Chantelle gets sold to the Censor


[14:59] Lavinia Ocello: She watches the people coming closer,her body is burning in deep pain and hurting,she is confused now and she screams loud behind the gag in pain,laying at the ground unable to move right now

[15:00] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) yelled at the slave in his feet “On four! you dirty beast. You will learn whos your master! Not only master. I am your frigin maker, and your destroyer! On four like a larl!”

[15:00] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) it was time to start the event, so he dragged his slave to the crosses and yelled out

[15:00] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) moved another step closer. Her look of concern for the slave unmistakeable but she dared not quite interfere in the situation. Looking past she saw the Censor, instantly turning her face away that he not recognize her eyes. Much was different, and keeping who she was today would be vital. Meerly hoping that he would notice what was going on to the girl.

[15:03] Lavinia Ocello: Screams even louder behind the gag as she raises up her body to be in the position he ordered,the pain was huge she couldnt control it,she barely can holds her weight in that position,but she woud be beated more if she doesnt do that,she obeys anmd looks to the woman and to the man lowering her head whiule still moans behind the gag unable to control the pain

[15:03] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) grunted lightly as he had made sure to free up some time from his usual duties to attend the auction he had heard some rumours and whispers about in the streets. He had brought his companion with him too, but most of all his eye was staring at the slaver to see if the man would acknowledge the gold tarn he had given along with the slave earlier, it seemed … not. He squeezed the hand of his companion, knowing she might not be fully comfortable around slave-auctions.
[15:04] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) stepped inside, he noticed the one he was looking for entered the house  “Chantelle! Its time. Come with me”

[15:08] K (lana.fearne) follows Anhan out of the slave house, biting her cheek because things were not necessarily going the way she wanted them to. She casts a quick look over the gathered crowd and quickly picks out the Censor from the gathered group. She tries to catch his gaze and lowers her hand to her lower belly, then lightly taps it with her palm. Maybe he’d understand that his coin was safe for now, maybe he would not. Her gaze briefly lingers on the woman at his side before hs eturns to follow the slaver.

[15:08] Isabella Bergiere had but lately arrived in Lydius and her gaze swept around the port city with a slightly disdainful air as she swept along behind Anarch. Rich robes trailing on the stone streets she could not help but murmer, “it’s no Ar is it, I wonder why you have been posted here Anarch truly”. With a toss of her head, the scribe continued on and then came to a halt beside him, a nod of greeting given to the other free people about; the slaves were of course, ignored verbally though her narrowed eyes alighted on them. “So you bought a new slave, i hope this one is tidy and neat at least”. Not ever lifting a finger about the house, isabella was used to the finer things and being waited on hand and foot, all the household duties fell to those in bondage.
[15:09] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) grabbed his slave by her hand, pulling her hashly and walking with large steps to the cross. There he placed her hands one by one over it and locked them inside the hanging cuffs. The rest wouldn’t be needed, he tought. “Well, now, lets see who wants to bid on you. ” He looked around and was glad that this even worked out better then the previous. “Welcome. First we are going to be selling this slave here. Her name is Chantelle. I will let her speak first and then I will add to it.” He turned to her and said “Tell everyone girl, something about yourself. Why they should buy you ? ”
[15:09] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) looked to both girls with the concern now, after seeing the man handle the one. She chewed her lip some behind her veils, watching quietly.

[15:12] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) lifted his chin and walked further in front of the crosses to have a more prominent position in the crowd, easier to bid and all: “It’s not my place to question the council of Tarnwald, my Lady.” – he replied to his companion as he seemed somewhat confused his coin had not been offered yet. Anyhow, and not seeing too much of a crowd around this would mean he would be able to pay a much more … local sum of coin for the slave-girl. He just stood silently and waited for the slave’s answer.

[15:21] K (lana.fearne) does not look at the slaver as she stands in front of the cross and allows him to cuff her to it. She shifts slightly against the wooden thing and drops her gaze only to lift it when she is told to do her own presentation. “Masters, Mistresses…” she starts, turning her gaze to the crowd. “I am a slave of many years and my service has pleased a wide variety of needs. I have been bred to be a passion slave, but I have also served as a coin girl, a bath girl, a house slave and briefly, I have been the girl of a scribe. It is where I learned to read and write reasonably well.” she says. “I have earned my Master much coin and should you wish to, I will do so for you.” she says.

