Ahn’s crimes


Synopsis: Anh is accused of several crimes, including ordering his slave to attack a Council Member and raping a free woman.  A number of people come to Frank with their accusations against him and he goes to Anh and takes him into custody to await a trial.  There are a few fires in the city as well as he discovers one with Mahi.


[10:05:24] Desdimonea Pizzaro snapped out of her daze as she was waiting to hear word today and when her gaze landed on the man across the way her gaze slated slightly as she peddled her feet right on over toward him. “I need to speak with you, if only for a moment about your slaver and his attempted murder on me.” she said with a dump truck full of pissed offery in her voice.

[10:09:01] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) was in the middle of large sip of hsi morning mead when she spoke, and with his shock he spit it out and hurried over to the woman. “Murder?!” he said. He reachd out to her shoulder to try and guide her from the square to her home. He said, “What of this? How do you know it was him and did you go to the guards?”

[10:14:29] Desdimonea Pizzaro should of brought the bag with her but she had tore herself from her perch when she had noticed Frank. Her desire even to walk outside with the slaver living just across from her was in the low negative range. Maybe she shouldn’t of said murder but that is what she was going to go with and that is when she’d get upset, maybe a tad sniffly..did women get sniffly? Hell if she knew. “I was down by the physicians yesterday talking to a slave and minding my own. The slaver came down with this thing..this so called slave on four legs, beaten half to death..shaved head..and…” she held out her right arm..well..didn’t do much she was covered like a mummy but she pointed to where the bite was under the dress. On her upper right arm of course. “He had his slave attack me, bite me..mauled me…as he spoke of how he LOVED to torture it..how it got him off or some bosk shit like that…he didn’t even pull the slave back…brining this beast out in public to kill the free of this port when he admitted to know what
[10:14:29] Desdimonea Pizzaro:  this slave can do and.” she pointed her finger across to the slavers place. “When I demanded the death of the slave..he would not even punish her…her just laughed…and said he’d rather die first…I am afraid to WALK out of my own venue..because he might try and succeed this time!”

[10:21:59] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) listened, tryng to imagine the crime. “His slave?” he questioned. “Did he order the girl to attack you, or did he just not restrain her properly? If this slave attacked you then it should be put to death, but if he had commanded it, then I will see to it thathe is to be brought int custody and brought to trial.” He continued on making a few markings and notes in his book, scribbling along with the sorted details. “And the physicians you say, where they preset there or any other witnesses? Also, do you know the name of the girl in questoin?”

[10:28:32] Desdimonea Pizzaro now had found her anger and she couldn’t play the maiden in distress thing that well when she wanted nothing more then run the slaver through. She wanted so much revenge and this was only the tip of the iceberg..She knew how Frank enjoyed his coin so she turned around and started pulling the expensive wine from the shelf and marching over to drop it down in a hay the crate. “He did it on purpose! IF he openly admitted while the slave attacked me on a chain leash that he knew what the slave could do he did it on purpose oh no…” she huffed and went back to grab more wine bottles as if she was packing up. “He did not order it openly but I know he probably told the slave to do it when they’d come across me.” she stopped as he placed the other bottle in the crate and turned to the bag which held her gown from that night and she pulled it out, there was the blood on and torn cloth on her right sleeve and claw marks over the bottom of her dress. “He did nothing with the slave…NOTHING…..just left and
[10:28:32] Desdimonea Pizzaro:  laughed in MY FACE…MINE! I want him in custody I want his slave dead…” she nearly demanded and she took a breath and shook her head. “No the physician was not around only a slave whom belongs to the Censor. I did not inquire her name but know whom she belongs too. Torture her for the information since sadly she is a slave..to speak against a free but that man is not worthy enough to be even considered that!”

[10:39:40] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) watched her present the dress and sunnk to a knee to inspect it. Her tale seemed true enough, but there was going to be two sides to the story. Attacking not only a free, but a Council member was no simple matter. Afterall, Fishbeard had anticipated being able to use the woman’s profitable trade to earn himself coin. He told her, “I will speak to the city guard and have this man brought in as well as his slave. I know the Censor’s slave you speak of, so will have her found as well. I would suggest though you stay here under the guard of some of your men or with the city guards. There were some fires in the city last night, and things have been rather chaotic today as someone tried to burn both the bakery and the general store from what I know.” He began to step to the door, already searching the square for any available guards to call for, but there seemed to be none available. He turned back and said, “I will have to gather a few scarlets before visiting the slaver.”

[10:42:45] ℳahi did her usual walk into the city, with a cup of Bosk milk into her hands, which she had taken with her out of the Inn, a sip so now and then, and then her nose suddenly picked up some strange scent, a burning scent, Mahi looked around, and didn’t saw anything at first hand, though she started to follow the scent, for as far she could do that, when she came from under the gate, she saw light coming from somewhere, and walked closer, her eyes widen seeing flames in the Vegetable store, the cup in her hand dropped onto the stones, and she panicked at that moment.. what to do?! she could not get the fire out on her own, she then decided to call out ” Fire!!! Fire in the vegetable store! Fire!” she called out as loud as she could.. hoping someone could hear her.

[10:44:59] Desdimonea Pizzaro looked appalled at the fact she was the one whom had to stay under lock and key as the slaver was hunted down..she had shit to do…”I will make no coin having to stay under here, I will be compensated for the loss by the slaver for this as well. He probably burned the place down as vile of a man he is.” she didn’t actually know but the more she could throw down on him she would..she was very vengeful like that. “Thank you Frank…i appreciate all of this and hopefully get this done in time before I need to hold my event…that will surely bring in load of coin…” her words trailed off after she heard some faint screaming…fires burned…”Oh dear…” was the last thing she said surly the man needed to run after to take a look into that.

[10:46:02] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) would hurry off before hearing the rest of Desdimonea’s words as cries of fire were called from across the city.

[10:50:03] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had panicked even more to look around, where she could get water, the fountain? in one of the other stores, she didn’t knew the place that well at all!, or eve buckets! Where could she get those, Mahi’s eyes looking and searching before even the building was fully burned down ” Bloody Bosks balls!” she cursed into herself, she was just a woman, she ran into one of the stores, looking and searching for buckets, or nanything she could use, she only found one pots and pans, she took them with her and ran out, as she came out side, she noticed someone, she didn’t knew ” Fire! There.. I just saw it, I do not know whom have done this Sir” she called out in panic ” I need water.. water” she muttered into herself..

