Mahi arrives in Lydius


[07:33]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had been walking out of the Inn, after a good night sleep, though she was still feeling sleepy, but decided to go outside for a walk, she had seen somewhere the bakery, so Mahi went to look for something to eat, her belly was rumbling as madness, while she walked, she rubbed onto her belly, and looking a bit around.. if she still knew where she had seen that bakery, maybe she should just follow her nose? Not that her nose was the best there was! though she stopped halfway, her green orbs recognized this place, and then her gaze catched a girl sitting on the fountain, Mahi stepped a bit closer, and observed the girl for a moment, a simple nod towards her ” Tal” she then finally said.. a strange word for Mahi, since she always used Ho, as in her Alar greeting.. maybe she was getting fully civilized? Time would tell..” You know if the bakerey have fresh stuff?” she asked her, as a hand rose to her veil and rubbed under it against her nose, the golden nose ring tickling against the upper of her lips.

[07:38]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) at times, suffers from ennui. Some times are worse than others but it seems to be a plague upon things that have existed well beyond the centuries they should have been allowed. Hours melt by as if they are minutes, the body stilled like a statue. How long has she been here just like this, toying with the water in the fountain and mind lost in the great tangled mass of memory? She would have no way of knowing save for the fall of shadows, which she notices when a voice reaches her ears. She looks to the woman, then she shifts from the fountain. The accent would be recognized from her own time beneath the boots of the Alar, but she makes no mention for now. “Oh, yes Mistress. Every day there is fresh baked things. I see people come and go, come and go and the steam always rising from chimney and window.”

[07:43]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had looked at the girl on the fountain, a faint smile curled upon her lips beneath that damned itchy veil, she truly wanted to rip it of from her nose.. but she was just arrived here.. she didn’t knew the people, her gaze looked over to the bakery, and then back to the girl once more, a simple nod towards her again ” Thank you, that is good to here” she said and paused a moment, as if she was thinking something over ” I hope you have seen nice refecltions of yourself in the water girl?” she chuckled softly, she stepped a bit closer to the bakery, but stopped again ” ANy idea whom the baker here is? and did you eaten yourself?” she asked her calmly and rather friendly.

[07:48]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) laughs lightly. “Oh yes, nice reflections of myself, Mistress. It’s a wonder I did not fall in love and drown trying to kiss the pretty girl in the water.” She teases, making fun of herself. She looks to the bakery and thinks for a moment. She has heard the name, but she’d already forgotten it, soemthing she does more often than she used to. “Well she is a petite woman, Mistress usually found right in there but to be honest, I can’t recall her name. I have never sampled any of her baking, but my sister is very fond of it.”

[07:52]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) grinned towards her, as Mahi stepped into the Bakery, she picked up two sticky buns, and pulled out a leather pouch, and tossed out two coins, she carefully placed the pouch back onto her skirt again, and wandered over to her ” And what a pretty girl you are! I would kiss myself too if I would have been watched myself into the fountain water” she chuckled, she then handed over the sticky bun to her ” Thank you, I might find her somewhere today, at least I hope so” she shrugged ” Anyway.. I payed for it..” which normally mahi would not do, she would just steal it! Like she was used to do in the Alars, she was getting more civilized then she thought…

[07:55]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) watches the woman as she moves into the bakery and she steps a little closer, just curious really. Her words make her grin widely, suddenly imaging a bunch of drowned women in the fountain all from trying to make out with thier own reflections. It’s a morbid thought but she has a strange sense of humor anyway. “Thank you Mistress, what a treat this is.” She says and takes a bite of the sticky bun which is sweeter than she expects. Oh yeah, she is totally going to get a sugar high. “You have just arrived here, Mistress? I do not mean to pry. I am not long here either. I still get a little lost.”

[08:01]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched the girl coming closer to her, she smiled when she had taken the sticky bun out of her hands, it was indeed a very sweet thing.. maybe even to sweet for Mahi herself, but she needed to eat ” Your welcome, I know girls need to eat too, even though most are just allowed to have gruel” her nose wrinkled beneath her itchy veil again. Mahi broke a piece of and wanted to stuff it into her mouth, though that veil was once more.. in her way!” Thundering bosks” she cursed out loud, and pulled up with one hand a piece of her veil and then with her other she stuffed the sticky bun into her mouth.. ” Finally” she muttered a bit into herself, she then looked a bit sad to the girl infront of her, she slowly nodded ” Yes, I have arrived just here” she could not tell the girl too much.. she was afterall fleed out of Colton’s camp, since her Companion.. wanted badly be trained as a killer..” I know what you mean, with being lost… I have the same feeling, though, I received a letter from someone I knew..
[08:01]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker):  that she was around here, and asked me to come” she smiled ” How long have you been here yourself?”

[08:08]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) picks up on what details the woman would give, intentionally or not. Ost is an aged creature and has existed among the darkly clad Masters for most of her life. It’s in her blood to hear the unspoken and see the invisible. “You are..of Alar blood, are you not, Mistress?” A bold question, but she is far from timid. Most conversations worth having are worthy of risking a beating over. “I lived among them for a short time, I belonged to the Cheiftain.” Jaym. It was so long ago now. “My name was..” She looks thoughful, trying to remember as she chews. “Pudding.” She laughs at that and shakes her head. “Life, it is funny with all its twists and turns isn’t it? You can never see what is right around the next bend. Calamity or fortune, tears or laughter. All you can do is take it as it comes.” She sighs lightly. “Oh, perhaps I know the person you know? What is her name?” She ventures, then she realizes she’s eaten the whole sticky bun. Her brain will probably start buzzing fromt he sugar any moment. “A moon or
[08:08]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth):  so now, I suppose. my Master is settling in nicely, so I suppose, my proxy, I am as well.”