[15:22] Lavinia Ocello: Just watches everything unable to have any reaction right now,holding herself making some effort to stay in four as ordered watchiong Lana at the cross being auctioned,she doesnt dares to even look to the people aorund knowing her face must to be hurted badly right now,she listens to Lana´s words as it were some distant echoes and tries not to faint again right now

[15:25] Isabella Bergiere laughed softly as the slave girl was pinned to a post, she had been to many an auction at the cerulean of Ar and was used to perhaps a more refined setting. “How can she display properly when hanging there like a trussed up vulo” she sniffed and then waited for the girl to sell herself with an amused air. Glancing over to Sarynna, Isabella offered an introduction, “Tal Lady, I am Isabella Tarrant, Scribe of Ar”. She glanced back at the cross and then commented on Lavina, “is there really a need to have that beasts naked rear pointed directly at us, I find that rather insulting”. Hearing Chantelle, Isabella nodded somwwhat, “Reading and writing is a good skill, I fould find that useful Anarch, the other slaves are ignorant illiterates i think”.

[15:27] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) sighs watching it all. She gave her head a toss, knowing full well what the clay on the girl hid, the shape she was in. She was forwning behind her veil at the spectacle. Nodding back to the other Lady for a moment “A pleasure Lady, I am Sarynna Aldrin, Surgeon of Olni.” Well, it might not be entirely true anymore… but it was the best she had for the moment.

[15:31] Anhandreu Riederer Well ladies and warriors, now its my turn to describe what I am selling today.” Then he started with his sales pitch “This girl here, in fact I didn’t want to sell at all. She is the best coin slut I have. For two weeks, she managed to bring me almost 50 coins. So thats why I am starting with a minimum bid of 71 copper tarsks. She is magnificent on the streets, knows her thing very well. Look at that tight ass, who wouldn’t want to bend and tap it.” he paused for a moment, wondering if he sounds too brutish. “Well its not only her ass, that girl, she never even tried to escape. I mean really, that loyal of a slut is hard to find around here. She will take anything you throw her, a bone or bread, it doesn’t matter. She actually didn’t eat more than one slice of bread a day. That must be a plus too, for any slave owner. Thats like the daily maintaince cost of a guarding larl.” He coughed a little, all he said, now didn’t sound to him as he planned it to be. The sales pitch was failing for a moment. ” Just
[15:32] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) Just a moment and Ill tell you the rest of the story” He took a break with few sips of heavy liquor and a long toke of kanda.

[15:34] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud): (( ignore the bid counter, we will reset it, so we can RP it first ))
[15:34] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) would just listen quietly, having run into the slave-girl a couple of times as well as perhaps most importantly heard her talk had made him more than convinced enough she could serve a purpose in his house-hold. He rubs lightly on the side of Isabella’s dress as if to get rid of a crinkle near her waist. The man was quite affectionate for his lifelong companion and she too would be reminded often that she was a gorean woman and him a man, asserting a certain physical dominance around her: “Writing is overrated, my Lady.” – he replied, as a Warrior there was more emphasis on vocal memory than writing as some considered it nearly pathetic that a Warrior would have need of being able to read to survive and he knew that point of view well. He nodded over at the woman that introduced yourself: “Ah… it’s nice to meet proper women of High Caste.” – giving her a brief smile, appreciating it well to meet those of proper decorum in this port city where outlawish and pirate-like influences had tarred a good few
[15:34] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere):  of the commoners, in his mind. His attention turning back to the slaver, not at all bothered in the way the slave would be handled or exposed: “Close your eyes if you don’t like what you see, my Lady…” – suspecting it was just a façade, considering she knew they were going to a slave-auction and she hadn’t objected once yet on the way here.

[15:39] K (lana.fearne) ‘s gaze turns to the warrior and his companion, watching when the woman leans in to comment though over the booming voice of her slaver, she cannot hear it. As he makes his pitch, she seems to only half listening until he mentions the bread and her chest rises with what might look like a sigh. She shifts slightly, finding it difficult to stand in any flattering or appealing pose, though with a mind to do that she arches her back lightly and lifts a foot to prop it back against the wooden cross. She doesn’t dare interject, and allows a short silence to fall while the slaver takes his swig of liquor.

