A first glance

A new place, a new start.

A new roleplay sim is being built, Leviathan Flux, is currently working on it. This site will keep you up to date about the progress, and any news or information regarding the sim. But for now, a sneak peek!

“At the mouth of the Laurius, where it empties into Thassa, is found the free port of Lydius, administered by the merchants, an important Gorean caste. From Lydius goods may be embarked for the islands of Thassa, such as Teletus, Hulneth and Asperiche, even Cos and Tyros, and the coastal cities, such as Port Kar and Helmutsport, and, far to the south, Schendi and Bazi. And, from Lydius, of course, goods of many sorts, though primarily rough goods, such things as tools, crude metal and cloth, brought on barges, towed by tharlarion treading on log roads, following the river, are brought to Laura, for sale and distribution inland.”
“Captive of Gor” page 59






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