[10:50:11] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) arrived as quickly as he could with every man under his command he could find along the way, calling out for every man, woman, and beast to help haul fire buckets from the well and fountain and bring them to the store that was in flames. They began to dig shovels into the ground and toss dirt over the hot coals. The building was thankfully made of stone and brick so the fire was not spreading, ubt the goods inside were all toched. Fishbeard tried to cover his mouth to see into the debris as it settled for any victims inside. “Anyone in there!” he called out, but no reply. “What happened?” he asked Mahi. “Did you see anything.
[10:50:37] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer): torched*

[10:53:05] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) shook her head wildly at the man, though she saw that the man had called every man, woman and slave to help out with the building ” No, I have not seen anyone around Sir, I just came out of the Inn myself” she explained, almost out of breath, she looked to the building seeing the earth and the dirt being tossed over the Fires ” I just smelled it, and followed my nose, that is all I know really Sir” she said, she was indeed innocent, but the man might think otherwise of cours, she was the only one around when she saw that

[10:58:27] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) watched to some relief as the flame swould begin to smolder and die down before them, smoke rising high above the incident would be seen from sailors coming into port. Once it was safe, he would enter the building and search for any sign of how the fire may have been started. It would seem to be the clear work of arson just as in the bakery. “This fire was deliberate,” he said. “The city is under attack from within. Guards!” he exclimaed. “WHere are the guards!” Arson and accusatoins of murder. THere was quite a bit to deal with that day already. He stepped back out and said to Mahi, “So you saw nothing? And where were you last night? Did you happened to pass the bakery as well?” He knew if she had been involved she would have been a fool to be the one to cry fire, and the heavy barrels that were found at the bakery would be too much for her to manage herself. Nonetheless, she was all that was there for the moment.
11:04:07] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) tried to help with the rest, when the fire started to smolder, with her pots and pans, she tossed some of the firt into the smoldering fire, it was the least she could do ” Do think someone is in there?” Mahi’s face paled almost, the idea of burned flesh, or even burned corpses laying around, made her sick on her stomach, even though she was back into the green, she needed time to get used to this once more, she turned to Fishbeard and blinked ” It was? By whom? You have any ideas Sir?” she asked him, Mahi did not layed the link with the several murder at that point, she had heard about them though, from Anarch and from Ost, and then she was a bit paralized there ” What?! No! I have seen nothing Sir!.. And the Bakery?” she blinked unbelievable at that point ” I just came out of the Inn, after a good sleep!.. Do you not believe me?” she almost hissed to the man..

[11:09:42] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) made notes in his book as she spoke, noting the names and her whereabouts, but nothing seemed to be alarming. “Fortunately, no one was found in the remains of either fire,” he said. “There is nothing more I should say right now. Go and be safe, and alert the guards if you see anything suspicious. You may have saved a great deal of the city today by stumbling onto this fire, and Lydius will be in your debt. I must go now and make sure things are safe and will send for you soon.” He hurried off then with no delay as though something else was making him even more uneasy.

The following day…

[12:53:23] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) shifted, clearly ducking back at the mention of the Slavers, only to realize how she stood moved her -closer- to the wicked place and scuttled to the side for a bit of distance. She nods to Abigael in responce, saying the first word’s she’d spoken for a while “Yes Lady…” Her voice shoft, but steady enough all considered. Her arm stilla round herself and her motions where stiff, sore. Listening again to the family banter, only to get even more on alert to see another Man nearby, turning her eyes away from him instantly.

[12:56:21] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had not thought about that Abi, knew Sary as slave, if she had known that, she would never had introduced them together, and they could have talked together in private, she looked between the two and frowned for a moment, hearing that they knew each other, she have only a look to sary at that point, she would then look to alaric and nodded quietly ” I am good at dissapearing Ally, you do not know that of yetm but now you do, so be warned for the next time, though I am certainly happy to see you here, will you be staying around?” she asked, she then glanced to Abi and wrinkled her nose, there was nothing she could do, against their companionship, but if Mahi had known it, she would probably go against it, she them have her a polite smile ” That does sound wonderful to me,” she said, knowing how cute it was to have babies, and Mahi had herself quite some already, she then catched the man she had met the day before when she had noticed the fire, she inclined her head to him ” Tal Sir!’she called out,
[12:56:21] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): not knowing what the man’s name was, her gaze went to Ally again, and then loooked to the sign above her, she grunted a bit ” Aye, Your probably right, it is not a very good place to hang around”

[12:59:41] Asp (lana.fearne) comes back to where she last left the gathering only to see it, somewhat to her surprise, still there. Curious as to what they might be saying, but not necessarily wanting to interrupt, she stops a distance away and as it happens to be near a man, she slowly lowers herself to her knees. “Greetings, Master.” she says, her voice just enough above a murmur to be audible while her head turns to him, eyes glancing to the gathering. “Have you already heard what happened?”

[12:59:45] Alaric (arctic666) bellowed out laughing, “I want heir my dear, I do not wish to grow old in young years.. but I supose if you wish to give up work in your caste it could be done” he was not at all expecting that she would do so, nor did he really want her to, but he could not imagine ten children, there would be no rest for the wicked. he could make no sense ot Sryanna’s slightly shifty behaviour, it was almost as if she was expecting someone to strike her out of the blue, he canted his head slightly as she moved away from the slaver “are you… alright lady? you see.. a little on edge, perhaps you could do with a meal and a change of scenery yourself?” he suggested. he had not noticed the man she had, and his attention was divided between three woman and a slave, more than enough to keep him distracted from others moving around him. “I think a change of scenery could be useful sister, just this morning I had a run in with a woman claiming to be free but with her.. bosoms on display for all the men, as I intervened hina,
[12:59:45] Alaric (arctic666):  you know the one.. stepped between and.. well suffice to say, I’ve no sadness in my heart about staying away from that place for some time now” he shifted slightly where he stood, he did enough standing when on duty, and he wanted to sit, and have a drink. “well.. you’ve been here long enough dear.. why don’t you show me where I can get a drink, and my lady might get some rest after what was a rather rough journey”

[13:01:03] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) was passing through the square when he noticed a gathering. With the city on high alert due to recent events, Frank was stopping to investigate everyone on his way. As the others acknowledged him, he said, “Tal. What’s going on here?” in an accusatory fashion. The only one he recognized was Mahi, the only witness to the second fire. When he heard hte slave behind him, he turned to greet her as he could see the group in front of the slaver’s building did not seem to be plotting antyhing. He asked them though, “Have you seen the slaver? He is wanted for questioning by the city guard.”