[15:43] Lavinia Ocello: Watches everything around her,listens to the voices and they were all mixed inside her head right now,she shakes her head harder to try to awake her senses again and pay more attention to what is rally happening,she can see the faces of the people and listesn to someting from far about her pose,but she sighs knowing she couldnt do much about it or shw would be punished,she just tries to move a little to not let her butt right at the lady´s face,she couldnt speaks because of the gag so she just tries to remind all faces around there for now while watches her owner drinking and starting to prepare his kanda

[15:46] Isabella Bergiere beamed in approval to Sarynna; to those of a high caste or even those of a lower caste who were wealthy and influential she was congenial and pleasant, to those who were poor and low caste she disregarded save for the occasional act of charity which was useful to increase the opinion of the small folk of her family name. “I’ve never been to Olni” she commented to Sarynna, for infact she travelled little. The arrival of Isabella in lydius had only been arranged after Anarch had been here for some time and was able to arrange a secure and safe household. As the slaver spoke, the woman listened carefully, though she looked away a little and feigned disinterest as the talk turned to the girls prowess and physical charms, she wrinkled her nose as the meagre diet was mentioned, “bread… ” was her murmer, an incredulous tone to the word as if she could scare believe that the slaves were given so little. Being a bit of a snob, Isabella liked to treat her favoured slaves as pampered pedigrees, believing that
[15:46] Isabella Bergiere:  their condition was a reflection of her own status – they were well fed and well dressed – sometimes even to match her own outfits which were always rather ostentatious. The movement of Lavinia was noted, everything was usually noticed by the scribe and she would remember it should she run into the girl and give her some praise, for the moment a nod of approval was given.. As Anarch spoke of the unimportance of literacy she sighed, this was an argument that was decades old – Isabella was of course a scribe and had refused point blank to lower her caste to that of the warriors even though Anarch had frequently demanded it of her. Standing proudly in her blue robes she shot her companion a half exasperated, half fond look, a smile playing on her lips and then she gently rested her gloved hand on his arm as she waited for the slaver to continue.

[15:51] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) let out an obvious breath of relief. Monding herself again in silence as the Censor didn’t piece her name enough to know who she was. She was scott Free, litterally. Looking again tot he girl on the corss and frowning as she listened to the sales pitch. Scowling all the more as he inhaled what shouldn’t even be chewed upon. She was clearly behining to have a dislike for the Slaver, ensuring she’d keep her distance some from him when she could. She gave the kajira on the ground a pitying glance again. Watching her carefully for signs of the damage that was done to her. Chewing her lip as she pondered helping the girl out, even if it came at the wrath of the Slaver.

[16:00] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud): “Now, you may have been thinking, that I am just a coin hungry brute. Which is almost correct. But what I was doing sending this girl to work on the streets, was actually to train her. Yeah it was a test and she passed it. Even more, because of a typo in the price sheet, she got beaten for her owner, even tho she hated it. She knew that she has to do what her master says, even who I didn’t ,.. and has to please him, even paying with her flesh being smashed by someones fists. Now as addition, she is really quiet. She won’t ever tell you, you are wrong and thats great ” he laughed ” who wants to hear that! ” he took another toke from his spliff and added “Now probably her greatest feature is that she is really intelligent and creative. A girl full of passion, even tho her passion is covered with layers of hard shelled coldness. I didn’t have the time to experience that for myself, but I got a 6th sense about it and my perception of things is devastatingly sharp.” he turned to Chantelle “Yea I can see right

[16:00] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud):  trough you. I know things about you, you would never imagine someone can figure out, just by observing” He faced the crowd again “So.. I was saying if you manage to crack her shell. There will be a friggin enormosly good slave inside! And when you finger the core, she will explode!.. And if nobody wants to buy her. I will keep her here for someone who really appreciates valuable goods!”

[16:03] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) wasn’t too interested in what the Free Women would be conversing about his attention fully on the slaver and the auction, he was just waiting for the moment he could offer a bid on the slave-girl. The words of the slaver just made him grunt though. Anarch had received mixed messages as to precisely what went on in the slave-house, but such wouldn’t matter at this very moment: “71 coppers!” – he eventually shouted, wanting to get it all over with: “Seventy-one!” – he repeated to make sure the slaver saw who shouted.

