why..” and then her eyes went open wide ” What!.. Myst!.. are you telling me that you were owned by myst? No way!” mahi’s jaw dropped almost litterly onto the stones, she coughed a bit ” Uhm.. Domu…Myst… was my mate… Myst, is Zeek’s father” she said and would watch her reaction on it, her head shook of unbelieve at this point ” In these lands? though I think.. there are alot of other people around no these days” she smiled then thinking of the wagons ” I miss the wagons.. alot” and then looking at her, still curious how she would react about Myst…

[14:45] Domu (domuta.yootz) blinked at Mahi in shock. how did they seem to have so much in common yet never seemed to meet until Zeek sent Domu to find Mahi in the Alar that one time. “Myst is Zeeks Father?”, she murmered and shook her head, “you were FCd to Myst?”, she was just completly amazed by now but she did remember him speaking of being in the Alar before he came to Lydius. “He stole me from here, right under the Ubar at the times nose, His name was Mephesto but I believe now days he calls himself Sharpe and is the general of some crazed trading company”. She shuddered, “i know if he turned up here, he would hunt me down, I think he has been hunting to find me for many years”. She placed her hand gently on Mahi’s shoulder, “I cannot believe we have so much in common, Myst, Zeek, Raissa, theose we hide from”, she sighed and nodded softly, “I do miss the wagons also”, she murmered to Mahi.

[14:52] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) would almost burst out of laughter about this all ” This is really crazy Domu, and yes.. Myst is zeek’s father, this is truly unbelieavble” she shook her head wildly about it, they had so much in common, and yet.. they never knew this from each other ” Myst claimed me in the Kassar wagons, that night.. well.. Zeek came into my belly” she chuckled a bit, and pondered a moment ” Though.. Myst. wanted to train for killer as well, and I flee out, pregnant to the Alars, so when Zeek was born, he is scarred likea true Alar, but he is originally Kassar blood” she said, so much history, and so long time ago, she pondered a moment ” That name i do now know Domu, it is is truly for the best, that you keep yourself low, and not recognizable for anyone” she smiled to her and hugged against her a bit ” And for Raissa, the last time I spoke, was in Hochburg.. She had learned to take risks, and she never told me where she would be going.. So I do not know how she is”

[15:00] Domu (domuta.yootz) was quite shocked at all the history as it started to come together. “oh he is Kassar blood, that explains his dark features”, she grinned and tilted her head. “i wondered how he wasAlar yet so dark”, she giggled under the veil then looked at Mahi. “Zeek, he does not know of my past, but Raissa, she knows there was much hidden”, she sighed and then looked about carefully. “did you know Savir, he worked under Crow and with Ronin, they are two I must be careful of”, she murmered softly. “I have never seen either since Ar, so I do not know if they died along side with my Master or dissapeared just as he did. You know these Killers-they have ways of simply dissapearing then returning when you least expect it”. She shurgged her shoulders then stood up to stretch her legs, walking over to where the opening was. “well if the worse case scenario comes, we can always jump Mahi”, she joked to the woman.

[15:05] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) smiled at Domu watching her walking to the edge ” Your secret is safe with me Domu, in this case we need to trust each other” Mahi laughed softly about Zeeks features ” Yes, he gots the look of his mother! also handome!” se teased a bit about it, she stood slowly up and walked towards her to the edge ” I do not know these names you are speaking off, though I do know Severus, the grumpy serpent! And he is like other killers, or better to say.. like all the killers, they come and go indeed” she sighed looking over the edge, she laugehd ” At least that way we know, we won’t be killed by assasins!” she grinned to her and looked to her again ” I do need to find the Inn Domu and get some sleep, but I am relieved that we bot were open, and what is going on”’

[15:08] Domu (domuta.yootz) nodded at the woman and smiled to her. “yes I am thankful also”, she said honestly and raised her brow, ‘severus, I know the name”, she smiled then walked over to give the woman a hug. “okay, you have a good rest, I will work on trying to get some employment, I may go and see if I can be a Vet apprentice or something”, she paused, “or maybe I should become a scribe so I can falsify those papers”, she said, “I met a man, he may take me on if I ask Him”. She grinned to the woman and waggled her brow. “our secrets will go to each of our graves with us”, she murmered to Mahi

[15:11] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) chuckled and raised an eyebrow to Domu ” Oh you met a man eh? You need to let him meet me! I of course want to see whom is meeting my niece eh?” she winked in a teasing way towards her, she then nodded ” Vet would be great, and I think it will suit you well, but.. the choice is yours Domu” she said to her, giving her a hug and then released her ” I will see you soon, and till that time, take care of yoruself.. and those sevrets.. will go with us into the grave, when ever that might be” with that she started to walk off


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