[13:02:53] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) nodded to Alaric, eager to get away from ehre although eating wasn’t high on her priority list, still not really speaking. But when she heard the Administrator speak she wanted to run. Keeping her eyes away from him. Hearing the talk of the Slave asked for ehrgut dropped. She was doomed. Her eyes closing tight and then looking to Mahi pleadingly.
[13:03:46] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood): *of the Slaver asked for her gut dropped…. so much for typing))

[13:04:25] Desdimonea Pizzaro did not have much to do these pat few days with the slaver running afoot with that devil spawn of a slave. All she had was one over anxious guard and another who seemed to enjoy his drink far too much that she cared for standing outside her doorway on guard, the gift from the Censor. She simply busied herself with counting her wine bottles since she was sure that old bearded warrior, Herod, had helped himself. With all the commotion outside at the slavers the woman , as much as she may want to get involved just went to the window to listen to what she could. Neb shitting, seeing Frank she damn well hoped the slaver was going to have his balls in a vice.

[13:04:51] Abigael Forsythe smiles beneath her veil as Mahi was irritated.  Abi feated on that but her reasons for Companioning Alaric was because she was happy with him.  She would pay no mind to Mahi.  In fact she would just start ignoring the woman.  Then she says, “I would do whatever you wish me to do.  I am you Companion and you have ultimate say now.”  Then she goes on, “you never know.  There could be an heir as we speak.”  She puts a hand over her stomach but does not indicate either way.  Then she changes the subjec,t, ” meal sounds fabulous.  I am starving.”

[13:06:57] Delaynie Barbosa raises an eyebrow as Abi places a hand on her stomach and declares she’s hungry. Dela took that to mean an heir mightnot only just be on it’s way, but that it was on it’s way. She sighed and tried not to look too uncomfortable, but raising children would be the last thing Delaynie would do.

[13:11:26] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) then also catched the slave, the slave she had told what had happened with Sary and herself, even though what happened with her was not that bad, she heard Fishbeard calling out, and wanted to open her mouth, though she catched the pleading look of Sary, Mahi looked at her with a look of – he should know- she turned her gaze to Ally then and nodded quietly to him ” It is a good idea to step away from here indeed;; seeing how Sary reacted on still being around this scenery of the slavers house, she then looked toi Abi, and softly grumbled beneath her veil, maybe one day theu would be setting on good foot again, but for not.. it was quite the love and hate relation ship, she then noticed the rub against her tummyu and frowned ” Your pregnant already eh?” she smirked, it was fast, if that was true ” But any way, congrats with your companionship” she smirked a bit, knowing her companion, was still somewhere training as killer, or so Mahi thought that, she had not heard from him, for over more then two
[13:11:26] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): hands, her gaze then went back to Fishbeard and the slave, wondering if the slave would tell him what happened, and was for some reason happy enough that the slaver was being sought to be questioned ” My family have arrived Sir” she called out to the man, and gestured towards Alaric and Abigail and his slave..and then turned to sary and whispered ” You wish me to talk with him?”

[13:14:55] Alaric (arctic666) was rather eager himself to move away from here and find a place where he might sit down, have his drink and get off his feet, for a moment he forgot what was happening around him and turned to Delaynie “I want you to find an inn, seems there is to much going on here right now” as Delaynie set on her way he turned back to abi “well, if that is indeed the case mahi is right, quick work indeed. but then I can not way that I am all that surpriced.. it is me we are talking about after all” his ego had just gotten a bit of a boost, something it really didn’t need to begin with. slightly inpatient he adressed mahi again “well.. dela is off to find it.. perhaps you would be so kind to take me there, if you are not to busy that is?” he frowned slightly and pressed the matter of finding a seat

[13:15:20] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) had been looking for the slaver for some time, but with the series of fires erupting in the local food sources, his investigations had kept him very busy. The lack fo sleep showed in his dropping eyes and paleness of his skin. He knew the longer that justice had not been served the wider the door would be open for others to view Lydius as weak. More importantly to him, with Desdimonea not able to operate her business properly, that would be less coin he could get his hands on. So, he went to her, as she stood in her doorframe, and said to her, “I have ordered to have the Slaver brought in. I think you will safe enough to return to your usual activities. I know you ahve a business to run.” He nearly stumbled over Asp as he tried to walk over. “Bah! Mind your place girl,” he scolded as he tried to maintain his composure. “Who is your owner?”

[13:16:18] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) looked wide eyed to Mahi, shaking ehr head wildly and hisses “No! It’s done. Leave it be. If the wrong people dig.. just leave it alone! Pretend ti didn’t happen….” Hoping she kept her voice quiet enough not to be much noticed by any but the Lady, but she knew it was a slim shot. Recvalling well then that he was searching out the Slaver over the bite and letting out a breath, if that was settled, then she would be in the clear with the Slaver disposed of… right?
[13:17:12] Delaynie Barbosa: “the inn, ” dela says and movess off to find it.

[13:18:49] Abigael Forsythe: “I said maybe,” she ys and rolls her eyes before Alaric gets too proud of himself.  Abigael was only toying with them after all.  Then she adds more so then another stab to Mahi then anyone else, “I doubt these physycians can tell either.  You know what quacks they can be.”  They she puts her hand over her mouth, acting clearly and says, “Oh forgive me Mahi.  I thought you were becoming a scribe.  I did not realize you had gone back to being a green.”

[13:19:34] Asp (lana.fearne) ‘s lips curl into a subtle smile at the man’s greeting. She turns back to the group, listening to the responses and noticeably cocking a brow when no one seems too eager to tell the man where the slaver is. Just as she parts her lips to offer her own guess at where he might be, the man nearly stumbles over her, surprising her as much as he may have startled himself. “Forgive me, Master.” she says, trying to scoot back just to show some kind of a reaction. “My Master is the Censor, Master.” she adds.

[13:22:08] Desdimonea Pizzaro had not wished to interrupt anything but to simply view and listen to what was going on around her. Even knowledge held worth in coin at times. So when Frank spoke to her she looked caught off guard, but held a smile under her veil before she spoke. “That is good to know, as when I had seen the slaver yesterday and called the Censor he told me there was nothing he could do. No laws against murder her said, or attempted for that matter. He said he had to wait for you to put in for the slavers detainment. I find it almost ill fitting that there isn’t even a small jurisdiction of civil law here. It would hold no power under merchant law of course but no civil..” she tisked her tongue as she had been roaming over this for awhile. “We will all be murdered and killed before the months end and as for going about my business well.” she huffed and she know how much Frank enjoyed his coin..”I will not be stepping foot from this place no matter how many guards are with me for that slaver to try something or to find
[13:22:08] Desdimonea Pizzaro:  in my absence my venue burnt down.” she spoke with contempt that things were not going faster then she wanted but of course she had her reasons. The slave she had to give a squint of her eye to and even as the girl spoke to reassure Des on who the girl was. “That’s the slave that saw the slaver’s beast maul me and bite me.”

