Frankenbear meets Livia and Tanner


Fishbeard meets Tanner and Livia, and the discuss a role for Livia as potential Magistrate

[13:50:40] Livia (zainad) sighed aand had gone quiet long time, part of her fighting the tears to the disappointment of what her father was, and his wife who had her raped by her thall, she was not sure if she should tell him or not, but for now she will keep it inside of her. “thank you Tanner.” she shook her head as if to lear her thoughts, “i just need to get busy, I feel as if I am aging by the ehn”

[13:52:12] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) nods and smiles easy enough “You know Snow and I have you covered.” He heard the steps move up behind them and looked over, nodding to the man easily enough “Tal Free. I don’t beleive we’ve met.”

[13:53:35] Livia (zainad) turned around her face drained from all its color, “oh, yes Tal Sir..”she greeted half heartedly , contemplating stealing kali just so liv can have a friend again in this strange city.

[13:53:36] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) was in a haste as usual, hs hurried gait only interupted by the couple on the path ahead of him. He had been busying himself with a series of parchments in front of his face so he nearly stumbled into them. He crumpled up the scrolls, shoving them back into his pouch as he studying them both. “Tal,” he said, a formality while he tried to recognize them but clearly drew a blank. “I am known as Fishbeard,t he Administrator of Lydius, and who might you be?”

[13:55:30] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) half smirked, his hands kept to his side and offered a nod “Good to meet you then Administrator, and a perfect man to speak with. I am Tanner, Sellsword. The Lady Livia here and I came with a few new faces and a number of slaves to the city.”

[13:56:32] Livia (zainad) glanced at tanner, she nudged him, after all he better start working for the gold he is earned from her. “I am lady Liv Sciarri, formally of the Voltai” she would add as she glanced at the srolls and wondered what they were about.
[13:56:46] Livia (zainad): scrolls*
[13:58:27] Livia (zainad): has earned* jeez, i should go back to sleep, can’t type today)

[13:59:24] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) had become accustomed to meeitng new arrivals in the city. As it was a port, traverlers seemed to dock every day. “A sellsword?” he repeated, the wheels of his plots and schemes always in motion. “Yes, always work for a man here that knows how to use hsi steel, and you Livia, you have traveled a long way. What brings you both to Lydius?” The question carried more suspicion thatn curiosity.. Some of his notes came back out again as he started to scribble a few entries upong hearing their introductions, joining a mess of sciblles and etchings that would have confused anyone but him.

[14:01:47] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) raises an eyebrow at Livis for the nudge and scowls at her for a moment. Turning his focus again to Fishbeard “The Voltai was no longer a safe place for many of the people in the care of myself and another man with us. It was time to get them out and stable. To further other training ventures outside of those walls.” He motions to Livia “The Lady here is a Scribe, and in need of a new source of work. I have no doubt you’re aware enough of the city and the people in it, what would you suggest for employment and whom to speak to? She was Magistrate when she first came into my circle of steel.”

[14:08:13] Livia (zainad) looked at the man who seemed to be a klutz, but Liv was haughty and had agenda’s inside agenda’s it even confused her at times. “Well, my father married this woman, who did not seem to like me…”she paused there wondering quickly if she needed to say anything about her family, but how else can she explain deserting such a high position in a city and running in the middle of the night to another place. “I must one day write my story, perhaps it would be a good seller” she smiled as she inclined her head, “I moved here as I look for more opportunities, as you see, my father is gravely ill, and I feel responsible to make sure his life remains as it was once before, so I seek a position, good pay, and in return I can offer you my knowledge of the gorean laws, my expertise as a magistrate, even as a historian, again depending on the pay.” she narrowed her eyes, wondering if this city can afford to have her here and if there are families she can extort coins from. She composed shaking her thoughts,
[14:08:13] Livia (zainad): “everything I do, I do for the one man who raised me, my Father.” she nodded her head, trying to extract some sympathy from cold hearted gorean men.