[08:17]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) chewed delightfull on her piece of Bun, her stomach was very happy with it, ad happy enough, so she would not faint on the spot, she then blinked for a moment, and a bright smile curled along her lips when she heard about the Alars ” Yes, I am of Alar blood indeed!” Mahi was quite happy to hear someone that knew the Alars, she then laughed quietly ” Jaym. the old Bosk rear!. ” she shook her head lightly, she remembered the man well, he thought she died when she ahd returned to the wagons ” It is strange I can not recall you, though I do know, or I have heard that he had a girl once called pudding, and also peanut” she said, she took another bite of her bun ”Life is very strange girl, one moment, you walk upon a path, you never had wished to walk upon, and the other day. life smiles at you” certainly Mahi was at this moment at her dark path.. since she had fleed out, she sighed softly ” I think it is te best way, to just let things come and go, and see how things end” her eyes were standing sad
[08:17]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): again.. , she rather enjoyed to talk with the girl, not the girls she had seen in her travels, that were sitting all day long on their butts, and not even getting a good word out ” Her name is Domu, she stays at the inn at this moment maybe you have seen her? or talked to her? A very sweet woman”

[08:22]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) smiles to her, laughing when she mentions Jaym being a boskrear. “I was often quiet and too shy to come around people. I tended the animals, mostly and tried to stay out of Kanda’s way. Akicita took me from there and many many years passed. Its so true what you say Mistress. You are a Free Woman, there is no greater spirit on Gor, if you ask me. You can handle anything life throws at you.” She says to encourage her, seeing the sadness in her eyes. She thinks for a moment but that name doesnt sound familiar either. “I am so sorry, I have not yet met her, Mistress but I do hope that is changed soon. Would you like for me to accompany you in finding the inn, or do you know where it is? I, sadly do not but better for two of us to wander lost, than just one!”

[08:28]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker)’s eyes opened wide when she heard the name of Akicita and Kanda” Oh my! I have not seen her heard those names in ages! And Kanda, well she was one kind of a woman, that was certain” she laughed ” So I can understand, you were tending the animals, I would do that too, with a woman like that around” she chuckled deeply about it, she then smiled ” It is a wise saying, but do not forget yourself as slave girl, even slaves get alot on their path, and need to swallow everything, what they walk up against, so slave girls are strong too” she winked to her” I do know where the Inn is, so in that case, I can show you the inn” she grinned, she pondered once more again ” Did you ever heard from the Alars again? I lost track to be honest, when I started my nomad traveling through gor, I sadly have travelers itches!” she chuckled softly

[08:34]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) laughs heartily. Kana was scary and she kicked as hard as a bosk too. “It was frightening times, Mistress. That is not a life that I was familiar with at all but I did learn quite a bit. A rich culture unrivaled by any other I have seen in three centuries.” She says and turns to begin walking with the woman to head to the inn. “I am called ost, Mistress by the way.” She offers in passing before continuing. “Well, Akicita stole me from Jaym and we were also nomads. I think it just gets to you after so many years, the need to go and go and go. Maybe we are all afraid moss will grow on us if we are in one place for too long.” She grins to her. “But, in Kaelus, a warrior bested Akicita in a fight and took me. That was the last I saw of him, and I have not heard about any of the others. I suppose they are still out there, moving the bosk from lush field to the next, living like Ubars.”

[08:40]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) wandered slowly while she listened to Ost and her stories, she slowly nodded to her ” I fully can understand that Ost, Alars, are not the happy people! They can be frightening as the thundering of a priesking, or even better.. more frightening as that!” she laughed, while she walked further with her, she canted her head to the woman ” Ah! Another old hag” she winked to her, Mahi was blunt at times, especially towards men, though she had learned to bite her tongue, after she had left the Alars ” I am Mahi, and well met Ost” while she slipped her hands into her ponchothing she worn ” I think the nomads are way better, then the people that are staying in a city, before you know, they are old and sour” she chuckled, she then paused halfway and smiled ” It seems, we have missed each other several times Ost, I was in Kaelus too for a while, under treatment of a green there, too bad I have not seen Akicita there, I would have liked it to see him again, and whom took you then?” she smiled, and memories
[08:40]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): of her past went by in her troubled mind ” I guess you are right about that, maybe one day I will meet them again.” she shrugged a bit about it..

[08:47]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) smiles widely to know she is in the company of another ancient. Its rare for anyone to survive so long to such an old age with how violent the world is, but extrememly rare for a displosable slave. Ost has perhaps, more than her share of good luck, like a giani with nine lives. “That is nice, I like being na old hag. Its an accomplishment, isn’t it?” She laughs lightly, still walking with her. “Nice to meet you formally, Mistress. your name is familiar. And finally the looping circles of our lives have caught up to one another! The man who took me was Theoden’s son, Alexander of Ar. But…” She says, glancing over to her. “He caught feelings and freed me and I decided to take up bee keeping and live alone on the outskirts for a time before once again taking to traveling. My freedom didn’t last long but..” She waves a hand. “I was bred and born in a kennel, I have no business being free. I am too old to be bothered with it -now-.” She grumps lightly. “Where did you go after Kaelus?”

[08:55]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had wandered a bit further and so now and then she looked to Ost, it was indeed, a rare thing for someone to even survive in a world like this, and Mahi was happy to still live, she sighed though, someimes wondering if her old bones, would not give upon her now or tomorrow, but she still had too much spirit inside of her ” My name is familiar? ” she frowned a moment ” Can you recall where you heard it?” she asked curiously and then smiled ” I think it is indeed an accomplishment Ost, not many women or men do survive for such long.. and the reason I am still here, is probably just unfinished business” she chuckled ” Or the family I have, that I need to take care off, even though they are grown ups right now, a mother always keep watching over her kin eh?” she laughed thinking about Zeek and velius, and her daughters and grand childeren, she sighed, she missing them truly. She pondered a moment ” I do not know the name if I am honest, but have been” she then started to laugh so loud ” You are
[08:55]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): kidding me right?” she blurted out ” I have been living myself in the forests for a long while, I had enough of the people around me, and started to farm there, before I went back into the world of the livings” she grinned ” I think, if your born and bred as a slave, you do not desire any other life? or am I wrong about that?” she asked her.