[13:24:28] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched Dela running off for the Inn, she certainly hoped the girl could find the Inn, it was at times just a labyrinth around here, she then looked to Sary when she heard her and nodded quietly to her in understanding, Mahi would not mentioned it, though she heard that Fishbeard was looking for the slaver, Mahi bit her bottom lip behind her veil, what she needed to do?! The man should be still in the slavers house, she would place it sideways for a moment, as she looked to Ally again and raised an eyebrow to him ” Really, was it all about you?” she hissed to her brother, she then she gave Abigail a false look ” If was indeed Lady, but after I found out, what kind of serpent you are, I will step away from it” she tossed back to her, she then looked to the slave that she had warned about what had happened, her gaze went into the distance once more and called out ” Sir, the slaver should be in the slaver house!, There is the last time I saw him walking in” she did not mentioned what had happened
[13:24:28] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): before, she then looked to the pair before her ” Let us walk slowly then, maybe we can catch Dela up”
[13:25:07] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): I* )

[13:26:16] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) frowns hearing Abigael, taking the comment all to much on ehrself for ehr Caste return and shakes her head, still not in a mood for words, and maybe there was more to that? She gapped as she heard Mahi call out to Fishbeard, knowing darn well the Slaver -should- still be asleep from the sounds of things and winced. Sending up a prayer to the Priest Kings he wouldn’t blame this discussion on -her-.

[13:26:46] Delaynie Barbosa had been gone for some time, whenshe returns she is noticably damp and her hair hung wet and limp over her shoulder. She was breathing somewhat hars, and she waited for her turn to speak about what she had found for her task to find the tinn.
[13:26:50] Delaynie Barbosa: *inn

[13:30:03] Alaric (arctic666) noticed dela returning to his side, he canted his head slightly “you found the inn?” he asked slightly sceptical as she looked more like a wet cat than a slave returning with a task preformed. he understood there were things going on now that he was unaware of. the slaver apparently being in the core of the current events. he shook it off and nodded “yes.. let
[13:30:09] Alaric (arctic666): ‘scrap more coming)
[13:30:58] Alaric (arctic666): “yes let’s go then.. if Dela has found it? if not I supose we shall follow you mahi?” his mind blank for a moment, perhaps tired from the journey, though his companion and slave seemed to have survived it well enough

[13:31:39] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) listened to Desdimonea, btu he was not pleased. His hands clenched into knotted fists and his brown looked like it would furrow right through his nose. “No law against murder!” he said. “What good is a city if not to make even the simplest things illegal? Agh!” He turned to Asp and said, “You tell your owner I must see him at once. But for now, I want to know if what Desdimonea says is true in her accusations upon the Slaver. Tell me what you witnessed there the other evening.” It was not long after he would hear Mahi calling out about the slaver being inside, but Frank had found no sign of him and figured he must have slipped out the back.

[13:34:24] Abigael Forsythe holds onto Alraic’s arm and again she play acts, “Do you hear how your Sister speaks to me?”   She acted as if she was going to cry.  “Is that any way to speak to your now Sister?”  She picks up her skirta and goes back to her normal self.  “Yes food would be good.  Like I said I am starving.”

[13:37:56] Delaynie Barbosa catches her breath. “I found the inn my Master, my Mistress,” she says, still sounding torn. “Perhaps Master would care to hire animal team and a wagon, it’s on the far other side of the city. And it lacks a kitchen. I did also find the tavern, and it is unclear whether my Mistress would be allowed into it. It has plenty of tables and a large kitchen,but aso a dance pit for low girls like me.” Dela was entirely confused; she had never seen the likes of that setup in any city, and Dela had been around.

[13:38:36] Asp (lana.fearne) until now couldn’t really see the woman very well from where she is kneeling, but she recognises her voice and lowers her head in respect when her head appears in the window and recognises her. She is a bit apprehensive when she looks back to the man, unsure how long he would be irritated by the stumble, although a new frustration seems to come his way soon enough. “Yes, Master, I will tell him.” she says with a light dip of her head, only to look up when he asks her about the other incident. Without hesitation, she nods and starts to speak. “The Mistress was attacked by the slaver’s girl, Master. I was sitting outside the infirmary when it happened. The slaver approached us and while he spoke to me, the slave Lavinia leaped at the Mistress and like a feral larl she bit her, tearing her dress with her teeth. I cleaned the Mistress’ wound and saw it with my own eyes.” she replies, glancing to the window of the woman’s house before she looks back up at the man, and her brows come together in a furrow. “The

[13:38:36] Asp (lana.fearne):  slaver did not seem displeased at all by the girl’s actions, Master. He said that he is training her to be civilised, but I know, Master, that only a few days earlier Lavinia was a quiet, sweet girl. He must have done the very opposite to her than what he claimed.”

[13:40:15] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) growled quietly when she heard abigail towards Alaric, Mahi rolled her eyes about that ” Get used to that woman!” she hissed to her, her wagon behaviour coming out now towards her ” But you probably can not handle this, since you are.. just a city woman” she hissed to her, her eyes flashing of anger to the woman, and the once redhead she was, with her temper, rolled out there, she looked to Sary and smiled to her, knowing this would be horrible for her, she looked at her, while she listened quietly in what Fishbeard had to say about the slaver ” We might need to let him know what he does to his slave girl Sary?” she asked her quietly, she then noticed dela returning ad smiled, seeing her being all like a wet little kitten ” Come let us go then” she said ” We can go to the bigger place you speak off, we can go there” she explained, and then heard the slave in the distance, it seems that slaver had been busying himself around…

[13:41:55] Desdimonea Pizzaro was doing what she could to play in her favor the detainment of the slaver before any coin came into her hands, course she had made coin but she didn’t need to speak on that. She enjoyed possibly too much how angry Frank looked and se sighed with a wave of her hand as if she fully agreed and in some way she did. “Correct, I was told that there was not even a single civil law here. I mean what is merchant law but the law of coin and trade of goods and flesh. I mean really because it has the word law in it people just think it’s a law of everything.” she scoffed as ignorance was the reason for this as she had spoken to the Censor of such. Her words dulled out when Frank inquired of the slave and she too looked to the girl to see what she had to say on the matter. Se agreed with the girls words for the most part and had to add. “Is it not true slave that the Slaver spoke on how he not only tortured the beast for pleasure but too that he knew that she acted violently and that he planned on breeding more like
[13:41:55] Desdimonea Pizzaro:  her. More ravaged slaves and did he not say he would rather die then see that slave killed and did nothing to punish her when I had requested it.”