[14:11:54] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) stopped with his scribbling as Tanner made his request. “A scribe? Magistrate. Most of the new faces he came across were mere vandals and thieves, dirty vagrants that were a liability more than anything. It was rare that he would manage to meet an intelligent blue caste that had nto been too influenced by the others already there. “Yes, there is plenty of use. The man you will want to see if Aurelian, to be found at the Scribery around the corner. I have nto seen him a few days though, so he may be on travels,” plotting something Fishbeard thought to himself. “If you are in deed capable of holding the Magistrate’s position, I could dcertainly be a good ally to you in this if you would keep my inter–I mean the city’s interests in mind. If you do this, I will arrange for our greens to make sure care for yoru father and whatever he needs. I only request that you hold council in important matters with me so I can stay informed to dealings of certain other scribes… for the interests of Lydius of course.”

[14:14:39] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) shakes his head some listening to Livia go on and crosses his arms. His attention however was sharply drawn back “Aurelian. I know that name. If it’s the man I think of she is as good as set as a Magistrate for the city and your own needs Administrator. I’ll have a word with him when I can and hopefully a mutually beneficial deal can be arranged. Until her Father comes to this city, if he comes to this city. The woman is in my own care and that of the man Snow should you see him. So if she does pose to be trouble, do ensure one of us at her trial.” He smirked a bit just to tease Livia, nodding as he saw yet another man walk up.

[14:18:20] Livia (zainad) narrowed her eyes again, feeling she would turn like the yellow men she had once encountered who had narrow eyes, she smirked to her thoughts, then she mauled the words of the man in her mind, and being who she was, she was able to read between the lines. She would not comment, “Sir, I have met him.” she spoke of Aurelius, who she knew did very little and was only good at throwing orders around, as he was suppose to intern with her. “he was of Voltai, and was suppose to intern with me, but one day he vanished.” she smiled already putting the seed in place, even though her words were true. “A scribe does not make enough coins to live on, let along care for a gravely ill father.” she didn’t want to be caught with her lie, but she really had no other choice, not at this time. “For now, he is well cared for, I have a hand before I begin to panic.” she added as she glanced at Tanner.

[14:25:55] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) would never speak openly of such matters, but to any that were close enough to pay attention to the actual workings of the city, it was clear he felt threatened by the others that held power there that were not in his pocket. In truth, he cared little for what others made and even less for their sick loved ones, yet it was here that his interests would play. “Yes,” he said, “There are few here able to make enough to live on. I seek to open trade in this land,” which of course would allow every pirate and thief to do business there. “I seek to bring more coin into these walls, yet those who keep the books and information of those that trade here, and the other competing merchants work against me and the city for their own profits. Greedy tarsks!” he spat. He did not know Aurelias to know his work ethic, but Fish’s distrust was clear as he seemed to agree with her subtle remarks. “Go and see this man and then let me know if you cannot meet with him or if he is not accomodating and perhaps I can be of
[14:25:55] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer):  service.”

[14:29:48] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) let them chat. HIs mind drifting to a few other matters at hand for a long moment before nodding “I’ll ensure I do so administrator. Or we could always jump the sideshow and put her directly in your own employ. Surly a man as busy as you requires a hand on forms and paperwork, assistance at work.”

[14:31:49] Livia (zainad) smiled, again she could understand the man, and it was odd that they were both on the same level. Her quickness came through for her when he spoke of opening trade routes, and her hand waved, “maybe I do not need to meet with him, not yet anyhow, unless of course…”she stopped herself again from saying unless she needed a title to cover her tracks. “Its funny you should mention opening trade routes, as they requires much advance preparation and not to mention the laws that has to be written for each port you would need to open a trade with.” she smiled, as she could smell the opportunity of making coins beyond her imagination. “Sir, I do hope this village has a high caste who is familiar with the merchant laws, and the trade laws that is required to create revenues.” she added her mind calculating how quick she can earn enough to make her rich, to open up the very first road to her dream.