[16:08] K (lana.fearne) waits patiently, observing the shifts in the small gathering. She tries not to set herself up for disappointment, and prepares herself for anything that might happen. It is, after all, quite out of her hands. The words of the slaver for once, praise her, but it is too soon after their last conversation for her to feel in any way tickled by them. She meets his gaze briefly, but then turns her head away only for her attention to be sharply focused once again the moment she hears the bid. This time, she doesn’t have to look to recognise the voice and tries to keep her mouth from forming any kind of a smile.

[16:08] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) chuckled “Seventy one isn’t a good price for her. At first I was thinking 200, but the poor girl wanted to get rid of me.. with those puppy crying eyes.. and I knew I had to lower the price.. But now Ill raise it to 80, cause well 71 thats fucking cheap for good slut

[16:10] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) shook her head as she listened to it all. She looked to the girl on the cross, and around the gathered crowd. Noe to at ease, but what was to be expected? She rolled her eyes some as the men exchanged. Crossing her arms and once again focusing to the kajira on the ground, as if she could try to help her just by standing here. Forming a mental list of what she’ll need to treat her after what of the beating she had seen.
[16:10] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud): Just under one min left.. Waiting for you bid
[16:10] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) arched his brow as the slaver himself didn’t seem to follow his own set prizes: “Eighty-one, then slaver…” – but he narrowed his single eye at the man who only the day before made references to laws, quite certain the merchant laws might have one thing or another to say about slavers that would inflate their advertised prizes during actions. The

[16:12] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) yelled out “Sold. to Anarch the Censor for 81 copper tarsks. Well Chantelle. I guess you will have a new better owner now” he chuckled
[16:15] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) pulled a coinpouch from his belt only to carefully fill it with the precise number of coins at a value of eighty-one coppers before he tied up the pouch and tossed it over at the slaver: “Catch, slaver!” – he shouted at the man before he would wait for the slave-girl to be sent over to him: “That’s at least one less beast that has to suffer the paws of pirates and thugs…” – he crudely remarked.

[16:16] Lady Sarynna Aldrin (sarynna.bluemood) sighs as she hears sold. Looking between the kajira and the Censor for a moment. Lifting her voice enough to be heard by Anarch, and plenty to be heard by Anhandreu “You’d best have her checked in the infirmary. Kings knows what abuse she’s been through. I saw the state of her yesterday already.” A bit too pointed perhaps, but it was the only thing she’d dare say on the subject.

when she hears the word like a beacon. It was done. Sold! Her eyes gleam with the unmistakable look of a smile when they open, focusing on the slaver. She does not reply to his question, but the light curl of her lip should be enough. Even though she was the object of the auction, she felt like she won it. Her gaze turns to Sarynna and then, finally, rests on the Censor while she waits to be released.

[16:18] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) caught the pouch and counted it all with his back against them. A grin washed his face, not because he sold her, but because he was a former pirate. Good times they were. Then he faced them all again “Well, that will be all for today. I got no more slaves to sell. Anyway, Ill be dragging all city slaves here the next few days, so if you care to save em all from thugs, you will need a lot of coin” he laughed

[16:21] Anhandreu Riederer (noirud) slowly unlocked her shackles and let the slave go “Run to your owner now girl and ” he gave her his hand, close to her mouth “Kiss the hand that thought you and fed you for so long”

[16:22] Anarch of Tarnwald (anarch.allegiere) turned his single eyed-gaze to the phsycian woman before he nodded at her: “That would be of convenience to me, phsycian. Keep the beast in your infirmary until the morrow, I’ll pick her up and pay the tab if you write the price of her check-up on her back.” – He whistled commandingly at Chantelle before he gestured his hand at the physician, signaling for her to go with her for now. He at least seemed happy too, pleased with a new female body on his chain, but other duties came first for him, in his pleasedness on having a new slave-girl added to his household, something his sons surely too would enjoy, he squeezed his companion’s hand nearly wanting to kiss her on the cheek, before he would turn and leave with her. Chantelle would have to wait a bit longer still before she would get to see her new home.


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