[13:42:00] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) justw anted out of here, she wanted away from the Slaver’s she wanted away from the talk of him. She wanted to run but darn was she way to sore for that! Her arms wrapped around herself again, around her sore stomach. Mind working a mile a minute to try and figure -something- out that would end in her doom.She startled and looked at Mahi ‘You go ahead, but leave me out of it. I am staying out of anything he has done… I refuse… I can’t… Just… no….” Her fear in her eyes and voice easy enough, even if she kept quiet “Can we please just -go-?”

[13:42:52] Alaric (arctic666) groaned, then shot mahi an evil glance, and abi too. “we have been over this before, you two behave! I’ve no interest in keeping you from each others throats, and right now, you are both going to cause me more distress than anything” he was drawing the line, he was not blind to their swabble, though the subtleties of them often evaded him at first. “I will not hear any more of it do you udnerstand?!” he glared at them both again,. “either way, Im starving, and I thirst” he turned to dela “show me” he said plainly and took a step towards her, leaving the squabbeling woman behind should they not follow him

[13:45:23] Delaynie Barbosa nods and turns to lead the way to the tavern. It seemed they were all hungry, and well, the tavern kepwer, not Dela would indicate if the women were welcome. Accoding to Mahi, they were.

[13:47:58] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched and heard her brother, Mahi jst laughed about it, she slowlyt started to follow him, while she heards Sary, she slowly nodded to her ” I will Sary, he should know about his slave girl, how she ended in the infirmery, and yes.. I keep you out of there” she whispered ” Please, go with my brother and Abigail, then you are ay least out of here” she told her, she would then slowly walked towards where the slave and Fishbeard was..

[13:49:30] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) checked through his notes he had scribbled out in his book. They were really just a series of maniacal markings and dark sketches that few would be able to interpret. Somehow though, he was able to see that Asp’s story matched Desd’s tale. He made some new markings to add to the story, courtesy of Asp’s testimony. “Thank you, girl. You have served well.” In truth, the coin the slave trade of Lydius produced was very substantial to the city economy. Bringing the slaver in, Frank knew it was going to cost him, but Desd’s further reports along with Asp’s account of Lavinia prior to being in Anh’s ownership were rather extreme. He said, “As soon as the guards can bring him in, this will be dealt with,” but his tone was not that assuring. He folded his book and returned it to his pouch.
[13:50:32] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) scuttled instead after Mahi, keeping her eyes away fro Fishbeard but not feeling safe enough to leave Mahi’s side. She remained silent. Nodding to her friend but not far at all.

[13:53:50] Asp (lana.fearne) nods when the woman speaks. “He did say that, too, Master.” she confirms and as her gaze wanders to the slave house, she begins to chew on the inside of her cheek. “Thank you, Master.” she responds to the compliment, and then after some hesitation ventures with a question of her own. “May I know your name, Master?” she asks.

[13:56:14] Desdimonea Pizzaro had no idea what Frank was writing down, what she would give to see but but in the end it would of course be useless. Even now his words not holding as much confidence as she liked only had her teetering on her own level of revenge, she’d see the slaver punished if not worse for harming her. The ever persistent seeker of death she seemed to be. “Hopefully next time I call for them they will do it, Sir.” since all she did was was watch slavers house like a hawk..to bad she didn’t know how to use a bow, just pick him off like a fly. “Thank you as ll slave your account and memory proven most pleasing.” he paid compliment when one was due and of course it was to her benefit so what should it matter. “will go back to my business. Be well Sir.” and she only gave a nod to the slave as she went back to staring at wine bottles and plotting.

[13:57:54] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) sauntered quietly off towards the other little gathering, Mahi noticed that Sary had been following her, and gave her a reasurring smile, she would not tell the man about what happened with her, she could count on that. Though she was more worried about Guillione, since he had heard it himself, she coughed politely ” My apologies Sir, I do not wish to interrup you, but I did heard you talking about the Slaver, I might have some information about the slaver, which could be helpful” she said to him, she looked up to the window where Desdimonea was standing behind, she would nod towards her in greeting, and then a little smile to the slave that had tried to help her earlier.

[14:00:22] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) told the girl, “I am Frank, the Administrator of Lydius. They call me Fishbeard.” He turned as Desdimonea went back into her house as Mahi and Sary approached. “Yes, what is it?” he asked her.

[14:01:30] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) kept silent through everying, keeping her distance well back of the man. Keeping her eyes away from him. She winced hearing who he was and looked to Mahi pleadingly. Making a mental note to piss off Des after hearing her.
[14:02:43] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood): *note not to

[14:04:50] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) would blinked when she heard the name of the man, She remembered well that Dahmer had told her to stay away from the man, mahi tried to pull herself together there, by taking deep breaths, as she looked at him ” The Slaver’s girl was brought in a few days ago, I do understand, she is nothing but a beast, but what I seen, that went beyond me, since I was treating the girl” she looked to Sary seeing her pleading look, and tried to encourage her ” The girl have been beaten to an end, and she was full of Cuts in her body, Lady Saryna, and I have helped to clean the wounds, and so on..” she paused a moment and looked to Sarynna if she would tell the rest about the man , but then she decided to talk further, since she knew Sar’s state at this point ” Apprently the men, have tossed her against a tree and came to me yesterday, to ask if I had something for his girl, since she was showing strange behaviour”

[14:08:41] Desdimonea Pizzaro could not really help herself when new voices came into play and sure she looked busy rearranging the table of fruits at the table near the wall but e was all ears for what was going on outside just rolling her eyes at the sound of women defending a slaves behavior. It was a slave or were they just talking ill of the slaver, either way eavesdropping only offered confusion of what words meant but she listened anyway. No desire to butt in again less someone requested her attention.

[14:13:17] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) said, “The slaver’s girl? The same one that attacked a free?” A free could do as they pleased with their property, but there seemed to me more going on with the matter. “Beaten to an end and cuts in her body? The girl should have faced death for attacking a free of this city. Are you trying to tell me something more?” he asked her. “Are you saying that the Slaver’s torment of this girl turned her into this?” The girl would be sentenced to death upon the testimonty that Frank had received so far. The more important issue as he saw it now was whether to charge the slaver’s responsibility for the attack.