[09:05]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) nods. “I think, perhaps. Unless I am confused which I do admit happens often. Did you know the man Hendrix Stormcrow? My memories want to recall both of you in the Laagar but my mind could play tricks on me. It was long ago.” She sighs lightly as they walk, eyes flicking to a lone figure up ahead. A scarlet. She generally tries to stay out fo thier way as well, it being no secret the animosity between them and her owner’s caste. “Oh, I do wish I was kidding.” She laughs. “I used to long for a family, and with that, the freedom that comes with it. I wanted to know what it was like to have a spouse and children to call me mother and to watch them grow and have families of thier own, but in time I came to understand that I would never have it. I was born into the collar, from two slaves bred together by the free and I will never know those sacred things in this lifetime. It is for the Free Women to know, who have the strength to be as they are. I am weak. Men make me weak. I would not mock your station by
[09:05]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth):  attempting to be as you are. I am just a beast. Nothing more.”

[09:13]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) looked at her and suddenly her eyes became saddened ” Yes I do know Henrdix very well Ost, sadly what I heard, is that he died in Kaelus, when I was there” she deblieraty had left out where she went after she left Kaelus ” You say your mind could play tricks on you, but it seems you still know it quite well” she smiled to her ” I do miss Hendrix, he was an Alar yes, but safed my ass several times” she laughed cearly about it, remembering the day, she was found back in a barrel naked and brought back by hendrix, Mahi shook her head lightly thinking of that day, her gaze flicked over the tal figure at the end of the path, she stopped halfway, pondering a moment if she would need to greet the man, she rather stayed away from men herself. the reason? Some she just plain hated to the bone! she smiled to her ” Were almost there” she said quietly and then nodded to her quietly” You are indeed just a beast Ost, that I agree with, but I also understand the reason that you have longed for a family of your
[09:13]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): own, I do not think it is a shame for a slave to have those feelings wandering around for a while” she said to her, she turned her gaze to the man again, and decided to greet him, as in politeness ” Ho Sir!” she blurted out in her Alar greeting.. she could slap herself at that moment, that she just said that ” errr.. Tal.. I mean” she grumbled softly

[09:16]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) stood with crossed arms in the little stone gateway the lead to some stairs which reached to the higher levels of a district of the city. But many citizens seemed to have got to know the Censor by now and some seemed to prefer to take a detour instead of wanting to disturb the man that stood in the archway. He obviously knew this and seemed to intentionally stand there, as if to see anyone would dare to walk up and challenge him blocking the way, he was still a Warrior first of all and the urge to find conflict at times was often hard to resist for them. That wasn’t the only reason ofcourse, if not the most important one for him, he was specifically keeping an eye out for those citizens who would suspiciously turn around at seeing him and suspiciously walk in the opposite direction all together. A handful of guards in the same uniform as the man stood behind him conversing with eachother and doing their own thing. His gaze turned from the other citizens only when he saw the particular slave-girl he had
[09:16]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere):  met one time before, she was a beautiful sight after all and the man well appreciated the bodies of slaves, the Free Woman only caught his attention once she greeted him, but the company she kept, the slave, made him suspicious of her: “Tal… Lady. I take little pleasure in having to intrude citizens here but our port is investigating a series of crimes… Declare your Caste and home-stone, Lady.” – he asked of her as he crossed his arms, their conversation about children and families, the bits he picked up from it, didn’t seem to interest him much at all.

[09:22]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) listens as she speaks, the slave’s face going solemn. Death is a familiar friend in her path of life and the cold shoulder of loss a thing that haunts every step. “I am sorry, Mistress.” She says when her head lowered a moment. She continues walkign with her, hoping to just slink on by the hulking man nearby but she almost cringes inwardly when the lovely, friendly Mahi greets the man. She steps back a little to make sure she isn’t in thier way of conversing, eyes going from Anarch, to the woman near her when caste and homestone is demanded. It always seems like such a private thing to her, like asking what is her bra size or the lgnth of a man’s wiener. But custom is custom. “Tal Master..” She then offers with a smile, polite as always. Not like her trouble making sister.

[09:29]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) wanted to walk further towards the Inn, as she heard the man, she somewhere had hoped the man, had been sleeping against the wall or something, or at least, she would have hoped, she would not be very noticed.. but Mahi just wanted to be polite, her gaze went to Ost and smiled towards her, though some panic in her eyes were shown lightly, she could slap herself even more now! Why didn’t she just pass the man by! she took a deep breath, and pulled up her shoulders up and stood there proud as the wagon woman she could be, her eyes catched the men behind Anarch, Mahi lightly paled of such” Right..” she whispered into herself, then she pulled out her friendliest smile, almost too friendly there for her being ” Crimes Sir? May I ask what kind of Crimes? It is certainly not my business, but I do would like to know where I walk, and what I might face?” she asked ever so innocently, she gazed to Ost then again, and sighed then again deeply ” My homestone.. was hochburg Sir” pondering a moment ” And my
[09:29]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): Caste.. the reds Sir, my companion is from the Red Caste” she explained, even though Mahi had no idea where her Companion was, so on her way while traveling, she passed an old friend, and decided to take up a fake companionship with each other, maybe just to keep her safe?

[09:34]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) had often a stern and hard expression on his face, hard to tell what his true feelings were, but a light smile appeared at least when the slave acknowledge his presence and she greeted him, the slave-girl seemed quite able to distract him from other concerns as his single eye seemed to have a hard time not gazing at her, her body and her jewelry. His gaze only turned back to the Free Woman once she spoke again and answered his question, he obviously didn’t care in the slightest what her home-stone was, this being a Free Port City where mostly everyone’s safety would need to be remain guaranteed for merchants to do as much business as possible, he only tried to see if she would grow nervous or behave suspicious once he started to question her. But when she claimed being of the same Caste as him he gave a light smile, seeing no reason not to believe her: “Ah, consider yourself most welcome then Lady of the Warriors,” before he stepped aside and kicked one of the guard against the knee and ordered them to
[09:34]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere):  properly stand aside to let the woman pass: “Just some … investigation related to treason to the local High Council, nothing for you to worry about… Have a pleasant stay in our Port City and … good business.” – He said as the guards all went to stand in line on either side of the pathway, regally to let the woman pass as if she was of note. She was after all a Free Woman of the same caste as them and when men had some form of civility they would recognize their importance and status: “Might I suggest you wear more obvious scarlet garments next time though?” – Anarch would try to remark with a low voice: “The guards would treat you better for it…” – he pointed out before his eye would return to the body of the slave-girl.

