Livia’s hidden past


[03:06 PM]  Livia (zainad) turned to Tanner, “it seemed light” she said haughty trying to distract him from the look he gave her earlier. “so how have you been? hmmm?”

[03:07 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) grabs your arm and yanks you in closer so his voice was in your ear “You know better then to travel alone women. What the hell are you trying to do? Land in a collar?”

[03:22 PM]  Livia (zainad) rested her hand on his chest, “I went under cover, dressed as a man” she whispered back to him. Something changed with liv after what that woman did to her, she was jaded and detached. “never worry, I would not be harmed” she rested her forehead on her guardian’s chest and breathed in relief. She would not tell him what had happened, she would wait for the right time.

[03:24 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) snarls all the more into your ear “So not only did you risk a collar you’d risk DEATH? If you where so eager to sign your death wish you have only to tell one of the killers you’ve surrounded yourself with Lady.” He took a few breaths, his voice stoney. “Know your place woman, do it again and I’ll put you in it. I can be expected to protect a woman who doesnt put the value on herself.”

[03:28 PM]  Livia (zainad) winced, and little did he know she would welcome death right now, after what has happened to her, she wanted luc to come back and examine her, she was running fevers off and on, and felt she needed to sleep most of the time. “Tanner, I would never risk you much less any of you” she would say that as she pushed her forehead from his chest and wiped the beads of sweat of her forehead, “Tanner escort me home, I need to rest” was all she could manage to say.

[03:30 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) gave you a jerk, his other hand lifting you chin to look down at you “There’s something you aren’t telling me woman. I’m not escorting you anywhere until you tell me that mockery will not happen again. You are a woman, don’t forget it.”

[03:34 PM]  Livia (zainad) nodded her head to him, it had taken all her strength to carry the conversation with the admin, and now that she is alone, with her guardian, all her walls have collapsed, “you doubt I do not know my place?” she asked him, her eyes fiery almost challenging him. “Tanner if you do not escort me home, I am not sure how long I can remain standing, I do not feel well.” she said faint like, “escort me home, I must lay down, or else you will have to explain why you are carrying me across this village”

[03:35 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) sneered “Do you really think I have a problem carrying you anywhere? What is going on Livia?” His eyes where steel as he watched you “And don’t give me this sick father bosk shit. I’ve met your father remember?”

[03:38 PM]  Livia (zainad) grabbed his arm, “escort me home Tanner, your home..”she demanded “I cannot tell you, not yet..something did happen and I am..i am not well tanner” she cried now unable to remain compose, she was not sure if her illness stems mentally from what happened, or if she was really inflicted with something physically, “the street is not a place to air our business.”

[03:40 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) growls but moves back. Keeping his grip on your arm and didn’t say a word. Never mind correct you on whose home that was considering he lived in the compound. It was well enough. Hauling you along behind him and none to gently with his current mood.

[03:41 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) growls, ignoring Sary and yanks Livia back against him as we came inside “Speak woman. You’re home now and you know damn well that you’re safe with me so what is it that you are so plagued by?”

[03:44 PM]  Livia (zainad) shook her head, her tears threatening to fall, “don’t man handle me Tanner, you work for me,, not the other way around” she yanked the pouch the admin gave her, and slammed it on his chest. “This should cover all your trouble till luc returns” she added feeling sick, “Now you could do the honorable thing and let me sit down” she said to him, her words sounding like ice. “please Tanner, I will tell you when the time is right.”

[03:46 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) let you go, but he threw the bag of coin against the wall of the room “I told you you don’t owe me thing as being your Guardian, don’t disrespect my honor in that. Besides the fact that as your Guardian who controls who here woman? You are MY responsibility now, not simply my charge. I have as much legal hold over you as your own father once did. Now what was something I told you fromt he start, that I need to know the threats and what bothers you or I can’t do my job. I am not waiting when you’re as distraught as you are.”

[03:56 PM]  Livia (zainad) needed to compose and let the past go, but once again she was not able to explain the sharp pains that traveled across her body, and made her feel light headed, how can she tell him what that thrall did to her, to the man who protected her and now is her guardian, but what saves her from his wrath is the fact there was no contract of guardian ship exchanged between them, and she would not bring it up, just in case he decides to bring her to her knees, she would have that ace up her sleeve, but for now, she needed to muster up all her womanly talents to distract him from needing to know what really happened that dreadful night when she ran out of her city leaving behind her father and his evil wife, her high post in the city, most importantly her gold. “Tanner, I just miss my father, my post, my plush apartment.” she turned slightly away from him and waved her hand around the place, “surely you can’t compare where we lived to this dump?” she frowned and looked at the bare walls, trying to remain alert to
him, as she knew what he was and how quickly he acted then asked questions. “its just the change of climate, and did you notice how people are here Tanner? they are odd, and very mysterious, but soon, i promise you that would all change, I just need to win the admin over.” she said in an eerie calmness.

[04:00 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) let out a sigh and put his hands on your shoulders “Lady this may not be any High Caste housing but I assure it’s more then I’ve gotten used to in my own life. The city I find no different then others. You’ll settle in well enough in no time. You’re strong. But I swear to the Kings if you travel alone again I will chain you to the couch in here for a hand. Got it?”

[04:06 PM]  Livia (zainad) nodded her head breathing once again, “I promise” she lied, after all liv was a scavenger at heart and many things combined into one, she did what she wanted in the shadows knowing one day her luck will change, but for now, she planned on keeping that luck rolling. “leave” she said forgetting he no longer worked for her, lifting a hand to her forehead, “wait, don’t leave me, when will snow return?” she asked really needing a physician she can trust.

[04:07 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) growls hearing the command and stepped back from you before he did something stupid “Don’t dare think you can command me woman, Ever. As for Snow I don’t know, the man runs on his won schedule.”

[04:16 PM]  Livia (zainad) glanced to tanner with wilted eyes, she was tired, very tired now, she only wished luc was back. She turned around and slammed into luc’s body “Luc! you are here!” she cried out as if she was a child finally getting her ice cream. Lifting a hand to her forehead, she felt her knees buckle and the light dim in her head, as she fell to the ground, no longer able to control what ever it is that has inflicted her.

[04:17 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) growls and scoops up Livia before she hit the ground “Damn woman.” He laid her out on the couch and removed the veil casually enough, she was safe enough amongst them but he didn’t want it blocking her air as he listened… and ya sure he was using it as a bit of an excuse while at it.

[04:25 PM]  Livia (zainad) could feel an arm about her, her body felt like a feather yet she was unable to come through, to wake up as the darkness danced with her body and the waves of pain traveled through her but not enough to wake her. She whimpered in her state, not in a sexual way, but rather  in a child innocence.

[04:28 PM]  Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) cusses hearing you and watching you, not having a clue what it was he was supposed to do. Covering you with a blanket from the bed before heading out. Kaleki might be of some use here and he’d left her in the compound.


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