[14:16:42] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) stayed silent. She was staying out of this, her arms held around her still, looking off in the distance toward her home as if she could be safe there. And still finding her own strength from Mahi. The thought of Gullione crossed her mind and she mummbled. She’d have to do something about that.

[14:19:03] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to Fishbeard ” If that is the same girl, then yes, it was her Sir” she knew very well that the men could do with their property what they wished, but Mahi thought this was usefull for the man to know, she nodded again ” Yes Sir, beaten to an end, and indeed cuts in her body, there were several cuts, on her breasts, belly, thighs” she explained the man quietly ” And the girl seem to be very tensed up though at the moment she came into the infirmery, she calmed down though with our treatment, she never attacked us or anything, she was a good slave” she said she looked to Sary, if she was telling the things right, though she knew she wanted to kept out of this all ” I did checked her head on concussion, at that time, I have found nothing, but It would not surprise me, if this do come from the hand of the slaver, that he did this to her” mahi truly started to hate the slaver to an end.

[14:20:51] Asp (lana.fearne): “He may have fed her kanda to bring her into such a state, Master.” after remaining silent, she suddenly throws in her five copper tarsk bits into the conversation and looks from the Administrator, to the free women she may have slightly interrupted. “He has done it before.”

[14:23:30] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) threw up her arms, be damned she had nver been one to ake blackmail well and she wouldn’t today then. Courage helped, even if it wouldn’t last. And gloryknowns she was condeming herself “Administrator… what the woman says is true, the girl was abused. I saw it myself when her head was slammed into the well beam not once but twice, then thrown into the tree. The man medicated himself, about three things in his pipe at once, add to it kanda addition and a flask he coninuously carries around. And today…. today he commited crimes far worse then allowing his abused slave lash out fo one bite.”

[14:25:07] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) took a few more notes and said to them, “Alright, thank you for coming forward with this. I may call upon you later for further details. I must be on my way for now, but will be having my men looking into this and finding him as soon as possible. Before he could depart though, he asked Sary, “Greater crimes? What has he done now?”

[14:26:43] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly to ishbeard, though she turned to Sary when she suddenly spoke out ” Of course Sir” was all she would say at this point, Mahi stayed with her, to encourage Sary, to tell her story to the Admin, it might be very shocking.. but it was good to let the Admin know, about what happened earlier in the Slavers house.

[14:28:30] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) gulped, her hands tight around herself. She looked to those present and to him. Her eyes closing. “I called him on his use of self medication. That altering his mind set was causing him to see the extent of abuse as acceptable… With Mahi aas witness he grabbed me he dragged me to the Slaver’s building. She ran for help… by the time she got back I was stripped, completely head to toe. I was pinned on his couch…. He blackmailed me based on marks he sound on my body that I have legally been Free’d from. To make them go away, her and the help she brought… he blackmailed me. Told me to make them believe I was there willigning, that we where being intimate… I didn’t want people to know of my past… so I did. But instead of letting me go he took me upstairs… he made he do things… he raped me and I have bruises on my body we can have Mahi document as evidence. He…. painted a picture of me… to sue against me in blackmail… Only then did he send me away and let me go, and we went to sleep.”
[14:28:37] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood): *he went to sleep

[14:30:31] Asp (lana.fearne) turns her head to Lady Sarynna when she comes forward. She listens carefully, not merely out of curiosity, but because she wanted to be able to relay every detail to the Censor should she be asked to. And then, she sees a familiar form saunter out of the slave house. “The slaver is outside the slave house, Master.” she says once Sarynna has finished talking.

[14:33:10] Desdimonea Pizzaro: /mr just moved to her door where the two guards were stationed, standing between them when the slaver was pointed out. This was like, a free show and she had front row seats so she hopped. Staying silent as one could be with excitement bubbling in her cheering on mentally -let there be blood and death- pom poms and all.

[14:35:28] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) would hear the woman’s accusations and markt hem down in his book with the others. He stepped forward to examine her as she spoke as there would likely be little to detemine the fate of the slaver besides her own account of what happened. He said to her, “This is a very serious accusation. I will–” but eh was cut short as he spotted the slaver emerge from his house, and would hurry off after the man
[14:38:40] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) made his way over the Anh, his armored hand resting upon the hilt of his sword as he addressed him, “Halt! You there!’ He would take a couple steps closer to him and say, “You have been accused of crimes against the free of this city and need to come with me to face questioning. What do you have to say?”

[14:38:46] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) nods “Actually you are right, its still warm” He was caring a frame and a painting which he didn’t let them see yet. “Thats your present.. its like a welcome present” he laughed “There was a girl, which said, she was your ward or something like that. Then I took her in the right position to get inspired and painted her. ” He placed the painting down “And since I want to be friends, I am gifting it to you”

[14:42:33] Desdimonea Pizzaro looked over Sarynna not knowing what to think of her. Bad thoughts more then likely but she just look apologetic to the woman. It was best to just be on her side since it was all for the end game and as she moved forward so did the guards.She was not missing this for the world either and like a gaggle of angry women with invisible pitchforks it seemed everyone came to gather around. Her intention to interrupt was not there only to watch.

[14:42:36] Aurelian (forsaken.demontrond) wasn’t expecting it to be warm, he had hoped he had some flesh coming from the slaver’s house in his direction. Though as a painting emerged he seemed confused. Brows furrowed and when it turned his eye’s widened. At first glance of course he had not noted it was Sarynna. It took several seconds before eye’s were recognized and he then turned his gaze towards Anhandreu inquisitively. “Your work is admirable, though do I get a referral bonus?” his face was serious, he had already expected the woman to fall victim on account of what he knew Anhandreu too knew well of now, her brand.

[14:43:40] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) turned towards frank after giving his gift “Crimes against free?” he moved back a little, swords made him nervous. Then he played with his beard, looking up and pretending he thinks “I am not aware of doing any crimes. What questions do you have?..” he chuckled “Ohh wait I remember now, I am late with my taxes, is that it ? ”

[14:47:56] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) would have perhaps taken a hefty sum for a ‘tax’ payment in exchange for a pardon, but as they stood in public under the watch of other wealthy merchants that also helped lined Frank’s pockets with gold, the matters had become rather difficult to turn away from. said to him, “You stand accused of commanding your slave to attack a freewoman, and have also been charged with rape. I will need you to turn over any weapons you are in possesion of at the moment and come with me to await your trial.”