[14:41:28] Fishbeard thought on it all some. There seemed to be the makings of a great opportunity, but of course with any chance of a high reward was a great risk as he knew there was also a good chance he could be the one being set up. “Alright then,” he said. “As you share common interests with me for the future of Lydius, I will declare my intention to name you as Magistrate and seek approval from the Council. In the meantime, I will hire you under my employ to help formulate a new plan for the city trade laws. This will mean taking census of the trade activity from the high merchants to the lowly thieves, so we will likely need to gather others to help with this task. And any that oppose us on our task, we will need to learn even more about them.” He began to write across his notes in a fury, making markings on separate pages almost at once, flipping back and forth, excitement in his eyes as he filled in the gaps for his new plan.

[14:44:17] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) nods as he listens. Giving a nod to the situation and smirks down to Livia “And now you have work, so that better mean it isn’t me and Snow supporting you. Snow has a woman and a slut to feed. and I have Kaleki.” He added the last simply to poke at her again.

[14:47:55] Livia (zainad) breathed finally, as if every plan, every word had depended on the man’s approval of her, and his ability to see her quick mind and the level of intellect she carried, most time she wished she was born a man, with the same mind to execute her plans, but alas, she had to settle for this, for now the man agreed, and that was half the battle. “You will not be sorry, I will be the extra hand and remove many of the stress you find yourself in.” she was matter of fact, and being who she was she didn’t mince words, nor clarified them. “I have been to other cities while my guardian was away, and have spoken to them about their trade laws.” she rubbed the side of her face and thought about her words that would come next, “I have searched high and law here for the laws that governs this village, or its people, the forms required for any city to run, I found none.” she glanced at Tanner, unsure of his reaction to her traveling alone but she would deal with it later.
[14:49:59] Livia (zainad): low*

[14:54:08] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) had to be decisive. There would be time for his people to look into Tanner and Livia’s background and gather what they could from the whispers in the trails they left behind, but for now, his judgment found them both suitable for his trust. “Yes, I would like to know why the laws are kept hidden. There is something I am rather wary of going on.” he said to Tanner, “And if you find yourself looking for coin as well, I always have matters come up that are not quite suitable for the city guard to deal with.” He stuffed his papers back into his pouch and wold nod to them both as he was about to be on his way.

[14:55:57] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) growls hearing Livia speak. Giving her a hard look clear enough, she was in shit and would hear about it soon enough. He kept a straight face hearing Fishbeard but did give a nod “Offer appreciated, but I’ll stay out of politics. If you are in need of the kind of work I specialize in, you’d have the best bet to bring such talk to the compound.” Considering the man would know soon enough who Tanner was when he heard his blacks, it was well enough that bit of news could drop.

[14:57:23] Livia (zainad) had listened to Tanner about the support, she was rich, but needed to get her hidden coins from her old city, who have a kill on sight for her, and she had planned of doing so, along with robbing their bank; but for now she had no coins, and was dependent on Snow and Tanner. “Sir, before you go on your way, How much are you offering as a salary for me to work for your village or for you?”

[15:02:04] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) reached into his pocket and would pull out a small pouch that jingled as he tossed it to Livia. “That should be enough for you to live on through the hand, and if you are able to show you are capable of performing the tasks we have agreed upon, there will be much more.”

[15:03:50] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero) watched the exchange of coin easily enough and gives a nod. His arms uncrossing and resting to his sides. “Well that was simple enough.” His tone clearly still unimpressed with Livia. Turning back to the Administrator “I’m sure when the Physicians catch up from the trip they will be pleased to set
[15:03:55] Tanner Greymoon (tannerdivisadero): to work as well.

[15:04:45] Livia (zainad) caught it in mid air, and thought there better be some gold in there. “Thank you Sir ” she would hide it under her coat, and when she was alone she would count it. “as I said, you will not regret this”

[15:05:35] Fishbeard (frankenbear.writer) nodded to them both as he carried on, telling them, “Be well,” as he was on his way.


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