[09:40]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) looks to her with now widened eyes also. She too, was in Hochburg with Dahmer. Seriously how did they keep missing eachother all these centuries? She can’t help the feeling of serendipity at this point. This has to be something more meaningful than chance, it’s just too…strange. Green eyes go again to the warrior, her eyes lingering over the muscles of his legs, then up to his shoulders and arms. She’s a slave, its her freedom to openly appreciate afterall. Once Anarch moves, she leans in to speak quietly to Mahi. ” The scarlets are letting all the council members get murdered. There have been numerous slayings already. Treason, while still appalling, sounds much better than the fact they are having trouble doing thier jobs.” Bold words, but not a new opinion at all, rather its an echo from her owner most likely and countless other free of the city. She stand upright once again, preparing to walk the rest of the distance with Mahi. “You would look rather nice in red, Mistress.” As they pass through the
[09:40]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth):  gate she gives Anarch a grin. “I hope you have a pleasant day, Master.”

[09:52]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) was maybe lightly nervouse, but what can you expect from a woman on the run right? though all these centuries had made Mahi quite harder towards the world outside, maybe a flick with her eyes here and there, that she showed she was slightly nervouse, she looked over to the man and pondered of what he said ” I certainly hope not Sir, I probably would hear and there something, what is going on” she said to the man, at that time she heard Ost, and her eyes widened at this moment, and also too noticed her eyes widened, though Mahi had no idea why? Mahi frowned at her for a moment and looked at her curiously’, maybe it was about the killings? she just told her? Mahi leaned in a bit ” Tell me more about that later Ost? I would like to know more about such” she then looked back to Anarch and a light smile curled upon her lips as she noticed that the gaurd stand aside for her letting through ” whoa!” she blurted out.. she was not used to that at all, and felt at that moment just a princess walking through
[09:52]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): her warriors! a brighter grin couldnt appear around her lips there ” I wish you the same Sir and your men of course” she said politely, though she stopped before she walked through the port ” It is very kind of you, that you let your men step aside.. but I do search the Inn, and I believe it was to the left right?” she asked him and then looked down to her dress, the men was right ” Normally I do wear red indeed Sir, but this is my travelers clothing, I have some baggage standing on the docks, with my red dresses, but have not found any to pick them up” she said to the man, as she stepped a bit more forward towards them she looked to Ost again, she smiled ” Thank you Ost, I recently started to wear red” she whispered to her with a chuckle

[09:58]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) would’ve probably smacker Ost silly and upside down if he had even caught the slightest hint of what she was telling the Free Woman, but luckily for her, he didn’t. He just stood aside and would let the couple pass, his eye never breaking sight from the slave-girl, only once again when the Free Woman spoke he would give her his attention. Her words caused him to point at one of the guards to order him to go find and return the luggage of the woman: “My guard will bring it to you as swiftly as possible, Lady… and yes, the Inn is in this direction…” – The Warrior showed much more civility here to women that didn’t share his home-stone compared to when he would’ve been in his own city, here his duty was to secure the safety of all by orders of the merchants that ruled the port. He then bowed his head lightly at the woman, always showing much hospitality to those who shared his Caste: “My name is Anarch of Tarnwald, assigned Censor in this port… serving only the High Council here and whichever orders
[09:58]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere):  would be sailed over from Tarnwald.” – he explained: “Feel free to pay me a visit should you ever require anything or need my assistance either in my function of Censor or as generosity between Caste-members.” – he offered.

[10:03]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) behaves now, not one to push her luck. She is granted many permission by her owner because she isn’t a problem-slave and for that same fact is often tolerated into the company of the Free. It wouldn’t do for her to be beaten at this point, lest she end up cold and miserable and unable to leave the compound. “Oh, that is nice. There is much to be said about the chivalry of the warriors.” She says kindly, if quietly, her voice a thing that can be easily ignored like the rustle of leaves in the wind. Otherwise She remains quiet and prepared to walk with Mahi the rest of the way to the inn when she is ready to do so, but the small fact that she recently began to wear red does stick in her mind, something perhaps she’d bring up later, with the other later brought up topics that have been collecting.

[10:09]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had seen that the man, had kept his eyes on Ost, it was a normal thing to see for her, and mahi.. honestly did not even mind that the attention was not on her! So she was happy that ost was there at this moment, a smile curled around her lips listening to the man, her gaze looked at the guard at that point ” Thank you Kindly Sir, it is much appreciated by me” she inclined her head towards Anarch ” I am Mahi, originally of the wagons” she said to the man, she looked to Ost and smiled to her, listening to her words, though returning back to anarch ” I will certainly do that Sir, and if I ever can do anything for you, please let me know” she looked at the guard then ” Can you please get my things from the docks Sir? and bring them to the Inn? ” the guard nodded towards her and went on its way, Mahi certainly hoped not that her luggage was too much for the man to carry

[10:11]  Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) would let the women pass, although he did arch a brow for a moment when the woman declared being of the Wagons, either way it didn’t matter if she was of his Caste now then a Warrior somewhere must’ve found her of proper worth to become such, and he rarely questioned the honor of other men. “Be well…” – he would offer them and upon signal of him, he and his guards would take their leave to go harass the citizens in another part of the port.

[10:15]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) watches the men as they leave, each tense of well sculpted muscles that go hidden beneath he bottom hem of tunics. Rawr. But soon her attention is back on Mahi. Once she is sure the men are out of earshot she speaks quietly yo her. ” I was in Hochburg before coming here, but I was in the Black Caste camp maybe that is why I never saw you? And what do you mean that you just started wearing red, have you recently companioned? Why are you alone?” Way too nosy for a slave but now it’s just getting weirder and weirder.