[14:50:29] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) walked in closer, with Dela next to her, Mahi kept herself in silence, she would just listen what would be said. She certainly did hope that Sary her gaurdian, she would certainly hope he would jump in for her. She breathed somewhere relieved when Fishbeard, told the slaver that he was going to get a trial! Maybe Sary was safe after all?.. time would tell.

[14:51:18] Asp (lana.fearne) doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad when the women begin to follow her closer to where the epicentre of action has now shifted. Her stare is on the slaver. Now, Asp does not have much faith in justice being done – from experience, she knows that what is more likely to happen is the very opposite. But an arrest was still well worth a watch. “You will have your justice, Mistress.” she says to Sarynna when she stops next to her, then takes a step back to stand within the small crowd of women rather than at its forefront. Her gaze flickers to the Censor when she sees him approach, but until called she stays with the women, smirking when she hears the Administrator’s words.

[14:51:35] Delaynie Barbosa takes in a breath andbites her lip as the admin speaks. It was the first time she had ever seen a man being taken into custody and she was unbecomingly amused. She stayed to Mahi, the sitster of her Owner, who she was serviced toowhen not in use at er own Owner’s home, and remained quiet while things were said.

[14:52:33] Aurelian (forsaken.demontrond) stood in the door-way, he had caught Anhandreu’s attention shifting towards Frank. Too his own went to glance at the seeming mob. He laughed a bit at such, justice was sure to reach the needing party. He nodded his head towards Frank but kept the greetings down. His attention was too involved with the event unfolding before him. He would stand un-wavered, watching for the man to either relinquish his weapons or head in an ulterior route.

[14:54:18] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) had slowly followed the rumuors about some commotion on the other side of the city, and from there on once he noticed the crowd in the distance he obviously walked over. Not much he could do but arch a brow at Fishbeard’s words, he sighed lightly as if he had failed in his duties by not taking the merchant’s word for it that she had been attacked or wether the city would care to interfere in such a matter, but such were unimportant details at his moment, all he did was take a firm soundable grip on the hilt of his blade, to let the Administrator and slaver both know that he was present too in case things might’ve turned violent instead. “Present to assist you with steel if required, Administrator!” – he shouted out just to make sure.

[14:54:44] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) stood back. Watching it all with a bit of a surreal expression considering she hadn’t planned to do a darn thing beyond shut up. She glanced to her Guardian almost pleading, seeing he already had the painting with him. Looking again to the situation unfolding, ready to bolt to Aurelian and try to explain, while at the same time not willing to get any closer to those blocking the doorway.

[14:55:41] Desdimonea Pizzaro curled a dark smile under her lips, she could never be so thrilled of another free womans rape then she was now. How lucky for her now to see the slaver arrested on more charges this was turning out to be a beautiful day. She’d have to celebrate with wine and say a little thank your note to the Kings for all the slavers doings. Now the Censor was here, oh good show and she drank it al in. Who needed orgasms when there was things like this. Felt just as good, so she’s heard of course.

[14:55:56] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) unsheated the axe and let it fall down on the ground. Then he began to unload other stuff, but before all, he had to do something to clear his mind. His pouch fell on the ground and he pushed it a little, spilling its contents. There were few packs of herbs, small bottle, rings, trinkets, golden tooth. He quickly took his pipe and while looking at Frank, he stuffed it in with sunflower weed and lit it up. Took a quick toke and then grabbed the bottle, his hands were little shakey, from the abstinence and what better moment to steady them with few gulps than now. Then of course, he unpacked the kanda leaves and hastily approached his mouth with it, but it slipped from hands and he had to follow it down on the ground. His shaking hands, fucking problem, anyway he managed to throw the kanda up his mouth. Then finally he was ready for the, what was it, prosecution. “Alright I am coming, you cant judge a man out of meds” followed by another toke and sip. “I am ready now”.. a pause followed “I am innocent”

[15:04:46] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) looked rather befuddled as Anh’s collection of artifacts spewed to the grown before him. If the accusations were indeed true, his obvious kanda habit along with whatever else the man was partaking in could be a worthy explanation. He would not interfere with Anh’s last attempt to smoke some of his stash. he would say, “As you are accused of violent acts upon others, you will be detained until your trial, but you will have access to those that serve you to gather any evidence and witnesses you wish to have speak on your behalf.” As it become apparent that the man might not fully understand what he was saying due to his state of intoxication, Frank told him, “It will also serve you to sit in a cell and clear your mind.” He stepped foward to him and reached out to plant his hand firmly on his shoulder and turn him around to take both his wrists and shackle them in iron cuffs if the man wouldnt resist. He would make eye conctact with Anarch as he heard him lend his steel, and nodded to him.
[15:04:54] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) shifted his eyes to Aurelian, away from the lynching party in which he could spot few of his victims. definitely it was a lynching party, few of them even wore masks. Anyway, he told Aurelian “I hope you enjoyed the gift, probably last, because some people just love to twist my fingers”

[15:11:01] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) had his focus forced to the man holding his shoulder “Alright alright, arrest me. I have no problem with the law. Actually I am very much enforcing it every change I got.” He turned to Anarch pointing him “That man said on multiple occasions that he had researched, asking scribes and doing whatever he can, to find out what our laws really are. He openly and publicly said, that there are no other laws then the merchant laws in Lydius. So that would mean, that even if I raped someone and I didn’t. I wouldn’t be guilty of breaking the law, since there is no such law. And about my slave. Why is the slaver responsible for a slave biting someone. I mean seriously, why I am being arrested ? I did everything perfectly lawfully. Even the scribe here will tell you, there are no laws against rape. Which I DIDNt do” he yelled. “Who did I rape. Will she come and point me out and say I raped her ? If not, why should I be arrested”

[15:13:08] Asp (lana.fearne) takes another few steps until she is standing right at the back. Something about the way this is taking place causes her to crinkle her nose and her eyes turn away from it, focusing instead on the form of her owner. And she watches him – the way he stands with a hand on his steel, his wide shoulders hidden under layers of cloth. And just as she begins to feel herself diverted from it all, the words of the slaver cause a very pronounced grimace to twist her features.

