Frank names Anarch Censor of Lydius.


[11:24:06] Anarch Allegiere was pretty direct when he needed something so he walked up to the man he knew that supposedly ruled the council, once he saw some activity in the large hall: “Tal, Fishbeard?” – he asked seemingly not too certain of the man’s name but it was what the citizens had referred to him as: “You’ve received the missive from Tarnwald? I’m Anarch of Tarnwald… sent here as politcal envoy and, as sort of ambassador, I guess…” – he asked, first of waiting to see if the man had received the scroll he referred to.

[11:29:03] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) sat quietly in the long hall as he went about the details he had been scribbling over the past few days. Though he would have heard Anarch’s footsteps echoing from across the large room, he waited for the man to address him before leaving the attention of his papers. “Yes,” he told him. “It was a rather strange proposal, one that I am afraid the people of this city may not be likely to adhere to. But tell me, where do the interests of Tarnwald lie with Lydius? I seek to open our trade restrictions for I do not judge where the coin comes from as long as it comes through these walls. If it takes outside source to assist with this, so be it.”

[11:35:06] Anarch Allegiere took in a brief breath before he sighed it out again and would try to convince the purpose of Tarnwald’s interest: “It’s a matter of convenience. Tarnwald is a city far to the east of here, on the borders of the northern forests and the Voltai. Their military prowess is quite exceptional and their landraids to neighbouring cities and into the woods are even more … bountiful. Under the watchful eye of former Commander Lokia, a man I brought with me here from Tarnwald, their armies keep amassing endless amounts of goods. The problem is selling them.” – he paused: “Just like Treve, a scorned city of raiders and … thieves, has an arrangement with Port Kar to easily sell their loot, so too Tarnwald would like to create pleasant political relationships with Lydius that your merchants might profit from the endless shipments of stolen goods that we could supply to your port. That, and the fact that … having eyes and ears in a port city such as this can often serve well as protection for any state. In turn
[11:35:06] Anarch Allegiere:  your council would be kept up-to-date about the foreign state of affairs a distance away to the east as well as … enjoy the occasional military support should this fine Port city ever find itself troubled.” – he said, and then finally paused his words to see the man’s reaction.

[11:46:06] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) listened to Anarch as he continued to sort through his stack of parchments. Fish did not seem eager or even pleased. His face remained cold and stiff. However, his eyes stopped in the middle of the page and he looked up for a moment as Anarch mentioned profit and stolen goods. “Well, Lydius is a most honorable city. And we could not possibly have members of the council tied to the shiipping and dealing of stolen goods, and I should take offense for you to speak of such things with me. However,” he went on, clearly in a more truthful manner, “A lot of trade is done on our port, and would be a shame for us to lose out on a great deal of wealth that could help the sick and poor people of our city., and perhaps into our pockets as well,” he said, finally cracking a grin as he began to laugh. He stood up from his post and stepped down to speak closer to the man, “You will have my support. It sounds like this arrangement could prove very beneficial for both of us. The only problem will be with the opposition I
[11:46:06] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer):  am working with the General of Lydius to sniff out.”

[11:51:24] Anarch Allegiere lifted his chin lightly as the man spoke and stepped down. He too kept his expression stiff and untelling until he saw the man smirk and proclaim his support, only then being -somewhat- convinced that the man meant well towards Tarnwald’s intent: “I would bring ofcourse with me my decades of experience as either Praetor or Censor to be placed in whichever function you’d see fit. I’m of the Warriors of Tarnwald, a man that has acquired rank and wealth in time and I’d be more than gladly willing to part with some of it to cover expenses for my appointment. As Praetor I’ve experience with upholding the laws and the traditional customs and decorum for Free Women and slaves, I’m quite strict and traditional.” – he explained: “As Censor I’ve experience in being appointed by the council to oversee and investigate anything they desire, from making sure their Magistrates and Generals are following procedure, to tracking down and investigating crime with the suitable power to act, arrest and write out punishments
[11:51:24] Anarch Allegiere:  for minor crimes as would be suitable for a Praetor and cases small enough that the council or Magistrates would not care to busy themselves with. I could be of … use to you in helping you deal with this resistance in either of these functions.” – he offered.

[12:02:28] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) would make sure that no one else had entered without him realizing it, checking the doors behind him. “Yes, well just as there is a lot of coin to pass through this city there are many that want it for themselves, those that would not be, well would not have the best interest for the city as I would. Seeing as how I cannot trust the wealthy merchants here, perhaps it will help to have an outsider to help deal with them. There has been a number of people posting parchments on doors calling for others to join them in ousting me and taking over control of this city. I have been leading an investigation but have not turned up much useful, and time is not on our side as I wont be able to hold my position alone for very long. The people need to believe that someone is on their side, so perhaps you can see if you hear anything, and let me know if you find out anything.” He stepped back towards the small table beside the throne and picked up a few papers, showing the parchment that had been brought to him.

[12:07:26] Anarch Allegiere reached for the parchment already quite surprised with what the man told, but the words on the parchment were even more surprising. He took in a deep breath again and released a slow sigh, his appointment by Tarnwald wasn’t turning out to become a vacation as he had hoped it would: “Very well. Officially appoint me as Censor of Lydius and I’ll closely investigate in whichever manner I can. I tend to make use of mercenaries and paid agents if cases are too much for me to handle by myself. I too will relay this news to Tarnwald, that their … political interest depends on your safety, maybe they might send over a few more men.” – he said as he rolled up the piece of paper: “Do you mind if I keep this, High Merchant?” – he asked. “I’ll inform myself with your General first and other… friendly faces to start my investigation.”

[12:12:50] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) nodded to Anarch/ As was his authority, he named the man as Censor and told him, “If Tarnwald can do what you say then I will see to it that you and your people are very well compensated. Once this business has passed, I would like to make arrangements to travel there and extend our relations. And yes, in the meantime, yes hang on to that. My eyes have seen it enough.”

[12:15:45] Anarch Allegiere nodded his head and only then finally bowed his head in respect as was suitable for those who he considered his superiors. “You have my blade and my honor.” – He placed the piece of parchment unto his belt and took three steps backwards in respect before he turned and made his way out of the hall: “Your justice shall be swift and merciless through my hands. This resistance will regret the day they were born.” – His work here ofcourse would be kept an eye on by both Lydius and Tarnwald. He in the end might not have felt himself more than anything else as a pawn.

[12:17:56] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) would go back to his business as Anarch was on his way, telling him, “Safe paths,” as he departed.


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