[10:19]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched the men walking away, a suddenly tense fell of Mahi at this point ” Be well Sirs” she called after them, Mahi turned to the right to walk towards the Inn, as she suddenly heard Ost, her face paled paler as it ever could be right now! She was in the black Caste camp in Hochburg? Where Mahi was too? this.. was going to be trouble, she swallowed and turned to Ost, and canted her head to her, trying to remain calm at this point, but her heartbeat just went way too high! ”’You were? Odd, that I never saw you there before Ost in Hoch burg I mean” she said, her gaze suddenly went somewhat harder at this point ” My companion.. Is traveling for a bit.. I do not know when he will return” she couldn’t tell Ost, that her companion was training as killer in the camp that was in hochburg!.. or so that was the latest news she had heard about him..

[10:24]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) catches the way she stumbles over not seeing her, as if she at first meant the camp but then tries to cover with Hochburg as a whole. SOmething is not adding up. “my owner was there in Colton’s camp. His name is Dahmer, Master Assassin of Lydius Port.” She says to her, finally revealing the fact. They scurry through the sudden rain, ost removing her vest and trying to use it as a cover for the Free Woman’s head as they go. “Miserable rain!” She cries as they step inside. It was fast but they still get plenty soaked. “It is dangerous though for you to travel alone. Of course i speak out of turn, but perhaps you could hire one of my Master’s men to look out for you.”

[10:31]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) was happy that Ost and placed her vest above her head while the run through the rain ” Bloody rain!” she grunted as she stepped inside of the Inn, and tried to shake herself as a dog would do on earth, not that it would help any, she swallowed and looked at Ost there, she closed her eyes for a moment, how.. was she going to get this together! her eyes widened at the moment she mentioned her owner was one of the killers, she had heard his name fallen at some time at the camp, she bit her bottom lip beneath her veil ” I have worked for Colton Ost” she then stated plainly to her ” And I have lived in his camp as well, so we truly have missed each other while being there” she said, it was a truth, she tried to wrinkle some of her poncho with her hand and looked up ” I do know it is dangerous for me to travel alone, and..” she paused a moment ” I am not so certain, if that is a good idea Ost” she scratched her head.. she was a bit nervouse now, and the water was dripping down onto the ground from

[10:38]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) lifts her brows high then. She can’t even help but to laugh because of all the coincidences. “How is this even so! I am in awe of the paths of our lives.What do you mean worked for him? Are you sure you don’t want to speak to my owner? I will of course respect it if you wish not to, but..with all the murders and the violence that seems to go on here, well I just worry is all.” She bites her lower lip a moment, a hand rising to wipe some rain off her arms, vest flicked at the door to shake water from it before she puts it back on.

[10:45]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) started to laugh too, but nervouse at this point, but still nervous, Mahi looked outside of the door of the Inn, hopefully that the guard would come fast with her clothing, so she could change herself! because she was still dripping wet ” This is truly unbelievable Ost, that we never have met before, and even in the same camp!” she laughed and rolled her shoulders ” I worked for Colton, for his shady merchandise, to sell here and there Ost, and worked in the Inn at the camp” she explained to her, she was happy still that her companion was left out at this moment, she lowered her gaze ” I do agree with you there Ost, If there are murders going around here, it is not very safe for me or any other, even though I am not a council member” she wrapped her hands together for a moment and sighed, watched her putting her Vest back on, she had to think about this, maybe her Owner could find out about her companion? She knew that her companion had told Colton, that he broke the contract between them.. but it
[10:45]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): was never happened in truth ” You know what…” she paused ” I would like to talk to him indeed” she was not entirely certain about that of course.

[10:49]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) is smiling widely, despite the water dripping down her face. Its then, that the men come bearing numerous luggages. “Oh, looks like your things have arrived, Mistress.” She says to her and steps out of the way for them to bring all the things in. “I can bring you to him right now if you wish, Mistress. I mean after you have changed, though it doesn’t seem as though it’s going to let up out there any time soon.” She peers out the door, then looks back to her. “Please allow me to help you unpack and get changed and I will bring you right to the compound, is this agreeable?”

[10:55]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) was happy to see the men arrive with her luggage, Mahi pointed towards a corner of the Inn ” Please place them there Sirs” she said politely, she looked to Ost and smiled to her and nodded quietly, was this truly a good idea to do so? she bit her lip once more beneath her veil, and muttered about it quietly ” Well you can help me change Ost, then we will use a old big rag as something to protect us against the rain before we head out, I am not going to ruin one of my dresses!” she chuckled, her gaze went to the men, an Mahi pulled out a pouch of leather and gave the men some coins ” Much appreciated Sirs” the men went on their way again ” You can get the red dress out of one of the bags Ost, with the white shirt” she explained to her, mahi looked around and slipped into one of the rooms, still pondering about her question to bring her to the compound ” I certainly hope I get out safe there” she grunted a bit into herself, she pulled of the wet poncho from her shoulders and tossed it aside ”

[11:01]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) can tell she’s nervous btu the question is, why is she so nervous? When instructed, she moves to the lugge and searches until she finds the scarlet and white dress she was speaking of and she pulls it out and lays it over the bed, her skinny hands smoothing the wrinkles from it. She then moves to begin helping the woman undress the heavy, now very wet layers off. “I don’t see why you would not be safe, Mistress. You have commited no crimes. Rather, I think he would be very interested in seeing soemone from Colton’s camp. It’s true we do not get many visitors out this way.” If allowed, once the wet clothing is removed, she’d begin helping her into the fresh dress. It’s clear she’s had at least some experience in serving women, but she isn’t quite as gentle as a tower slave would be.

[11:06]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched Ost laying the red dress onto the bed, Mahi was all too happy she could get out of this wet clothing, she looked at her and smiled lightlyu behind her veil ” No I have not commited any crime at all Ost, but” she paused ” Killers do give me the freaks at times, even though I worked in the past with them when I still was a green, in old thentis” she paused a moment ” You know Vincent? I guess you know him, if you have serve the Caste too for a long time” she stuttered a bit and smiled towards her, she turned to Ost could help her taking of the dress she won now, she didn’t mind it at all. ” I certainly hope so, that he find it interesting.. but you know how killers work.. if they find something..” she stopped talking and lifted her hands, and trying to put her hair a bit nicer and smoother, still nervouse there with somewhat shaking hands.