[15:15:03] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) sighed lightly again and nodded in return to Fishbeard. His gaze slowly went over those in the crowd though recognizing a few places and perhaps even more importantly then his new purchase, he smirked slightly, it gave him trust that the girl had understood her purpose well. The Censor had much second thoughs about what was unfolding in front of him though, if anything it just caused for him more questions, his partial confusion was clear at the sight of the slaver getting arrested. And the slaver -did- clearly point out the confusion that was written on the Censor’s face: “I’m ofcourse only newly appointed here, but it was my understanding that only merchant law was upheld in port cities, Administrator!” – he said with clear and loud voice as if nearly apologetic, but Fishbeard was the administrator and depending on the influence he held perhaps this was the start of the reinstatement of civic law in the port, which with all the scum, pirates and outlaws hanging around and causing much trouble, theft

[15:15:03] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere):  and even recently arson could be a welcome change in Anarch’s mind, anyhow he figured the newly appointed Magistrate might get her say into the matter before anything.

[15:21:59] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) had heard this claim before about the laws just prior to Anh’s boasting. “Merchant Law allows authority to merchants who are not high caste and therefore not considered fit to rule in other cities. It is no secret that gold carries more than it’s weight in influence over this land, but does not make it acceptable for any man woman or beast to commit murder within these walls.” Sure, there was a price on everything in Lydius, even justice, but those were not bargians struck on the street. He said, to Anh, “You ought to save your pleas for your hearing.” He would tehn tell Aurelian and Anarch, “We will convene on this matter as soon as time permits.” As one of the accusers was also ont he council, and the slave trade produced enormous wealth for Lydius, the trial would undoubtedly be heard by the highest ranking officialsin the city. Frank would take hold of Anh’s arm and begin to lead the man through the square.

[15:22:26] Aurelian (forsaken.demontrond) looked upon the display before him. He nodded towards Anhandreu seemingly agreeing though he truly doubted that it was his last painting. He found himself looking amongst the crowd as names were pointed in each direction. He watched as Frank apprehended Anhandreu and too the words that came of Anarch. Aurelian had known civil law was if not already, not far from being established. The port had grown in numbers and already free-women aplenty roamed. Such would cause advocation for such laws of which could influence the port’s growth and prosperity. Both of which would have been rival to an antagonist’s efforts. He hadn’t much to say himself. The Man was apprehended and while he was sure he’d soon be involved with the trial for present moment his duty was to record.

[15:22:54] Delaynie Barbosa remains close to Mahi and remains silent though she pays close attention to what is unfolding. Newly arrived in the port, Delaynie’s own Master and Mistress would want to know the character of the port and if it would be credible enough for them to stay here. Surely an unruly slaver being handled appropriately buy the city administrator would be deemed honorable enough for a Warrior as Delaynie’s Master. Her ears perked both from hearing the slaver and Censor discussing law. It was a topic above Delaynie’s station, but important, as she would at some point or another have to report to her sleeping Owners. She stepped far to the side as the men moved through the city, not wanting to get caught up on the way to what was surely a jail of some sorrt.

[15:24:09] Desdimonea Pizzaro simply rolled her eyes at the slavers actions. “Filthy.” was the only thing she would speak out on him. He was a mess and a disgrace to the sub caste. With no idea what he was even ingesting for that matter. With all that wa being shouted out about laws she had said her piece on that to the men. “What need would there be for a magistrate if there were no civil laws, I could see a merchant magistrate but not just a magistrate if it was just, merchant law. There is always civil law which holds no jurisdiction over merchant law.” she had no idea why she was speaking out, but she really felt it needed to be said. She had seen enough and turned to head back to her home content for now at least.
[15:25:03] Asp (lana.fearne) now that she is at the back of the crowd, can’t help herself and starts to pace. Even though she knows better than to try to have any control over the affairs of the free, this one is personal enough to cause her to walk from one invisible wall to another like an irritated larl, her gaze darting from her Master to the Administrator.

[15:25:23] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) merely nodded and although, from a political point, he had much objections in him, he had the discipline to shut up when required and follow the orders of the administrator… at least for now. “Yes, Administrator,” – he said agreeably with a military tone of voice. He figured the council would discuss the matter and stipulations of law at a later point, and their postitive or … negative effects for a port such as this.

[15:28:00] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) had stayed silent, she just wanted to wake and find out this day had been a nightmare. Waiting for Frank and Anh to leacve before she’d dare move any closer to Aurelian and his home. her cheeks still burning red behind her veils with all of this. Her arms ever tight around herself.

[15:28:54] ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) felt Dela standing close to her, her eyes flickered towards her, before she would look back to the gathering infront of her, silently she watched the Admin, taking the slaver into custody, her head shook wildly, normally would Mahi opened her mouth, and just curse at such a man, but this time she would bite her tongue, she moved t o Sary for a moment, and layed her hand onto her shoulder ” Please becareful Sary, if you need me, you can find me in the Inn, or at the infirmery” she said quietly to her, she then turned to Dela ” What I said, I am in the Inn, I do need to get some sleep here’she whispered to her, not wanted to interup this all, though she hoped dela and Sary would inform her later when she woke up.

[15:31:43] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) would go and ask for home arrest, but suddenly his idea shaped into something better, so he followed the administrator and while passing by the bunch of women which hated him, he threw few weird looks. First at Asp, then at Desdimonea, in that order his eyes would go and in the same one whatever he planned on. Meanwhile, he tried to look innocent and do the best fake smile possible. “Well I hope that hearing will happen soon” he said and took another toke. While passing trough Sarynna he said “Perhaps the lady physician will want to examine and give me medications while I am there”

[15:33:35] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) glared at him as he passed and spoke to him, her tone icey “I’m sure Mahi could use the experience, or the Lady Di will want to review such matters of your… medications… Sir.” Once again, her small burst of bravery and it was gone. Hurrying past into the house and toward Aurelian with panic in her eyes.

[15:35:12] Delaynie Barbosa nodded to Mahi and said quietly, “Yes Mistress, I wish you well,” and then leaned back against the wall to not be noticed, though surely she would follow the crowd to see what happened next. The virtue of being a slave was that no one paid attention to you, which meant Dela free to repeat the information observed to the free she served in the capacity as a gossip and events informer. As long as she wasn’t notced, or foribly kicked out she could follow as somewhat of a close range and eavesdrop, and report back to Mahi and her own Owners what she heard. This may or may not be cause for the future rumors that would circulate regarding the slaver’s arrest.

[15:36:52] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) wanted the matter to be dealt with swiftly just as it seemed everyone did. The slave trade was just as much a liability as Anh’s fate. As he followed along without putting up a fight, Frank would lead him along to the dungeon below the long hall to place him in a cell where he would appoint guards to watch over him. As they made their way along, Frank said to him, “You have gotten yourself into mess. This is really going to cost you.” There was of course more between the lines of his warnings . “I’ll be back when you have had time to rid yourself of whatever you have smoked or ingested. If you are in need of care from a green, one will be sent to you.”


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