[11:12]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) nods to this, “Well, I do certainly understand what you mean, Mistress. Cold, unfeeling, unaffectionate, stern. Mostly the only way I know my owner is pleased with me at all is the fact that I am still breathing.” Fact.”Vincent rings a bell, a long time ago though. I spent much of my time with Solomon, Garian, and Serpent.” She fastens the various buttons and laces of her dress for her then carefully tucks a piece of the woman’s hair back to where it belongs before moving to gather up a thick blanket from the corner. “Well, I can certainly offer no guarantee, but without risk, there is little gain.”

[11:18]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) nodded quietly, as she let her hands stroke over her dress, to pull it straighter, she was happy to get out of the wet clothing she had worn ” Aye, they are indeed Ost, quite unfriendly too, at least the ones I have met before, like Setian and Kumori” she blurted out, though she blinked with her eyes with the name of Serpent ” That old serpent! I have been walking against him in the years, the last time.. I met him Genesian port.. he was giving me a compliment!.. Can you believe that out of his mouth?!” she shook her head, it seems Ost and her had a bit of the same line of life, it was still off to her, that all this time.. that they missed each other, she smiled and then walked towards her luggage and pulled out a cold cloth which she could use for keeping above her heads ” I guess you are right about that Ost, life is all about Risk and gain, and thank you for helping me with this”

[11:21]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) smiles widely then laughs when she mentions Serpent. “A compliment? I would have been watching for a hidden dagger!” She says, then shakes her head. “You -did- give me a stickybun, Mistress.” She says to her teasingly, then she gestures to the door. “I say we just make a run for it.” She suggests as they look at the rain falling in sheets. She looks to her, grins, then just liek that she is zooming through the rain. “Watch out for puddles!!”

[11:25]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) laughed as she followed Ost outside, running as hell through the rain, and breathing deeply when they came to the end of the rain, she chuckled deeply and nodded ” Yes a compliment Ost, I have not reacted well on that, since I expected indeed hidden daggers! ” she shook her head wildly about it ” The man is one sour prume! And I just well.. scowled at him, while he gave me that compliment” she shrugged and laughed and then turned to Ost ” We made it!… as dry as we can be!” she chuckled

[11:29]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) laughs, trying to imagine him giving a compliment and pretty sure even if he gave one it would somehow still sound like an insult. “Not so bad at all, considering.” She says and shakes some water away from her. “The compound is on the other side of the village but, when it isn’t raining I suppose the walk isn’t that bad.” She says and with that, she’d begin to lead her on towards the compound, making small talk as they go.

[11:34]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) wandered behind Ost towards the camp, or the building where her Owner might be, mahi started to be a bit more nervouse then she already was, when she stopped near by the building , she looked up and then and then to Ost ” Your Owner would not be.. angry, to bring me here Ost? I know Killers are rather fond of ther privacy, with all the Caste codes and secrets and stuff?” she suckled her lip once more as she almost careful stepped inside of the place and took a deep breath.. maybe.. ready to die?….

[11:35]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) leads her to the compound, but she stops within the building where the scent of food sizzling in seemingly always present. She turns to look at her a moment. “Oh, no, everyone is allowed up here. I will go let him know you are here, Mistress, he will either come up to see you, or have me bring you to him.” Depending on his mood, as usual. “One moment!” She says and then she turns to vanish down a spiral set of stairs that seems to dive deep into the belly of the ground itself. She pauses though and looks to her over the edge. “Just try to relax!”

[11:51]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) follows him up the numerous stairs until they have reached the upper levels once again. There, is the golden haired woman in stunning red. “My Master, this is Lady Mahi, of Hochburg,this…is my Master, Dahmer.” She gives the introductions but then she steps back and out of the way so that thier conversation may go on without her in the way of it all.

[11:52]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) watched Ost walking down the spiral stairs, Mahi took a deep breath, while she stood there, her eyes closed and for a moment her whole life went through her mind, her hands clenched together while she waited, she was really feeling.. uncomfortable around here, while she waited she looked around the compound, it was looking nice..her hands still clenched together infront of her belly, and she started to wigle from left to right a bit, waiting for Ost to return, though suddenly she heard footsteps from below, and mahi suddenly tensed up again, she watched the spiral carefully, her face paled a bit, as she noticed the killer approaching with Ost behind him.. Mahi stepped a bit backwards.. observing the man quietly there for a moment, her hand rose up to her veil and as if she wanted to scratch her nose, but it was more a nervous tick she had, her tongue licked along her lips beneath her veil, taking a deep breath, her gaze went to Ost when she introduced her to her Owner, and she then looked straight to the
[11:52]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): killer, with a hint of fear in her eyes, a little cough even ” Tal Sir” was all she could managed to get out.. could she get out of here now? she knew the door opening was behind her

[12:01]  Dahmer Lycheborne heard the introduction from his beast while they crested the final few steps and approached the fully clad woman. Dahmer had never thought he would find such pleasure in seeing a properly dressed woman, but dwelling in this city had robbed that aspect of a proud free woman, Mahi however held true to the gorean customs. He shared in the woman’s silence, simply returning her gaze but his held nothing of compassion, or emotion, it might be as if he gazed a thousand yards beyond her, seemingly as if she did not matter to him but this was something he could not control, nor wanted to. To her greeting he gave a very light nod before speaking on a few Ihn’s afterwards, “I am Dahmer the Killer, Master Assassin of this City.” he said. His beast had spoke his name, but he always said it, and near arrogantly so even while he was hunting. “I was in Colton’s camp in Huchburg for a brief period. My beast tells me you have left there, what were the conditions that you departed.” If she threatened to break the codes and
[12:01]  Dahmer Lycheborne: that is why she has run, for secrets she might have heard, well then coming here would have been a mistake, and most likely the last mistake the woman will ever make.

[12:09]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) observed the man quietly, something she always had done, she observed people quietly from a distance too, her green orbs looking straight at him, she licked her lips once more beneath herveil, her gaze lowered for a moment, she did not wanted to look too long straight at him, but then again.. she was a free woman, not a slave, so she pulled up her face, as a proud woman she could be, a little smile appeared behind her veil, nervouse yes.. she certainly was, she silently nodded at the men introduction once more towards her ” Well met Sir, I am Mahi of the wagons” she said to him, not telling him which wagon she would come from, though Ost would probably inform him about that anyway later on, a breath was taken again, trying to calm herself, she slowly nodded to him ” She told me, that you were in his camp indeed, I have been there too myself, for a while” she paused and closed her eyes for a bit, before opening again ” The conditions I left, is because hochburg is now a city of dust Sir, and since
[12:09]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): then I am wandering around a bit” she explained. She was nowhere going to tell the man about her companion.. that was trying to train for killer.. ” Anyway, I left in good ways there” she added quietly, her voice sounded like an urt maybe that was crawling over the ground.

[12:16]  Dahmer Lycheborne maintained his bearing, standing as if he were a hardly breathing corpse before her and this was no forced act, it was simply how his long and brutal life had carved him to be. The life of a Killer was ultimate solitude and they learned that early on, so when one interacts with them, particularly Dahmer, they are like speaking to a stone wall. He heard her speaking on about being of the Wagon’s and he said nothing, rarely did he interrupt another with words, allowing them to speak all that dwells upon their mind before he issues a response. As she spoke of leaving the city and camp on good terms he gave a few nods, “I see.” he said, his voice as dull and calloused as his display, “My camp is run far different than his, no women are allowed in the lower chambers.” he tells her this, because Colton had a very open camp it seemed, least to Dahmer. “So tell me why it is my beast has brought you here before me, what are you seeking.” if she wanted someone dead, they would get to business, that being Gold.

[12:20]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) has turned into the slinky shadow she could be at times. There, but not. Part of the scenery that may or may not be listening intently, measuring words against the factboard of knowledge she keeps buried in memory. The finer details are picked up, body language and such things. She looks to Mahi then when he poses his question. Would she go on with it and seek to ensure her safety in the city?

[12:22]  Sary (sarynna.bluemood) instantly slipped to her knees as she stepped inside. Pressing back against the wall. Silent but for the soft sound of her ankle bells that she quickly muffled and stilled with a hand over them. Biting her lip a little to see so many around.

[12:25]  K (lana.fearne) comes to the first place she can think to go once she is let out of the slave house. It’s an odd choice, perhaps, but it is where she most likely was going to find Ost, and find her she does. Chantelle saunters along the wall, coming closer even when she sees Dahmer’s outline further back. Today, she is not in a state of mind to be as careful as she might otherwise be to avoid him and she pauses, chewing on the inside of her cheek while her stare fixates on her sister’s back.

[12:25]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) rolled her small shoulders lightly, while listening to him, his words pouring into her mind like a pond of water, or maybe a fountain, she silently nodded again with her head, her veil gently tapping against her face, she still stood as the proud woman, just silently observing him once more, she almost chuckled into herself, it seems he had some things from Serpent, since Serpent could be like this too, her eyes sparkled of it a bit, she looked then back to Ost and smiled to her, before returning her attention back to Dahmer” I know, it is not a normal thing for a camp with killers, to allow women in them” she knew very well what the rules are, and found that Colton’s camp was indeed quite open to everyone ” Your girl, told me that there are murders around the City, and honestly.. I would like to keep my safety inside of the City Sir, and she told me, that you might can help me with that” she blurted suddenly out, she then looked behind her, when she heard some shuffling, Mahi looked at the kneeling
[12:25]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): girl and blinked, she so recognized the face.. and the last time she had met her.. she was a free woman! ” Sarynna?” she stuttered out, a bit flabbergasted by this all, before she return her gaze to Dahmer ” Err.. I pay you coins of course for that Sir” she added, feeling a bit slain at the moment..

[12:35]  Dahmer Lycheborne saw the familiar beast approach that he allowed to serve the camp, belonging to either the Assassin or another slave belonging to his Trainee, which was still beyond Dahmer. His jaw tensed slightly as the girl kneeled down obediently but he is again distracted by the sound of another approaching, to casually walk upon a Killer unnoticed was a feat that many could not Master and his dark eyes shot over towards another familiar slave, the sister of his beast. Now his lips did curl to a grimace with the amount of scarring on the outside, “Does this look, like the damned Slaver’s Quarters!” his voice boomed out, deep and still holding a rather dullness to it. He was a Killer, it mean that for no reason at all, he would have no issues murdering everyone standing near him, including his own beast and the esteemed free woman. “Ost, take these girls away.” he said before his full attention returned to Mahi as she spoke of what she desired, that of protection within a city on the verge of possible anarchy. He
[12:35]  Dahmer Lycheborne: gave a light nod, “Naturally.” he said of the coin. Pausing a moment he would continue, “Give me a day to retrieve what you need. Once I have a man for you, we can discuss the payment. Until then, I would avoid the council members.” he said.

[12:38]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) fixes her gaze on the slave in purple, eyes narrowing slightly as she looks at her. She still has it in her head that the intruders are spies, and would likely feel that way until proven otherwise but there is little she can do about any of it other than enjoy the fact the other slaves get to empty the chamber pots for a change. Something though, claws a bit at the back of her mind and her attention leaves the other slave and she casts a glance over her shoulder to spot her sister. She gives her a grin, her finger crooking for her to come a little closer while she takes a silent step or two back. Her eyes go from Mahi, to her owner to see what he would say about this proposition, her mind already picking over the details. When he gives his command, she obeys with a light, “yes, my Master.” Just as well, she’d rather break protocol and be herself for a while anyhow. She’s been a propler slave for hours on end now. She gestures to her sister to come on, then says to Sary.. “Come on then, outside..” And out
[12:38]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth):  she goes herself.

[12:40]  Sary (sarynna.bluemood) kept her eyes down at the woman’s shock. Flinching almost a bit from thetone and gave her a small nod. Tucking a bit of hair behind a pierced ear. She near jumped out of her skin to hear the boom from the Master. Near ready to jump and flee. She had just been on her way past. Needing to check in with her Master’s apprentice. Looking to the steps down for a long moment as she was called out then turned and followed Ost obediently.

[12:42]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) nearly walks right into a freaking tharlarion and the surprise, as expected, makes her angry. “Wotcha!” She cries, some leftover exclamation from some time or another. She scowls up at the man on its back, then moves over to where Sary is. “What is your name, girl? I don’t remmeber if you told me or not.” She’s old and forgetful.

[12:43]  K (lana.fearne) cracks a small smile when she sees her sister’s grin, though it fades quickly when the killer snaps at her. By that time, however, her steps are already following Ost’s beckoning and she lowers her head as she makes her way out. “Forgive me, Master.” she murmurs and as quickly as her feet would carry her, she is out the door.

[12:44]  Kam Streeter (smexy.swords) yanked at the harness around Fred’s head to make the beast heel in submission of its owner. “Harta Fred..” He said, speaking in a soft yet stern tone. A wry smile was all that would be seen on his face as the girls passed, not recognising any of them, and nor probably being recognised himself. A word not spoken but an obvious good nature from a simple stare and defensive stance.

[12:45]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) loosen her hands from her belly, she still was nervouse of course, though she felt a bit more comrotable, though as comfortable as anyone could be around a killer, then she almost jumped up when Dahmer boomed out towards the slaves, she wanted to curse out.. but bit clearly on her tongue with that, she needed to be a proper free woman, as far as she could be that was!, she watched the girls leaving the compound, and she returned her gaze towards Dahmer once more ” Council members, Maybe a good idea to know who those are Sir, since I just have arrived in this place” she explained to the man ” But I will certainly return in a day to see if you have what I need Sir” she swallowed, she jumped up when she heard Ost calling out, and mahi flicked her gaze outside, she noticed the tharlarion, and also the man sitting on it.. there was her fake companion! for the time being, she silently nodded towards his way, before looking back to Dahmer ” I assume, you can tell me the council names in a day too?” she
[12:45]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker): asked him ” If yes, then I will leave you to your business Sir”

[12:48]  Sary (sarynna.bluemood) eyes the tharlarion warily. Clearly uneasy as she slipped past it and bit her lip as Ost spoke. Shaking her head some and tapped her lips. She wasn’t to speak at the moment.

[12:51]  Dahmer Lycheborne of course, Dahmer was the geniuns to conduct this brief discussion at the entrance of this entire dwelling, so it had not been the slave’s fault per say, in the end however he was the Master and they were tools, thus everything was their fault. Having heard both Lana and his beast words, he said nothing in reply, not even watching them depart but he did take a casual glance about the massive hall to make sure there were no other silent observers about. His gaze did eventually return to the woman and already he was debating whom he can task with this, he did not want to go outside of his own camp but he was the only Killer here and his lads had faded off with the exception of two that were very early into training. As she asked about the council members he spoke, “There is only one, a Scarlet named Fishbeard, the rest have been murdered. But from what I understand new council members will be appointed within a few hands.” he said. “Ill have a deal ready for you tomorrow, Lady.” he said, it was Gold after
[12:51]  Dahmer Lycheborne: all and one could always fit more food on their plate. “Until then, Be well.” he said. The typical ‘Gold and Steel’ he reserved for other Killers, and Scarlets. Dahmer liked to shove it in their face as to why they hate Killer’s so much.

[12:52]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) looks at Sary a moment as she gesticulates but ost gets it, a bit late but hey. “Oh right, can’t talk, alright. Then I guess I could call you tarsk-face and you couldn’t tell me otherwise could you.” She teases, grinning. “I only jape, don’t get upseeeett.” She adds, but when her sister comes out she moves over to her, arms wrapping around her in a hug. “What happened to you, did you fall down some stairs?” She asks, pulling back enough to look at her. Of course she didn’t fall down stairs, she got her ass beaten but ost’s sense of humor is a little odd.

[12:53]  Sary (sarynna.bluemood) chuckles softly and nod, understanding easily enough. She shrugged, easily called what they wished until she could get clearance to speak again. Smiling kindly to see the other girl, looking baffled between the pair of them

[12:55]  K (lana.fearne) walks out of the building, so intent on following Ost that she only balks at, but doesn’t stop near the tharlarion as she otherwise might have. She glances at it over her shoulder, but her feet continue to carry her to follow the other two slaves. She walks up to Ost’s side and casts a wary, somewhat distracted look at the other girl. The moment she sees her tapping her lips, she instantly misinterprets it and looks uncharacteristically self-conscious as she lifts her hand up to her lips and starts to scratch at them, as if she thought the girl was telling her to clean something off. She feels Ost’s arms wrap around her and she leans into the hug, encircling her with her own embrace while she turns her head to bury her face in Ost’s hair. “Kings, I haven’t seen you in so long.” she murmurs.

12:58]  ℳahi (mahilwen.mistwalker) had listened to the slave talk behind her, she smiled lightly about it, though her full attention was on Dahmer back, a silent nod and she printed the name into her head, a name to remember ” Fish beard? ” Mahi thought suddenly of a man with a long beard full of fishes!, she tried to shake it off before she bursted out in laughter about it, trying to keep her face as straight as she could there, she slowly nodded ” I heard indeed something about the council members being murdered, your girl told me, and Anarch told me that there were problems with the council” she added almost quietly ” In that case I will stay away as much as I can from the man, and maybe the new council members” Mahi turned on her heels to step away from the man ” May the blessings of the sky be upon you Sir, I will appear tomorrow again” she said while she wandered out of the compound, and looked towards the girls for a moment ” Be well girls” passing them by..( Thx for the RP!)

[13:00]  The Ost (ost.clawtooth) rests her head on Chan’s shoulder, her arm remaining around her waist. “This is chantelle. She belongs to the city.” She says to Sary before speaking again to her sister. “I know, it has been very long. What have you been doing with all this time?” She asks before hearing Mahi’s voice. She turns slightly to see her. “Be well, Mistress, watch out for that rain!” She says to her with a bright smile, pleased to know she is still alive.


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